Thursday, November 17, 2005

new blog-home

No need for goodbyes.  Please join me as I continue on my journey.  My new blog-home is banner-ad-free, for the low price of zero dollars.

I am here:  Journey-2-Peace  (


abell1999 said...

You know, when most people boycott they stop giving the business any kind of patronage or money. If they're still making money off of you why should they change just because you don't want to type in your journal?  

AOL Employee: Mr. AOL, the journalers are no longer using their journals!
Mr. AOL:  Are they still paying us?
AOL Employee:  Yes.
Mr. AOL:  Then who cares? They'll get over it.

xzasporated1 said...

Neither will I give up my AOL journal.  I will just leave it bare, generic and blank.  Not a whole lot of readers are attracted to that.  I have no illusions about effecting policy change.  But I will not just go about my business as though I don't care.  I have made the choices that are right for me.  I have no desire to please anyone other than that.

~~ jennifer

coy1234787 said...

Thinking about you as the New Year approaches
and really missing the sence of community we knew
here, not so long ago. Hoping all is well Trish and that
you are happy in your new blog home.
              *** Coy ***