Thursday, February 28, 2008

Low Cash Flow

I don't have that day-job anymore.  It's been a week.  I've been catching up on lost creativity and putting feelers out for different/new work.  I know there are a few big things coming up (music, movies, etc) so I am torn about finding a long-term permanent position.

I could go back to dog walking till I know what's around the corner but the last time I did that, I walked dogs for ten years.  I know me.  I have to feel the need in order to make things happen.

If I go back to a way of life that I felt done with (that I still feel done with) then I could still slip into a state of stagnation and let time pass without making moves in other directions.

So I'm interviewing for temporary positions.  If a great long-term opportunity arises in the meantime, then I'll cross that bridge at that moment.  Being a temp has its benefits (unfortunately, not the medical kind).  It gives me and the employer a chance to see if we're a good match.  In this last position, we clearly were not. 

I am not as young and impressionable anymore.  I don't stand for manipulation tactics (and can smell them a mile away).  I also don't do well with micro-management. I was self-employed for ten years.  I work hard. I care about productivity...all on my own.  I don't need anyone breathing over my shoulder.  I enjoy building up a staff and keeping things light, fun and happy.  That's how to achieve results.  But that's my opinion.

My former manager did not share the same opinion.  Which could explain why I was the fourth person to pass through that position in the last six months.  I mean come on, there's only one common denominator.

It's that kind of management that drove me to self-employment in the first place.  Well, that was one of the reasons.

So yeah, I forwarded my updated resume to a former temp agency.  The owner is always begging me to come back and work for her, especially when it's a busy time in the entertainment industry.  It hadn't been busy this season (with the writer's strike).  She's out of the office but her employees practically fell over themselves when they saw my updated experience.

I hope to have work soon.  I'm going a little stir-crazy.  I love sleeping in but I want a plan...and I want food on the table next week.  Or at least a smoothie.


aims814 said...

Hey there sweetie. I'm feeling you here. In order to force myself to stay out of the hair business, I didn't renew my state license. That was HARD! But it's so easy to go back to what you know or what you feel comfortable with, even though you know in your heart and soul, that part of your life is over and you have no desire to go back to it. Know what I mean? Plus, in my case, it's a health thing, too. My hands won't let me fall back into my line of work.

Temp jobs can be good to give you a feel of where you want to be.  Maybe now, especially with your updated resume, you'll get your foot in many doors -- and one of those doors could lead to a window of opportunity. I'm sending positive vibes your way!


onetoughcookie43 said...

Hang in there Trish. Don't force yourself into something that you know doesn't fit. Things might be a little hard, but they will work out. Sending hugs and love to you,

dockart said...

Hey Trish! Thanks for stopping by my new place. Wow! So much has changed since I last checked in with you. Last I knew you were still adding dog clients to the Peace Mobile.
I have a lot of catching up to do. I jumped ship more than 2 years ago! I have to agree with you on one of your earlier entries...nothing has been quite the same as the AOL community.
Hope great things are right around the corner for you. Change is hard. It doesn't get any easier as you get older either. I quit my ER nursing career and never looked back. I miss it at times but I am in a new chapter of my life now. Life is a journey and change is inevitable.
Any new CD's for sale?
Breaking into the entertainment industry reminds me so much of what my son goes thru with the racing industry. Sending positive vibes your way. I would send a smoothie but chances are it won't travel well;)

Donna H