Saturday, July 19, 2008

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I keep meaning to update in here but I get so caught up in the world of video that by the time I have a free moment, I'm writing another sketch comedy or collaborating with other YouTubers.  Time is also spent watching The Shaycarl Party on BlogTV.  Or hopping into an EmptyIsAwesome chat on stickam.  I'm not there as often as I was when I first started but still, if someone sends me a link and says, "Hey, come say hi to us," it's easy to just click and go.  Last night it took me away from editing and converting video.

This collaborative project we're working on this weekend is becoming a little more involved than I anticipated. Some of the video files were created on a Mac. Nothing wrong with Mac files, unless you're like me and editing on Windows software. That's where research and time come into play. Blah.  I still haven't found the one conversion software that will do the job accurately.  It's choppy and laggy.

Anyway, that's what's going on.

Not to mention I spent all day yesterday either in bed or the bathroom.  I couldn't keep anything in my body.  It was frustrating and uncomfortable.  I'm feeling a little better today but still not 100% strong.

I did an online yoga class the other night. It was great - except my screen saver kept popping up and I had to keep stopping the video to get the full yoga experience. The instructor flew through the poses. I think it was a 90 minute class condensed into 45 minutes.  But effective enough to give me a charlie horse through my entire left leg two days later. Big ouch.

My work hours have slowed down, partially my own fault. I was banking on more hours with one client when I let go of another client. But it sorta didn't happen.  I had to let go of the other client. I was sitting there, doing nothing for hours at a time. I felt brain dead. Now I wish I just continued to be brain dead. I was getting paid for it. Still, not exactly ethical to charge them for sitting around.

I did get a call from another person who needs my help in the near future. He's just putting his stuff together, figuring out exactly what he needs. He said "I'm not looking at anyone else. I hope it's ok that I call you in a couple of weeks."  Nice guy.

So I'm not panicking (yet).  I'm working enough hours with my two clients to at least float.

What else?  Oh yeah, this one's kinda big and scary.  I joined a few actors resources websites.  I can read breakdowns and submit my headshot and resume for roles I think suit me.  I've always wanted to be a television/film actress.  I gave it up a long time ago.  I'm back around to feeling like I passed up on my number one love.  So I have to try.  And I have to admit I want it.  Meaning, I have to be willing to fail or succeed.  Anything else is just in-between...which is kinda where I've been for 16 years.

I guess that's it for now. Hope you are well. What am I missing in the blogosphere? Feel free to link-drop in the comments. I know I've been MIA in your blogs. I read through my feeder but I know it's not the same.

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onetoughcookie43 said...

Sounds like you have a lot of things going on there girlie! Hope you are feeling better and that life continues to treat you good. I look forward to the next video!!
Hugs and love,