Friday, November 4, 2005

Help Wanted : Movies

HELP!  I have too many DVDs in my Netflix queue.  And I keep adding suggested titles.  I have no self-restraint.  It's like the bowl of leftover Halloween candy that I swear I won't touch tomorrow.

I'm so frustrated and overwhelmed with my queue that I'm tempted to delete the entire thing and start over.

When I first joined, I asked for J2P reader suggestions.  That was a year and a half ago.  I'm still sorting through those suggestions.  I've since seen many great , and many not-so-great, movies.

This time I need something different.  Below is a (partial) list of the movies in my queue.  I kind of want to see these, but I don't want to waste my time either.

What I'd really like is for you to tell me what I will love and what I will not.  But I know, it's always hit or miss when it comes to this stuff.  Tastes vary and all that.  I understand.  My own taste varies from month to month, so how could I expect anyone else to keep up with me?

Instead, I want to know (of the those in the list) which movies you really like, love or hate - and a little about why.  Even if there's just one.  That would help a lot.  If you know me (or think you do) then just give me a yay or nay on each.

Chances are, I'll keep everything in my queue.  But I want to put some promising titles up top.  Prioritize a bit.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Okay, here's the list:

Runaway Jury
Anatomy of a Murder
Hide and Seek
Rear Window
Lawn Dogs
The Great Escape
My Life Without Me
Fight Club
Donnie Darko
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Swimming Pool
Coach Carter
Four Rooms
Ladder 49

In addition, are any of these worth a laugh?

Along Came Polly
Two Weeks Notice
Chasing Liberty
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Cheaper By the Dozen
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story



riverdaughter196 said...

Two weeks notice and How to lose a Guy in Ten days are funny.  How to lose a guy is very funny.  Cheaper By the Dozen you could miss.  It's okay.  Dave is very good.  Chasing Liberty is okay but not great.  

barbaramck said...


Runaway Jury: Watch
Hide and Seek: Don't bother -I think Dinero needed the dough/my opinion
Rear Window: Classic must.
My Life Without Me: I loved
Fight Club: Are you kidding me? WATCH!!!
Memento: Very Good
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: I've heard nothing but good things about this one even though I haven't seen.
Swimming Pool: I Love loved it *wink*
Coach Carter: Will make you cry; very good.
Ladder 49: My taste to a tee!! Loved it! <two snaps ina circle>
Wit: A hard watch but important movie.

Along Came Polly: Funny, yes..hmmm..sorta...I guess.
Two Weeks Notice: Cornball funny, yes....sorta...I guess.
Chasing Liberty: Funny, no.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Funny, cutesie
Cheaper By the Dozen: Must see funny if you love kids and Steve Martin
Dave: I didn't like. But you know me *wink*

Happy Hunting, Babe. My The Force be with you!

Barbie @>---------

babyshark28 said...

Well, I see you have Wit on your list....goood movie. Donnie Darko...goood movie.  How to kill your neighbor's dog??  wha the??!!!  lol!
Coach Carter, great movie!   Ladder 49 wasn't bad, sad though.  Hide and Seek, ehh.   Fight Club, I didn't like. Insomnia, not bad.   Along Came Polly, cute movie. Dodgeball, funny stuff.  Cheaper by the Dozen, I watched that one with Ana.  It's a wholesome family movie.  

That's all the ones I have seen on your list. So, here is a suggestion that you just MUST see. Crash.  Sooo goood!!!   My recommendation to every customer that asks me about movies where I work.

my Blockbuster que had like 103 movies, I just got done scaling back to 63.

rollinghillsides said...

'Rear Window' is a great all-time mystery classic.   Personally I didn't like Mr. & Mrs. Smith AT ALL, neither did friends I've asked (in fact the friend I went with fell asleep for awhile about 20 mins before it ended!!! LOL).  Even tho I thought I enjoyed looking at Angelina before seeing the movie, by the end of the movie her LIPS looked like 20 miles of BOTOX to me, turned me off, for sure!  LOLOL.  It was just SO unreal ....

sunflowerkat321 said...

The only thing I have to offer is Rear Window is amazing.  One of my absolute favorites.

thebludragoness said...

Dodgeball is pretty funny and also Corky Ramono.

indigosunmoon said...

Runaway Jury was great
Fight Club was awesome!
I've heard Coach Carter is great
Ladder 49 great!'ll love it.

Along Came Polly...hilarious!
Two Weeks Notice...worth watching.
How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days...Loved it!
Cheaper by the Dozen...Ok.
Jeffrey...Seen it ten times at least!!!
Dave...Seen it Twenty times or more!  lol

Happy Watching!

polerbere said...

hmm, have I commented before? not sure...but I do love movies, so I guess I'll stop lurking.  Runaway Jury was a good drama flick, not lifechanging, but entertaining.  Fight club is a great movie with an interesting plot and fabulous acting (yay edward norton!). simply because of the way it was done, but you need to have the time to pay attention to it to follow along.  Two weeks notice was cute, but probably not in anyone's top 10 of chick flicks.  Chasing liberty was awful and cheesey...I never finished it.  How to lose a guy in 10 days is actually very funny.  Dodgeball gets was average...funny physical comedy, but not much else. that the one with the presidential look-a-like?  I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it and laughed, but its been awhile.  Good luck!  let us know your selections!

xzasporated1 said...

All I know of these is that Rear Window is worth buying and WIT, although a good movie, was better on stage.

~~ jennifer

boisvertmomma said...

Hi Trish, wow you have a big mix of movies there.  My 2 cents: Cheaper By The Dozen was a cute family movie.  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was pretty cute, too.  Fight Club was really interesting; I'd recommend that one.  Dodgeball only got a couple of laughs from me; I thought the funniest parts I already saw from the trailers.   Have fun and be sure to let us all know your reviews of the ones you select, so those of us who don't get to watch many movies can live vicariously through you! Take care, Jen

cubsandcoffee said...

You cannot go wrong with Rear Window and Anatomy of a murder.  CLASSICS.

nef6861 said...

DON"T LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE--here's the straight poop.

Runaway Jury, Fight Club, and Dave are not worth the time it takes to watch them.

Along Came Polly is good for a laugh.  Cheaper by the dozen is a really funny, sweet film.  Dodgeball is an ABSOLUTE must see.  

chasingmoksha said...

Okay, I have only seen two of the list I am giving you, but it is the list I would choose.

Anatomy of a Murder
Hide and Seek
Rear Window
Fight Club (me likes)
Donnie Darko
Insomnia (me didn’t likes)
Four Rooms

Along Came Polly
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

geminiwilder said...

freee, i'll list the movies i've seen and liked,  if you like.  heck, i'll even give them stars, how's that??  =)  

Let's say one (*) is 'okay' and four (****) is a must-see!

Runaway Jury :  ***  
Fight Club : ****
Donnie Darko : ****
Memento : **
Ladder 49 : ***
Along Came Polly : ***
Two Weeks Notice : **
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days : ***
Cheaper by the Dozen : *

Well, that's all I've seen off this list.  Good luck !  

mikethedawg said...

Out of all the movies in your queue, my one suggestion would be Fight Club. It's an unexpected twist with good acting.
I've seen others you've listed, and I'm sure I enjoyed bits and pieces of them...but Fight Club is the one that sticks out the most.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Runaway Jury ~ great movie
Fight Club ~ worth watching, I suppose
Insomnia ~ a little slow in parts, but worth watching
Ladder 49 ~ sad, but good
Fear ~  I liked it...not great acting though

Along Came Polly ~ loved it!  Of course, I just love Jennifer Anniston
Two Weeks Notice ~ average...not great
Chasing Liberty ~ not funny at all
How to Lose A Guy ~ I adored this movie...Doug hated it.  
Cheaper By The Dozen ~ not really very good
Dodgeball ~ Doug and I really enjoy this movie...we bought the DVD
Dave ~ Definitely worth watching

Those are the only ones I've seen so far...but I hear good things about Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Coach Carter, Anatomy of a Murder,  & Rear Window.

Hope this helps!


jeffcomedy said...

I like to pride myself that I've seen a crap-load of movies.  I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Runaway Jury - never seen
11:14 - never seen
Anatomy of a Murder - the movie is as dumb as the trailer
Hide and Seek - no use
Rear Window - which version? (it's all about the classic baby)
Lawn Dogs - don't know
The Great Escape - Steve McQueen.  nuff said
My Life Without Me - don't know
Fight Club - SEE IT!!
Donnie Darko - SEE IT!!
Storytelling - don't know.  But I heard it's amazing.
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog - don't know
Unleashed - get it because Blockbuster doesn't have enough copies
Memento - CLASSIC!
Rize - Awesome!  Seriously, rent it.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - whatever.  It's good, but there is so much better out there.
Swimming Pool - hot
Insomnia - nice acting.  Plus Robin Williams on a scary role.  And he did it well.
Coach Carter - oscar fishing, skip
Four Rooms - interested in the history of film, rent this.
Ladder 49 - huge explosions, trying for a deep story.  Go for it on a boring night.
Fear - don't know
Wit - don't know

In addition, are any of these worth a laugh?

Along Came Polly - completely silly
Two Weeks Notice - whatever
Chasing Liberty - light comedy, not worth it.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - interesting if you know Shakespeare's MOD
Cheaper By the Dozen - good for a good laugh.  Plus, the ending is endearing.
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story - SEE IT!
Jeffrey - You must see this, but you must be prepared for a movie that will turn you.
Dave - While most would say that this is the perfect light comedy, I always think, "What if I was the President?"  I would like to think that I am as good at heart as dave.

kristeenaelise said...

Jeffrey came highly recommended by our dearly MIA friend Aileen, and it was adorable.  Cheaper by the Dozen is cute, eh.  How to lose a guy in 10 days is totally worth it.

Just saw Chicken Little - adorable!  (I just love cartoons)  

=) kris

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