Monday, August 18, 2008

OMG - The Pool Overflowed!

My authentic reaction to what happens when we forget we were adding water to the pool.

The pool is ok. No rips or tears. I, however, kick into deep post-traumatic stress every time I hear running water now. It’ll pass. I hope.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Ambition (mirror post)

So Niller has come and gone. We had a great summer of movies, pool adventures, bodyboarding, video making, BlogTV, stickam and beach volleyball. It's hard to believe she was here for seven weeks. I feel like she just arrived maybe a week or two ago.  Time flies.

I haven't been posting in here because I've been spending most of my online time in the YouTube community. I know I should post every video I upload over here but I forget...often.

I've been doing a weekly show with another YouTuber every Monday morning. We just started so we're still trying to find our groove.  So far it's been an interesting experiment.  I have to see if our big camera will act as a webcam so I can do live music shows.  That's what folks are asking for.  And that would be great to do. Right now, my new webcam, while it has decent picture quality, the microphone just sucks.  And my computer is almost four years old so the mic jack is jacked.

We'll see what I can figure out.

I'm a tiny bit envious of the YouTubers who are in Toronto for the 8-8-8 gathering this weekend.  But I have such low ambition today that I might have slept through all the events.

Bodyboarding is my new favorite thing to do in Los Angeles.  I'm saving for my own bodyboard, fins and a wet-shirt. Maybe a wetsuit.  At least the shirt because I wore a bikini top my first time out and came back a little roughed up.  I was slammed by the ocean pretty hard my first day out too.  But that didn't stop me from going two days later.  I'd go again today if I had my own bodyboard.  Soon though.

More again soon.  Is everyone enjoying summer?  Or winter, depending on your location.