Wednesday, July 9, 2008

blogtv, youtube and twitter, oh my!

Hey guys. A few things of mention and a few questions for you.

So last week I did a live spur-of-the-moment BlogTV show. I announced it everywhere (here, my website, twitter, youtube).  I had people emailing me in a panic because they couldn't access my show.  NO WORRIES: NEITHER COULD I.

Man did that suck.  I spent thirty minutes troubleshooting.  Everyone was "trying to get in" and nothing would load.  So we dumped that idea and went to STICKAM for a group chat. Had fun but I know I threw some people off. Sorry!

I keep getting emails and questions about when I will be doing another live show.  So, I've taken another chance and scheduled a live show for THURSDAY at 8PM PDT (that's 11pm eastern) -- Here's the link to my show -- You don't have to be a member. You won't even have to get on camera. You can join us and chat with me and others via text.  Would love to see you there.

If you want to get alerts about last-minute shows, click that link now, create a username and SUBSCRIBE.

Another way to get alerts about what I'm up to on a regular basis is to FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.

The new episode of Freeepeace Ninja is a hit on my YouTube channel. It's become a series.  I'm writing other episodes that will introduce new characters played by friends from the YouTube community.  This episode introduces PBX's daughter who is quickly building her own following on YouTube. 

Quick, fun and funny! Watch it here:  Freeepeace Ninja, Episode 2: Bikini Ninja

1. If I were to schedule a weekly show, what day/time would be best for you?
2. If you were going to buy "freeepeace schwag" what would interest you most: tshirts, hats, mouse pads, bags, mugs, keychains, stickers, undies, lollipops? (the last two were not my original ideas)

I guess that's it. I thought I had many more questions but I can't think of them now. I'm so tired.

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onetoughcookie43 said...

OMFG!!! I LOVE the Ninja series!!! Thank you for updating over here so that I could see it. It was so great to see Bianca so involved in the process and I loved PBX's quite professional direction in the outtakes and bloopers. You guys are great.

And ya' know, again, I will NOT be able to get the "Shaycarl" song out of my head. This song will live to be a classic!! OMG! LOL

Now on the the questions:

1. Friday nights around 11 Eastern is a good time.
2. A T-shirt would rock.

Hope you got some rest and I look forward to the next post.
Hugs and Love,