Sunday, April 13, 2008

Waiting for my Shaycarl T-shirt

Remember last month when I posted THE SHAYCARL SONG in hopes of winning the first Shaycarl T-shirt?  And remember I was one of three winners? (yay)

Well, here I am waiting for the arrival of my new Shaycarl T-shirt!


oreoj3 said...

congrats on your new t!! are you feeling better???? later gator

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Well, I thought you looked pretty damn smokin' in your Shaycarl t-shirt. ;)  Pink's your color.  

You're such a hoot, Freee.  lol


onetoughcookie43 said...

OMFG!! ROTFL!!! How did I miss this one. Girl you are crazy!! I am assuming you haven't received the shirt yet right? LOL

freeepeace said...

So funny, when I asked PBX to help me with the video, the first scene we did was out back in my bra.  She was like, "hey, is that my bra or yours?" - because I NEVER WEAR IT.  It's got underwire  - blech!

Anyway, NO, I have not received my shaycarl t-shirt yet.  As a matter of fact, he hasn't even asked me for my address (that's how farcical this video is).  BUT he DID post a video the day after this one, APOLOGIZING for taking so long and giving us a deadline of when the shirts will be sent.  There are three of us and he was like, "I owe like four of you shirts, I think."  As if we're NO ONE.  The contest was originally to win the FIRST shirt ever given to the public. -- I have my own personal theory as to why there was more than one winner.