Friday, November 9, 2007

Two Years Of What?

Thanks for checking in.  It's amazing to think this once beloved journal still has a few loving footsteps.

I'm not sure how to reply to comments here.  When I click on the commenter's name, I'm brought to the AOL Journals page - and if you have a journal, I'm in luck. If not, we all lose.

So, if you leave a comment, please also leave your link and/or email address so I can respond.

Where Have I Been?
I've been writing.  I never stopped.  I've just been somewhere else - but always here.  In the last two years I've worked many hours on film sets, walked a bunch of dogs, considered attending grad school for psychology, moved into a house, played many days of bad racquetball, traveled cross country, and I'm currently at the tail end of an extended stay in New England where I am in the midst of an intense music recording schedule, working on a full-length album that's ten years in the making.

My primary journal is hosted on my website where you can get caught up on the haps. 

Music News
After many months of pre-production (researching recording studios, getting financing ideas, hacking my website, fine-tuning and revamping songs), I'm finally in the studio.

It's not over yet.  We're just beginning.  I'd be able to breathe easier if I had the financing to make the music that best represents who I am.  But with limited time and funds, I'm afraid some things may suffer.  I refuse to let that happen.

I'm getting closer to realizing it just may be a 10-song CD rather than the 13 songs I originally hoped for.  It's been tough enough trying to cut the list to 13.  Some favorites will be left out.  But as a good friend reminded me, there's always next time.  I just won't wait another ten years, that's all.

Get Involved
There are ways to make this album happen smoother, easier and faster.
PRE-ORDER the new CD and receive a free download of a previously unrecorded song plus the new CD hot off the press.

DONATE to help fund the new CD.  Every dollar helps.  No donation is too small.  Donations of $100 or more will receive the free download and the newCD.

I'm open to other ideas as well (i.e. investors, financing, bartering).  Spread the word!  If you like my music and you want to hear more, tell your friends. You can listen to samples and demos on my website.

Add Me
Are you on MySpace?  Me too.  Send me a friend request.
Are you happier on Facebook?  Then Facebook Me.

Contact Me
Even though I'm back to J-Land, I no longer use aol.  If you want to get hold of me, please send email to trish [at] trishmonaco [dot] com.

Thanks all. 
Peace & Love,


kiskar said...

Glad to see you back and hear that you're following your dream by making a full-length album. I flubbed it this time, but in my next life, I'll be a musician. - K. :)

rgossett4195 said...

Thank you for updating.  I am with the 'cuties' (the grandsons) so much that I rarely venture out of J-land.  But I have checked up on you on your other blog, and was pleased to see how well you are doing.  Life is short leave no regrets!  Rose~

magogos said...

Thanks for the updates, I am so glad you are doing your music. Margo

montaukny said...

Hi Trish!  Thanks for the updates ~ I'd lost track of where you went to in the blog world, but now I know & can start catching up.  So glad you're still doing your music!  

I also left J~Land a while ago & wasn't blogging at all for a while either.  I'm back now, too....but over at Blogspot.  Stop by, if you're interested.

~Aunt Nub~
(AKA Liz)