Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things Change Quickly Around Here

Hello lovely AOL Journal friends.  Things are starting to take some kind of shape - other than splat, that is.

Before I forget, I just figured out how to read my aol/aim mail through my gmail account.  Actually, I set up all my email accounts through gmail.  Now everything goes to one place.  What a concept!

This is great news for us because now I can receive email alerts again. So if you have an AOL Journal that you want me to read, please send me the link so I can add it to my alerts!  This is most helpful with Private Journals.  I generally use Bloglines as my feed-reader but Bloglines doesn't recognize the Private Journals feed which is a huge bummer because I'm always behind. 

I make lists but my brain can't be trusted to remember to even check those lists, or remember where they are. If I get an email alert or an Instant Message, I am more likely to read it in the moment.  So please, even if you think I have it, send me your journal links.

I'm starting to make some sense of these vlogging, mini-movies and music videos I've been creating.  PBX told me I should be editing on her desktop computer.  I resisted for so long.  I just like the convenience of sitting in bed, or on the couch or in the music room with my laptop.  But after flying through a couple of videos on the desktop I see just how much of an inconvenience it really is to suffer through software crashes, low memory and slow uploads on the laptop.

Not only that, but I installed the webcam on the desktop today and imagine my surprise when the audio wasn't all buzzy and fuzzy like it is on my laptop.  The video quality is still compromised in night-time light so vlogs via webcam will have to be daytime recordings.

My poor laptop.  At least there's the desktop.  Thankfully.  So much to be thankful for.

Uh-oh here we go.  I'm feeling a heap of gratitude welling up.

So we know I've been out of work for a month. (Can you believe it's been a whole month?)  I've been low and worried and scared and broke with nowhere to turn. Seriously. I have zero dollars.  PBX is in her last semester of grad school (earning her second Masters Degree).  We're living on student loans.  Not a pretty sight.

I sent a boatload of resumes over the weeks while unemployed.  Last week I got a call to interview for a part time office manager-slash-marketing admin.  Two totally different job descriptions for one part-time person.  The woman who organized the interview is a freelance worker for that office.  The interview went well.  We all liked each other. 

I was hired to be HALF of that part-time position.  I started last Friday.  It was unclear just what I would be doing beyond specific projects. (this could get long - let's nip this in the bud...)

In the end, I've been hired as a contractor to (get this) start their company blog.  It's a doggie daycare.  How right-up-my-alley is that?!  So I did that - just have to train the staff on updating.  Next is a quarterly newsletter.  I have to call tomorrow to get details on timeframe and stuff.

So that's cool.

Since I wasn't hired to do the full job of office manager, I've been referred to two other people who need immediate help - freelancing (to start at least).  With prospects of future work in other marketing realms.

PBX and I had just talked about the idea of me doing exactly this!

I started doing work for someone today, from home, in bed even.  Not like that, guys. Get your minds out of the gutter.  I started some research and created business/marketing materials. 

We haven't even met in person yet.  He's a busy businessman.  Travels a lot, I believe.  I think we'll meet when he returns to LA on Friday.  So far, he's pleased with my rough drafts and preliminary materials.  We seem to be on the same page. 

I hope I can keep up.  I'm not a professional in the area of marketing.  But I've been doing my own marketing for years.  And he wants someone who's good at creative writing to make his services look and sound way too good to pass up (and you know what, they are, so that should be easy.)

Now I just need to learn more about building websites.  I can maintain an already-existing site but I don't know enough (much at all) about web 2.0 and SEO.  I'm constantly researching though, so I should be able to learn.


I did not sleep a wink last night.  I was awake till 6am.  I was finally drifting off to sleep at about 5:30 when I heard HunnyBunny start revving up to throw up (you know that sound of like, a plunger).  I dragged my old hott body out of bed to push her out the back door.  We have a yard.  She should use it.  Not the carpet.

I finished cleaning her sickness (it was an easy one) and when I opened the door to call the kids in (2 dogs + 1 cat = 3 kids) I heard Piper doing his hunting-bark.  It's this constant, low-tone bark that goes something like this:  "ruff ruff ruff + inhale + ruff ruff ruff" and repeat with no concern for anyone else in the world.  This usually means he has cornered a critter (or he thinks he has).

He doesn't recognize my voice in these moments.  He doesn't even see the big gray feral feline in attack position, hissing, spitting and swiping claws in his face.  He just knows the cat is there...somewhere.

It's still dark at this hour so after four or five whisper-calls to him, I use my "don't make me come get you" voice -- a voice only Hunny hears (very well) and retreats to the house.  (our own cat, by the way, is usually the first to scurry back into the house during these stand-offs).  This was Piper's third incident of disobedience this week.  I had to storm to him and scoop him up.  The mean kitty had no fear of the human charging toward them.

Piper could get so hurt.  He's all of seven pounds.  And possibly legally blind.  He goes by smell - usually very well.  So then why can't he smell the claws swinging by his face???

That kept me up till after 6am.  I slept till about 8:30 this morning.  Maybe an hour more.

And now it's 1am.  I definitely need to sleep.  This entry just may take up the entire first page of J2P.  I wonder if I've ever come close to the 25,000 max characters.

Anyone remember when we only had 2500 characters per entry?

Ahh memories.

Good night all.  Remember to send me your links.

Peace & Love,


onetoughcookie43 said...

Hey Trish!! So great to see pictures of the kids!!!!! Where is baby number 3!! Glad things are looking up on the employment horizon even if not where you want them to be. Good luck with the bites that you do have. I know all about the Student Loan Monster. I am back in school to get my Education Degree and I dread having to pay them back, but don't know what I would do were they not available. But things will get better. Might not seem like that now but they will. The economy is not in the best shape but we just have to hold on to each other, make the best choices with what we have and always remind ourselves that things could always be a lot worse I guess.

Best to the family, hugs and love,

P.S. I am going to send you an e-mail so please look out for it!!

slapinions said...

Congrats on the blogging gig! One of my friends friend's wife got a similar position and I was horribly jealous. :)


oreoj3 said...

Hey Trish! I love the pics of the kids! And the back looks so beautiful there! Im very jelious;)

magogos said...

You are so far ahead of me in this computer stuff I feel as if I aam back in pre-historic times. Nobody to urge me on, I think, or rescue me when I reach my (rater low) tolerance of frustratio. Never mind, I can still enjoy others strides. Good luck with the jobs. Margo

bridgetteleigh75 said...

yay for jobs!
boo for no sleep!  

Here's my link:

Booga, booga,