Thursday, October 13, 2005


So, today is Thursday. Yes, Thursday.

Must be near a full moon.  I started my, uh, full moon, this morning.

Dentist at 2pm.  Just when I thought it was all over.  I'm still having (severe) pain in my right lower jaw, ear and head.  The same pain I always thought was related to the tumor I had removed last year.  Perhaps my surgeon was being truthful when she said it shouldn't be hurting me.

Well, apparently I need to have a new filling removed and repacked for better stability.  The same procedure that was done on another tooth earlier this year, because of a previous dentist's mistake (again).  It's the lower back tooth.  The one so far back that it aches to keep my mouth open wide enough for them to do the appropriate work.

I'll be loading up on Vicodin.

With TMJ and a deep cavity, I'm not looking forward to this appointment.  Mostly I fear the lingering pain from the numbing needles.  They leave big holes in my gums - and aches in my jaw muscles - for at least a week.  [sad and pathetic, aren't I?]

I've gotten a few last-minute calls for dog walking this week.  Thankfully.  I can breathe a little easier.  Still haven't 'replaced' the 'lost' work yet, but I've handed out a few cards to park-goers who've inquired about my dog walking services.

The park I usually go to in Brentwood is closed till the end of the month.  Kind of a drag because I've had such negative experiences at the Venice park lately.  [think Jack!]   The energy there is just...yuk.  Yesterday we had to call the police to intervene when someone began harassing a dog with a chair - charging and calling out injustices.  He was either off his meds, or on too many.  Volatile and unstable.

Thankfully, we (another dog walker and I) found a different park - in El Segundo - to try during the day. It's a little further out - but not as far as Brentwood.  We loved it.  Our dogs had a great time.  That's where I'll be for the next week and a half.  Maybe even more.  Most of my dogs are on that same side of town.  It might be easier for me to continue to go to El Segundo.

Whatever I decide, it's just nice to know we have options.  We're still waiting for the Culver City park to open.  It might be as soon as December.  But it doesn't look like much has been done in the last two months.


Boring stuff, I'm sure.  Sorry.

I didn't have much work on Monday, so I rearranged my room (which is why I got my days mixed up earlier this week).  More about that later. Oooh, exciting, I know.  Hope you can hold out till then.  I know I can.

If you need a fix, check out this link on Feng Shui tips.  It's simple and informative.  A good start.

Happy Thursday!  I'll hopefully be back later -- flying high.


babyshark28 said...

awww. never boring stuff here!

enjoy the new park, i am sure a change of scenery for your dogs and you will be good!

no more pain for you!  I must insist on this...

I am checking out the feng Shui link thing...intriguing!

abell1999 said...

Sounds like things are settling down a little...or at least getting back on track with days. Sorry about the dentist stuff. I hate dentist stuff. I've never had a cavity in my life, but I am in the process of having a cross bit fixed and man it sucks.


xzasporated1 said...

Ewww.  Dentist.  I'm sending good tooth thoughts out west.

And yes, happy Thursday.  And, uhhh, well, uhhh, have a happy full moon?

~~ jennifer ;o)

barbaramck said...


Thanks for the fix link. I was jonesin for something and that hit the exact spot! We all have our days, don't we? Oooommmmm......

Good Luck & Love to you always,

Barbie @>--------

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Your poor teeth.  You just haven't had much luck lately, have you?  Here's hoping you enjoy the Vicoden!


p.s.  I can't help myself...everytime I see the name Brentwood, I think of the OJ Simpson trial.  LOL

kuhlhiggins said...

Hope the pain goes away quickly for you. It sure does feel like a full moon out. I am feeling it too.

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Totally grasp the pain thing...Been doing the same type of procedure for two months now on two seperate teeth....bad filling, deep cavity that eventually fractured the tooth.  Agony.  Take care and rest.  And use your drugs!  ~Peachy

judithheartsong said...

oh, I so hope the dentist goes well... you have been through so much already. Hang in there. judi

deabvt said...

I love your links!

curvyanglintexas said...

No you're not pathetic at all hon. The dentist is evil. I have terrible problems with my teeth constantly. No matter how well I take care of them on my own. Supposedly someone with CP (Like me),  has 3 times the amount of cavities or any other problems with teeth. Greaaaaaaat! Just what I needed in my freakin' life LOL

I can definitely relate to your pain, although I haven't had a tumor in my mouth, everything else is definitely something I'm all too familar with. Hope you feel better soon!