Saturday, March 29, 2008

For Becky - Big Yellow Taxi cover song

Congratulations to Becky, who won the Truth or Fiction Game challenge. As promised, I have sung her song of choice live (on video). She chose Big Yellow Taxi - the Amy Grant version. Here it is, Trish Monaco’s rendition of Amy Grant’s version of Joni Mitchell’s hippy classic.


bridgetteleigh75 said...

Hey Freee, remember me?  :)
I'm so glad I found you!  I didn't realize you were journaling here again.  Yay!  I feel like I've come home.  

The song sounds ROCKIN', girl.  
Me?  I would have had you sing Goodbye Girl by David Gates.  ;)

I've missed you.  Drop by my journal won't believe how big Parker and Autumn are now.  

Much love and lotsa good memories,

montaukny said...

Hi Freee!  Haven't commented in a loooooooong while, but just wanted to say that you rock!  Good choice of song from Becky ~ love her!

~~Aunt Nub~~

freeepeace said...

Aunt Nub!  Where u at girl?  Are you still blogging somewhere?  Drop a link. xo

onetoughcookie43 said...

::Waving Hands In The Air:: Ahhh, Nothing like Trish Monaco Live!!