Monday, April 28, 2008

The Reminder (mirror entry)

My heart is full.

Some of you know I’ve been a little down on the musician part of myself.  The part that feels like I have to promote and beg people to come to my gigs.  The part that feels like I have to play gigs, as opposed to wanting to.  It’s that whole indie music business stuff. (you can read an entry about it on my MySpace blog. I rarely blog there but when I do, it's usually about music.)

I used to love writing and playing my music. I’ve always loved singing and performing. Somehow that has shifted over the last couple of years.

Usually things fall into place when I get on stage and I begin to remember why I love it so much.   Like last week’s gig at The Cat Club. I was anxious as hell until I got on stage.  I reminded myself of the reasons I started making my own music - to share. Not to perform.   So last week wasn’t my best performance but it was a comfortable one.

Today I’m reminded once again.

I received an email from a fan. Truly. A fan.  A beautiful being who is so moved by my CD that she blogged poetry inspired by one of my songs.  It blew me away. To think that someone (other than a friend or family member) is on a spiritual journey with my lyrics by her side.  I dunno.  It’s just heart-warming.

That’s the reminder. I love connecting with people. Through words, music, video, face-to-face, however. It’s just about the connection.  And even more, it’s about connecting to spirit.  My music was created from my journey.  It means what it means to me.  And I love that it takes - or accompanies - others on their journeys.  And it means whatever it means to the listener.

That’s why I sing. To share. It’s not just my story anymore. It’s ours.


oreoj3 said...

Very nice story. I to understand what you mean...but mine is on a different level. Im atending college to someday become an addictions councelor. HOWEVER..I'm 36 and still going for my associates. I get so tired of school somedays. I work and married with one child. BUT there are moments in class when I am reminded how hard addiction really is for people. And if I can make someone's pain easier then hey I did my job! So keep up the good lyrics. You may also help an addict that is getting to use again..and maybe somethng in your song that they may be listening to that very moment..maybe it will make that person think twice before the fix. Like you's our journey.......

bridgetteleigh75 said...

That's lovely news, Trish.  
I can certainly understand how that would reinforce your love of your art.  


aims814 said...

Hey honey! I'm sorry, I haven't been keeping up with my friends lately and I didn't know you'd been feeling that way.

I'm glad you're feeling better now. I haven't subsribed to your myspace blog ... I'm gonna go and do that. I'd like to stay in touch and keep up with how you're doing.

onetoughcookie43 said...

God I know that I am commenting late on this one, but don't be surprised Trish. Your words are more than "just" words. They are statements. motivators, and some are just plain moments of beauty. Music moves people in so many different ways. For many, your words just might say what they wish they could but can't. Believe it or not, a few days ago I found myself singing "The Shay Carl" song. I just couldn't stop. My son kept asking: "Mom, who's Shay Carl?" I had to smile to myself. I was feeling down but that little ditty just lifted my spirits. So always remember  Trish, your words and music means a lot.
Hugs and Love