Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Creativity Not To Be Missed

If you’re keeping up with my YT videos then you’ve probably seen this BlogTV Comedy Spoof collab video we did with a bunch of other YouTubers. I’m posting the link in case you missed it. This is the kind of project that makes me wish for better editing software and a more powerful computer. Yes, it’s time for both. I’ll get there.

Even if you’re keeping up with my YT channel, you still may not have seen the following video by vanillawave4peace (I call her Niller, as in ‘nilla). She, PBX and I had breakfast with one of our favorite YouTubers last week: SHAYCARL. He was in Los Angeles for business and was able to squeeze a few free hours to visit with us. So you know, he’s as charismatic, personable and intelligent as his online personality.

The following video is Niller’s concept. PBX and I helped with production but that’s about it. Niller edited the entire thing herself. It’s really good - and so funny! You can watch it here but if you have a YouTube account, please click the link to leave her a comment on the video. She would love that! This stuff isn’t easy. And she made it look really easy.


or watch it here.

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onetoughcookie43 said...

Hey Girl,
Went over and left comments on both videos!! I just love what you guys are doing. I was LITERALLY laughing out loud. OH God. Thanks, I REALLY needed that!!
Hugs and Love,