Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Fame : Season One

Look what arrived in the mail.  I tried desperately to resist tearing into the DVDs and start my own mini-Fame party.  That lasted till 11:00 last night - after a kick-ass episode of Law & Order: SVU.

I nestled in my bed, plugged in the mighty headphones and curled up with my laptop.  A great way to watch a DVD.

I made it through the first episode, wondering what it was I loved so much about this lame-ass show.  Was it really this bad when I was a kid?  It just had to get better.

Thankfully, it did.  I had forgotten about that first episode - the pilot.  It was obvious that many of the scenes were filmed (taped?) out of order.  Some weren't even within the same few months.  [check out Bruno's hair at the beginning, compared to the middle and end.]

By the end of the episode, I was struck wondering where was Danny Amatullo?  My crush.  My boy.  I started to panic.  Had I purchased a season that didn't include Danny?  No, can't be.  Wasn't he always on that show?  The answer:  YES.  Just not in the pilot.  whew!

I swear, when episode two started and I saw Danny's face on the full screen, I gasped and clutched my heart like a schoolgirl.  I immediately remembered why I loved the show so much.  All is well with my world again.

Poor acting/directing, weak scripts and discontinuous editing were all overlooked by the 14-year-old me.  Instead I was drawn in by the fun characters, great stage music, beautiful dancing, and fantasy life at a school for the arts.  Remember leg warmers, french berets, sweatbands, knickers, hip-belts and neon?  Sure, we can wear that stuff again today -- just not at the same time!

You're welcome to come relive these fun high school memories - or create new ones - right here in my livingroom!  Cousin M?  RobbieWarren?  You know y'all want to!

Or not.  Remember too, you can always add the series to the top of your Netflix queue!


gdireneoe said...

Can you believe I just  left the damned eighties hair three years ago...and it's back?!  Perms are in again!  Go freakin' figure...LOL.  Thank GAWWWD I held on to my sweater dress!  ;)  C.

babyshark28 said...

oooh, I remember Fame. so loved that show.  The white kid with the afro like hair, I liked him.  he seemed smart, intuitive, and sensitive.  After the show, I couldn't help but dance in my living room, with all the moves I saw on the show.  lol.  and you know what...I was my own living room superstar back then.  would so love to join you in yours.  that would kick some ass. :P

warrenleon said...

"Poor acting/directing, weak scripts and discontinuous editing..."

Say it ain't so!  Well, I guess I suspected as much, but will the magic shine through for the rest of us as well?  I hope so.  Maybe we should throw a Fame party, where everyone comes as their favorite Fame character.  I'd definitely show up with my Bruno-wig on.

jertoons said...

I did that with the 3 CD Julia Child.  I wish I could get ALL those old black & white ones, but I like having the CD's.  Still, ya know, leg warmers, french berets ?  Check out the video on the current version of "Sweet Charity" of Broadway.  Weird.  Is that back to "Fame" style or forward to the 21st Century ?

PS -- have you done the HRD on AOL for full screen, view-when-you-want (instead of while it's streaming in) movie clips ?

Well, they finally fixed Hermione's hair.  Ron has a funny line.  IMAX Goblet of Fire.  November 18.

Have fun.

krobbie67 said...

I love that picture. Totally cool! And those "flowers" are the piece d'resistance. (Okay, so I know how to say that but not spell it. :-D)

I vaguely recall that the pilot sucked big-time. But, say it isn't so about the rest. However, I don't have the critical eye of an "industry type."

Darn! I need to get my DVD dilemna worked out. :-) ---Robbie

thebludragoness said...

You know, I've never seen that show. I'll have to check it out.

freeepeace said...

I've watched a few more episodes now -- and I will say, I'm having so much fun!

My adult eyes have indeed been corrupt by the industry.  I can't help but notice discrepencies from scene to scene (jewelry, hair, crumpled paper becoming flat).  But all in all, this was the best purchase I've made in a long time.  I'm reliving some fun memories.  And creating new ones.  Characters I loved way back when are bugging the crap outta me now.  And vice versa.

And the dancing!!  I don't remember loving it so much.  It's hot.  Withstands the test of time.  Debbie Allen was/is amazing!  And funny how, back then, it never occurred to me that Leroy Johnson was a flaming queen!  What a beauty!

I'm already looking forward to season two.  and three.  and...

chasingmoksha said...

I cannot believe you said “lame-ass.”  That is classic.  I love it.

Never got into the whole “Fame” thing.  I think my mother must have been watching something at the same time.  We only had one television.  My gay friend watched it religiously and was always singing by the front yard tree like he was on stage or something.

xzasporated1 said...

Why is it that the pilot is always the lamest of all of the episodes.  One would think it would kick major butt just to get on the air.  

I vaguely remember Fame the series.  Slept through the 80s, I think.  I loved Debbie Allen.  So, did you buy the whole season or get it from Netflix?

~~ jennifer

globetrotter2u said...

It's truly amazing how books, movies, plays,  etc.... all that we adored as kids/teens/young adults suddenly change when they are re-visited years later.
I also loved the TV series, "Fame", but I'm not sure if it would inspire me to the same depthsand lengths that it did long ago.
Believe it or not, that was when I took my very first jazz class which led me to eventually forming my own performing arts school which was eventually bought by the Rock School of the Pa. Ballet when I retired!
No, please don't ask me to repeat that number!

cousinoftrish said...

I am soooooo jealous!!!  Question... do you think it is better to watch it on DVD or to listen to it on your old audio cassette tapes?  He He.  HEY! Get off the stage!!!  Enjoy.  I loved when Danny sang Friday night!  Remember Desdemona?  Love M

freeepeace said...

Cousin M - Definitely a different experience on DVD than on audio tapes.  Funny, during one scene, I was almost quoting the dialogue right along with them.  It all just came to me.  I couldn't figure out how I knew.  Then it hit me about the tapes.  And yes!  I remember Desdemona!  I saw that episode last night.  It made way more sense to me too.  LOL!

"Friday Night's gonna be alright - it's gonna be right - gonna all right now baby!"  [i heart danny amatullo]

andreakingme said...

You people are so weird.

freeepeace said...

Oh Jennifer - I bought the entire season from Amazon.  Pre-ordered it over a month ago.  

Ohhhh Andrea, you say "you people" as if you don't belong among us.  Silly woman.

ryanagi said...

OMG I loved Fame! I soooo wanted to go to a school like that. (Says the girl stuck in a polyester uniform marching through the putty colored halls of her tres academic Catholic high school...ick.)