Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comedy of Errors - Not So Funny

I was pet sitting for the day. This client has two golden retrievers. One is self-sufficient at 4 years old. The other needs constant supervision at just ten weeks old. I’ll tell you right now, you can’t even imagine cute this cute. To think this little ball of blondness, one-third the size of Hunny, will soon be three times her size. Amazing and adorable.

It’s my first time meeting the dogs and their mom. She had no problem with Hunny joining me for the day.

I came in alone at first so I could get acquainted with her, the routine and her pups.

Smooth sailing.

It was then time to introduce Hunny to the pack. You know, the fourteen year old who’s a pro at house sitting and meeting other dogs. Always gets praised for her sweet softness and leaves the parent feeling at ease.

Not this time apparently.

The moment Hunny came through the front door the others were on her with excitement (expected). They usually work it out, and they were doing just that. Out of nowhere, Hunny squatted and dropped a stinky mess on their hardwood floor. I tried to get her back out the door as I saw it happening in slow motion. Instead, she sat down, creating an even bigger mess.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry!”

My client didn’t seem concerned about it too much. I was mortified. I told Hunny to go outside while I frantically cleaned up our mess.

After cleaning I went outside looking for her and the littlest fluffball followed me, passed me and headed toward the street. I chased her before I realized she would think it was a game so I got on all fours (mind you, there’s a computer bag on my back) and called her with a playful voice. She came right to me and I scooped her up and carried her inside.

Still Hunny was outside and she wasn’t interested in entering knowing a big one wanted to hump her and a little one wanted to be chased. I dragged her in.

At this point, awkward!

We went to the living room near the backyard while my client got herself ready to leave the house.

In an instant, my back started to hurt, my vision went blury, my heart was racing, my breath was shallow and I couldn’t shake it. The room started going very dark.

I’ve gotten dizzy before, from standing up too soon or running too fast or something. But it has never gotten this bad, nor has it lasted this long. It scared me so much that I started calling my client’s name but now I can’t be sure if I actually did that out loud. Everything looked silver and outlined. I knew the dogs were right there in front of me but could only see their silvery outline.

I tore my jacket off, then my scarf and squatted to the floor in a sweaty panic really trying to focus on breath. In a matter of minutes things started coming back to normal. When I could see again, I looked for water in the kitchen and sent my client off for her meetings with a smile. She had no idea her new pet sitter nearly flatlined on her living room floor!

“Hi. This is me on new medication, one hour sleep and no food in my system. Nice to meet you.”

I drank some tangerine juice and ate a sugar cookie. I still felt the residual effects throughout the day - congested chest, sore back, slight headache, blured vision - but nothing like during the height of the incident.

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