Thursday, November 17, 2005

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No need for goodbyes.  Please join me as I continue on my journey.  My new blog-home is banner-ad-free, for the low price of zero dollars.

I am here:  Journey-2-Peace  (

Wednesday, November 16, 2005



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I apologize in advance to all my non-AOL readers. The only way this will affect you is having to eventually change the link to my online blog.

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I'm begging the AOL-Journals Community to STOP SENDING MASS EMAILS, especially to those journalers you don't even know. This is called SPAM.

Yes, AOL has screwed its loyal paying customers by adding disgusting banner ads to all of our journals, private and non. [Don't get me started about how UK journals are ad-free!]

Yes, I am just as outraged.

Yes, I will most likely be moving my journal/blog if this doesn't get resolved.

But the only way to really make a statement is to CANCEL AOL COMPLETELY.

Going private or boycotting by not updating doesn't matter. AOL has already made it clear that it does not value its paying members. It values what most greedy corporations value most: money.


End of that story.


So please, AOL Journal Community members, if you have moved, post it in your own blog. Post it in the message boards. Post it in your profile. Your readers will find you.

If you have a message to send to the Lords of AOL, post it in your own blog. Send AOL an email to this address: Write to the AOL Journals Editor, Joe: Write to John Scalzi:

You're only preaching to the choir otherwise.

If you really want to stick with an AOL/AIM journal, you can cancel your paid membership and begin the same exact journal for free. At least now we know who will be picking up the slack for their free services. As of now, we are the horse's ass.

Remember, AOL Journals wouldn't exist if it weren't for us. We made this community what it is today. I speak from experience. I've been here since the beginning. The only folks more upset than me are the beta testers like Vivian, who went over and above to create and promote this community.

Our lives are changed, forever. It just may be time to move on.

WE are the community.  Not AOL.  Let's stick together.  Peace.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Own Worst Enemy

My focus must be off.  I'm in a slump.  My attention is anywhere but here lately.

I misplaced a key.  An important key.  A client's key.  It was here.  Now it's gone. 

Gone.  Poof.  Vanished.

I looked everywhere.  Twice.  Three times.


This client is out of town.  I'm her cat's sole caretaker.  I had to call her.

At about this point is where my self-worth is challenged.

Nasty voices in my head.

Claiming some stuff about worthless and undeserving and I told you so.

My client called back and miraculously, there is an extra key. 

We are all saved.

Except from myself.

The cat is just fine.  My client is gracious and understanding.  I'm less forgiving.

I spend the day depriving myself of goodness.  After all, I haven't found the lost key.  How could I be so careless, clueless and clumsy?

I eat crackers for lunch, suffer a headache and fall into a restless afternoon depression.

I wake up without purpose.

My own worst enemy.

Three back-to-back phone calls put things into better perspective.

The final call is from a fellow dogwalker.  She was in a bad car accident over the weekend.  Her car is totaled.  She's in severe pain.  She's on the verge of tears with each breath.

Suddenly, the events of my day are unimportant.

After a few minutes of talking, she relaxes and says to me, "I need to call you every day for a daily dose of Trish."

She knocked me back into myself.  Or out of myself.

The truth is, life is good.  We're alive.  We all have each other, and we have ourselves - all of us.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I'm happy to report that I still really like the new song and the well is still flowing.  It's been fun around here again.  I mean, creatively.  More to come.

Okay, so I've watched a few movies since asking for your reviews.

Runaway Jury - great fun action flick.  I'm a John Cusack fan anyway.  Glad I saw it.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - saw this when I was a kid.  I remember being scared.  Not this time.  Probably because this time I actually understood the movie.  Great movie for its time.  Moved a little slow for my liking.  But I am happy to have seen it as an adult.

Dodgeball was great for a hearty laugh.  Worth it for Ben Stiller's character alone.  Priceless.

Fight Club!  Ohmygod!  Incredible movie.  Deep.  Really deep.  I'll be thinking of that one for a while.  I'm on the hunt for the script.  Wow.  [oh, and yummy cast!]

Next Up - Philadelphia and Wit.  But they won't arrive till Monday, thanks to today's holiday.

I've been watching Fame.  I'm really enjoying it.  Much of it is cheesy.  But it's totally worth it.  One of my favorite Doris-songs is in the first season.  I didn't realize it.  Nice surprise. 

Tidbit of trivia:  Did you know that Rick Springfield wrote 'Life is a Celebration?'  Sung by Coco and Danny Amatullo. | FAME FOREVER | // SERIES \\  [the link has tons of fun Fame stuff.  you can listen to most of the songs if you click on the lyrics link.]

I've replaced episodes of Law& Order: SVU for actual movies on my Netflix queue.  Instead, I've added SVU to my wish list.  It is the holiday season after all.  Gotta have a list.  Season Five is the best so far.  [subtle, no?]

The only thing is, after watching so much SVU, I've started thinking in SVU terms.  The ME, The ADA, DNA, DOA, Cap, vic, perp, lockup, psych eval.

I'll tell ya though, it makes me think about every single thing I touch.  I would make a terrible criminal.  I'm sure I leave my DNA everywhere.  Stray strands of hair, a cough or a sneeze, my dirty dogpark shoes (easily traceable).  I think about these things now.

No worries.  I'll be watching Fame most of the weekend.

Oh and Sharky, thanks for the recommendation.  I've seen Crash.  And I love it.  I could watch that over and over.  Beautiful and meaningful!  And painful to watch.  But important.

***Recommended Reading***
If you're a member of the AOL-J Community, even if you're a lurker, you will appreciate this entry written by Lisa of The Occupant:  AOL-J Community Trash Day.  It's like a cross between Good Times and Leave it to Beaver - The Sims-style!  Very funny and creative.  I'm still laughing!

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

World Premier Monaco Music

Brand spankin' new.  Finally! The well is overflowing.  Let's hope it continues.  For now, I'm celebrating with a glass of wine and a movie.  I raise my glass to toast a few key folks for the inspiration. [you know who you are]  "To love, light and laughter."

CHANCES  (click link to play song)

what are the chances
you'll come back to me
what are the chances
you will see who i've become
what are the chances
you and i will cross our paths in the night
what are the chances
i will be alright
without you

what are the chances
i'll get over you
what are the chances
i'll be glad to be on my own one day
what are the chances
i will walk out of this house without your ring
what are the chances
i'll remember how to sing
without you

what are the chances
i'll forget you
what are the chances
i will never speak your name again
what are the chances
i will come across this song on down the line
and wonder why it was i wasted so much time writing
about you

it's not about you
can't live without you (can't love without you)

what are the chances
i'll get softer
what are the chances
i will live without this emptiness
what are the chances
i would ever have experienced a love
that taught me more about the world
than if i ever lived
without you

thanks to you
can love without you
can love without you
thanks to you

© 2005 Trish Monaco Music

all rights reserved.

Monday, November 7, 2005

A MrazSpaz-style Review

I wanted to spend some time giving a heartfelt review of my intimate acoustic evening with Jason Mraz (and 2500 other people).  But every time I try to put my experience into words, I fall short.

Instead, I spent today walking doggies, playing with photos, watching a movie with my roomie, balancing my checkbook, and writing two new songs.  One I really like.  And one I kinda like.  We'll see what happens with them.  I'm crediting my burst of creativity and inspiration to Jason Mraz.

Here's what I can say about him...

I'm thrilled to report, he is the genius I thought he was.  He wrote a song on stage using words, topics and phrases from the audience.  I mean, the man was able to incorporate Canada, the Greenbay Packers and "bipolar love" into one cohesive, great-sounding song.

He's a shy boy who hides behind his hats.  Mostly at the beginning of a show.  Eventually he turned his cap around revealing his cutie-boy face.

My beliefs are confirmed: He indeed sounds much better live, than his fully produced albums.

Trust me when I say, acoustic Mraz is the way to go.

I was pleased to see he didn't saturate his show with "the hits" from his CDs.

He opened with a brand new song.  And during his encore, he played the very first song he wrote.  His lyrics and music were just as powerful when he was 19 as they are today.  [what is he, 26? 27?  I try not to think about our age difference.]

His voice stayed strong throughout the two hour performance - thanks to his 'singing juice' (tea) that got refilled mid-show.  "You know you've made it big when..."

It was unanimously decided (by three of us) that I should be his opening act.

Before we went, I took a pain killer (because the last concert I attended left me numb and deaf).  I had a couple of vodka mixed drinks during the show.  Apparently I was thirsty.

At the end of the show, I stood up to leave and it all hit me at once.  Suddenly I was floating, unsure of my footing, unaware of my whereabouts.  A real out-of-body experience.  A good one.  I was on a high like no other. 

It's good to know my camera really does capture the true essence of my experiences.  Each photo I took got more and more blurry.  But my memory of the show is Zen clear.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Movies, Mraz and More

Thanks for your movie help. 

My DVD queue is being reorganized.  I've removed Chasing Liberty (for obvious comment reasons) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (because USA will be playing it many times starting next Friday).

My queue is beginning to look exciting again.  It was getting overloaded with disc after disc of Law and Order: SVU episodes.  There's only so much rape and pillage I can take anymore.  Damn those compelling characters and captivating story lines.

Onward:  I have over two hundred DVD recommendations waiting for me.  Plus, there are quite a few new releases I'm interested in.  So I've compiled a list of ten DVDs that await your review.  I hope to change this up every week or so.  Place your vote and watch the results in real-time.  Maybe this will help us all.

Click here to rate ten DVDs:  YOU BE THE CRITIC

* * * * *

In other Trish-news: 

I'm overly-excited to announce that I'll be attending an acoustic performance by Jason Mraz at the Wiltern tonight.  It's a west coast Yakkie event.  Carol, I sure wish you were here.  It just won't be the same without you.  We miss you.  But we're thinking of you. 

I'm sorry I won't be around to celebrate with the AOL/AIM Journals Community tonight at the Vivi Awards Ceremony in the open chat room.  I'll be here tomorrow reading all about it in the trades

Have fun all.  And remember, everyone's a winner!  Celebrate this wonderful community.  Much love and peace please.

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Friday, November 4, 2005

Help Wanted : Movies

HELP!  I have too many DVDs in my Netflix queue.  And I keep adding suggested titles.  I have no self-restraint.  It's like the bowl of leftover Halloween candy that I swear I won't touch tomorrow.

I'm so frustrated and overwhelmed with my queue that I'm tempted to delete the entire thing and start over.

When I first joined, I asked for J2P reader suggestions.  That was a year and a half ago.  I'm still sorting through those suggestions.  I've since seen many great , and many not-so-great, movies.

This time I need something different.  Below is a (partial) list of the movies in my queue.  I kind of want to see these, but I don't want to waste my time either.

What I'd really like is for you to tell me what I will love and what I will not.  But I know, it's always hit or miss when it comes to this stuff.  Tastes vary and all that.  I understand.  My own taste varies from month to month, so how could I expect anyone else to keep up with me?

Instead, I want to know (of the those in the list) which movies you really like, love or hate - and a little about why.  Even if there's just one.  That would help a lot.  If you know me (or think you do) then just give me a yay or nay on each.

Chances are, I'll keep everything in my queue.  But I want to put some promising titles up top.  Prioritize a bit.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Okay, here's the list:

Runaway Jury
Anatomy of a Murder
Hide and Seek
Rear Window
Lawn Dogs
The Great Escape
My Life Without Me
Fight Club
Donnie Darko
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Swimming Pool
Coach Carter
Four Rooms
Ladder 49

In addition, are any of these worth a laugh?

Along Came Polly
Two Weeks Notice
Chasing Liberty
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Cheaper By the Dozen
Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


Thursday, November 3, 2005


Warren from The Screenwriting Life is venturing into another aspect of the movie industry, applying for a training program for First Assistant Directors.  He explains it here.

I find this very exciting and ultra-inspiring.

When I first moved to LA in the early '90s, I was a college graduate with a BA in Theatre.  My ultimate goal was to act.  That's been my lifelong dream ever since I can remember.  Well, except for that one year I wanted to be a hairdresser.  Oh, and a professional baseball player.  I guess now it makes sense why my folks encouraged me to pursue acting.

Upon arriving to LA, I was acting right away, doing murder mystery dinner theater.  I stumbled my way onto the set of Wings and charmed my way into the show as a regular extra.  This is how I earned my SAG eligibility.  And that's about the last we heard of the aspiring-actress-me.

What happened?  I dunno.  That's a process for another entry.

The reason I feel so inspired by Warren's actions?

Throughout the last ten years, I wondered what it would've been like to (formally) study things like psychology, directing/film making, teaching.  But (aside from a class here and there, a few books and personal study), I never fully pursued any of it because I thought it was too late.  [I'm too old. I can't afford it. I suck.]

So, to see an admired peer like Warren (who left a career in Law to pursue screenwriting), start in a whole 'nother adventure today, proves that anyone can do anything at any time!  No matter what the outcome.

Acting, directing, teaching, screenwriting, producing ... We all know this is just a partial list of all the career possibilities that excite me.

Now if I could pick just one and stick with it for more than a month at a time....  Oh right, there's that.  My interests change with the wind.

Puppy Saves the Day

Thank you to Ann for sending this link.  Definitely worth a look for all Hunny-lovers!

US :Puppy Saves the Day

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Fame : Season One

Look what arrived in the mail.  I tried desperately to resist tearing into the DVDs and start my own mini-Fame party.  That lasted till 11:00 last night - after a kick-ass episode of Law & Order: SVU.

I nestled in my bed, plugged in the mighty headphones and curled up with my laptop.  A great way to watch a DVD.

I made it through the first episode, wondering what it was I loved so much about this lame-ass show.  Was it really this bad when I was a kid?  It just had to get better.

Thankfully, it did.  I had forgotten about that first episode - the pilot.  It was obvious that many of the scenes were filmed (taped?) out of order.  Some weren't even within the same few months.  [check out Bruno's hair at the beginning, compared to the middle and end.]

By the end of the episode, I was struck wondering where was Danny Amatullo?  My crush.  My boy.  I started to panic.  Had I purchased a season that didn't include Danny?  No, can't be.  Wasn't he always on that show?  The answer:  YES.  Just not in the pilot.  whew!

I swear, when episode two started and I saw Danny's face on the full screen, I gasped and clutched my heart like a schoolgirl.  I immediately remembered why I loved the show so much.  All is well with my world again.

Poor acting/directing, weak scripts and discontinuous editing were all overlooked by the 14-year-old me.  Instead I was drawn in by the fun characters, great stage music, beautiful dancing, and fantasy life at a school for the arts.  Remember leg warmers, french berets, sweatbands, knickers, hip-belts and neon?  Sure, we can wear that stuff again today -- just not at the same time!

You're welcome to come relive these fun high school memories - or create new ones - right here in my livingroom!  Cousin M?  RobbieWarren?  You know y'all want to!

Or not.  Remember too, you can always add the series to the top of your Netflix queue!