Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week of 40th Birthday

Uh-oh, I've done it again. I'm sorry dear AOL Journal, for neglecting you these last couple of weeks.  I've been actively blogging, vlogging and tweeting elsewhere.  I think of you often, but I forget to actually post updates.

But here I am, just a few days shy of my 40th birthday.  I think I'm ready.  I'm excited to celebrate.  We're having a party at our place.  I have a hair appointment during the day.  I desperately need a hair cut.  I bought new makeup, have freshly waxed legs and I finally bought my facial mask that I've been living without for too long.  And I spent yesterday trying to hold a handstand for 8 seconds.  Six was the max but it's the trying that counts.

If you want to get caught up with details, come visit my blog, peaces - the journey continues. I'd love to see you there.  You can also follow me on twitter.

I'll be back again. Hopefully not too long between posts.

Till next time.  Lots of love.


onetoughcookie43 said...

Aww! Happy "Pre-Birthday" Trish. It's the 23rd isn't it? Girl, I hid from my 40th birthday and STILL regret it. You EMBRACE it. I didn't understand it then, too caught up in "Societies" ageism, and the worshipping of youth. But not that I am only 3 years from "50", I realize that my thinking was all wrong. I have to love me even if I NEVER get the approval of the masses. So party your heart out, have fun, and ENJOY and remember all the richness that the past 40 years have brought you. Please party just a "wee" bit harder for me to make up for me not getting this then.
Love you girl

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie!  I hope your 40th is extra special...with a cherry on top!  :)


aims814 said...

{{{Happy 40th! hon!}}} I celebrated my 40'th almost 2 yrs ago. Get ready to grow in wisdom like you've never known! I'm only in the beginning stages right now but I can tell you, if you welcome it and embrace it, it will be good to you and embrace you right back!

I love ya bunches!

Birthday hugs!!!!  

thinkingoutloud said...

Happy Birthday Trish!

Don't ya know that 40 is fantastic.

Party on woman;)
xo xo