Tuesday, October 25, 2005

VIVI Awards 2005

What?  More about the Vivi Awards?  Yes, and I can assure you, this is the final round of voting.  And we're having a lot of fun ... aren't we?

When I first posted my picks for nominees, I chose Robbie's Ruminations as Most Creative/Original Journal.

She made the ballot!  Yay!

However, she just announced her departure from AOL-Journals.  Boo!

No worries.  She can still be found blogging up a storm in her new digs here.  Yay!

Now I have to change my vote.  Boo!


Thanks to some of you, I made the ballot too.  Yay! 

And since I'm all about a good campaign, I figure, why not?



Most Creative/Original Journal - Journey to Peace

Other nominees I encourage you to vote for:

Most Well-Written - Unhinged

Best Entry or Series of Entries - Growing up Shelli (Part One)
If you haven't read it already, do it now.

Best Collegiate Journal - Hmm...  -and-  Life Or Something Like It
I'm completely torn in half on this one.  Mallory and Sarah are the epitome of AOL-J College journalers.  They are living, breathing college life.  They both have longevity.  They are admired among their peers.  They are young, beautiful women - future leaders/teachers.  I need to somehow find a way to split my vote in half.  Oh I hate it.  It's like asking a mother to choose between her two children.

Best New Journal - By Popular Demand
No question about it.  Mikethedawg rocks!  We love our Carol.

Best Kept Secret - Lotus Martinis
Trying to prove that I'm not really all that good at keeping secrets!

I will be casting votes in every category but these are the folks I fully endorse.  If you have an AOL or AIM screen name, please vote.  Remember to spread the love.  I'd love to see a different journal win in every category.  Peace to all.


Polls close at midnight Sunday, October 30th.


luckyaugustgirl said...

Im so honored. Thank you. Mallory and I have kind of gone to college together through aol journals and have remained such good friends, she is definately one of those ill have for life.   Anyway off that, thank you so much for your confidence! I think its safe to say that we both love you and your journal just as much as you enjoy ours.  Ok enough mushy.


xzasporated1 said...

Absolutely!  I love the self-pimp!  You go!  

But how to choose between Sarah and Mallory?  Mallory and Sarah.  What I love about those two is that each of them is rooting as hard for the other as they're hoping for themselves.  Bet they vote for each other too.  If nothing typifies what Vivian had in mind, it's them.

~~ jennifer, who also says "hands down"

mallory4284 said...

Uh, me, vote for Sarah? Now why would I got and do that, Jennifer? *rolling my eyes in disgust*

(For the record....I'm totally kidding!! I am indeed voting for Sarah)

Anyway, Freee, you're the reason that Sarah and I even know each other! I just now thought of that, so we should be thanking you or something. Cause the first time I ever read her journal was when you did that college pimp with the two of us forever ago.

Thanks for your kind words. You're the best! You've got my vote, so no worries!!

And remember, vote Mallory for best collegiate journal. ;)

-- Mallory

luckyaugustgirl said...

Yeah, what Mallory said. Thanks Free!!! We wouldnt be friends without you!

*shoves Mallory out of the picture and primps for the camera*


Tee Hee......

mallory4284 said...

come on now....don't make me shove you back. I don't want to resort to any violence.

btw, I forgot to say this in my last comment....but I hope you're feeling better, Freee. Being sick sucks. So get better soon! :)

-- Mallory

freeepeace said...

Folks, can you see now why I can't choose a favorite.  They'd tear each other apart.  They're soooooo competitive!

I love this.  Smear campaigning in J2P.  Woohoo!!  ;)

globetrotter2u said...

I love the lotus shiksa, too! I'm so glad that she's back and has been nominated:)
Thanks for your kind words in my journal today. I have followed yours for quite some time, but we all go in and out of stages, don't we?  It's so nice to catch up  with old favorites and the VIVI award is far less important than the friendship it contains!

krobbie67 said...

I am laughing my ass off at your comments!

Oh ummm....did you actually write an entry here? ::::reading it:::::

Ah...well, I wish I could vote for you but Tara is paying top dollar. Do you want to out bid her? I'll set the site up on Ebay pronto. :-) ----Robbie

babyshark28 said...

yeah!  freee...I voted for you.
just so you know...

Andi got out a bar of soap...so I stopped saying Ass in her journal, LOL!
what can I say, it's my new favorite BAD word.   But, I will refrain....soap aint good eatin'.


good luck!

freeepeace said...

Wait. Andi got out a bar of soap because you said ass?  Yet it's okay for her to say blow job?

I say go on with your new bad ASS self Sharky.  I love it.  I mean, I picked up on it right away.  Besides, you deserve a little 'bad word' freedom.  ;)

[thanks for your vote pal!]

freeepeace said...

Robbie, money is no object.  Top dollar to Tara is chump change to this Livingroom Superstar.  ::cha-ching::  I want your vote.  And I want all of your fans' votes.

xzasporated1 said...

Oh well hell, since this is turning into a pimp-fest, votes for sale column ~~

Vote for ME!  I won't pay, but I'll give free drinks.  I won't give a BJ, but I will shake your hand.  And you can cuss all you want without fear of soap.

Thank you for your support.

(Paid for by the committee to elect ME.  Walter, treasurer)

~~ jennifer

krobbie67 said...


Did someone say drinks?

:-) ---Robbie

freeepeace said...

I didn't want to have to do this but it looks like I'll have to pull out the big guns.  

Two words, Robbie:


dymphna103 said...

Hey freee, I will have to follow robbie at her new blog site.  I have not had much chance to post with me doing hurricane duty.  take care and thanks for reminding me to vote,,,,john

txsguinan said...


Did Robbie say drinks?


deabvt said...

Found Robbie!

timboj126 said...

great read!    tons-o-fun...