Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NyQuill high and surprise at the door

I went to work today.  First time since last Friday.  I mean, first full dog group.  I've seen other dogs individually.  But I fell asleep on their couches.  It counts.  Their folks just wanted them to have company.  Works just fine for all of us.

I forced myself out of the apartment this morning, after a quick prayer over the porcelain god.  I had to work.  I couldn't afford to cancel another day.  I had pushed all of my clients to the end of the week, so I wouldn't miss out on much work.

So it was a full group.

Apparently the dogs hadn't seen the light of day since last Friday either.  I swear, they must know when I'm most vulnerable.  Marley knows I'm not going to run down to the other end of the park to pull his humping-butt off of every dog he greets.  Thankfully, my pack really likes each other.  They play very well together.  They wore themselves out.  And took me down in the process.

By the time we were leaving the park, I was feeling queasy and achy.  It all came back to me in a split second.  I could hardly get the pack home fast enough.  All I wanted was to crash into bed, high on Ny-Quill.

...which is starting to hit me hard right about now.


One sec -- doorbell, and viciously-barking-Hunny-girl need my attention.


I'm back.

Well, it's a good thing I hadn't crashed yet.  I just received my first flower delivery.  A cheering up from MOM.  Thanks mom.  They are beautiful.  I'll photograph them when I'm more awake.

I'd better wrap this up before I fall asleep at the keyboard.

Catch you later.

And while I'm resting, remember to vote for me in the Viv... Zzzzzz...


thelovetrain said...

Night-night, and sweet dreams. Get well soon, honey.

~Hugs, Brian @---->---

derasta said...

I hope you feel better soon....I love your dog stories!

xzasporated1 said...

Ahhhh......that Nyquil effect.  You're getting sleepy...sleepy...slee....

Rest well!  Kisses to HunnyBun from the studly Hav.

~~ jennifer

cousinoftrish said...

What's better than a Nyquil high?  A nyquil high in comfy pj's under an electric blanket!!  Feel better.  love M

thinkingoutloud said...

ha ha

I did vote for you silly. :)

Hope ya feel better soon.

mallory4284 said...

Aw, yuck. Rest up and feel better!

and I remembered to vote for you.....

-- Mallory

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Oh, poor Trish-girl.  I'm sorry you're feeling so bad!  Wish I was there to give you a little TLC...nurse-style.    

Is it just me, or did that statement sound incredibly kinky??  <grin>

Take care of yourself!!!


abell1999 said...

sorry you're so sick, hun. Wish you could of stayed home and rested, but I'm sure your wallet appreciates it and the dogs do too.


babyshark28 said...

I voted...

get better.
(like you have no other choice?)
I wish you better feeling days ahead!
how's that?
nyquil is good.

judithheartsong said...

I am so sorry you are sick............................   :(
Get better soon.

thebludragoness said...

I hope you feel better soon.

chasingmoksha said...

Did you send that crap North?  As of this morning, I had a sore throat, stuffy head, and all around miserable aching body.  Ahhhhhh but it did not keep me off of my Nirve.  If I could, I would marry that Nirve. LOL!

I like your new picture in your sidebar.  Very pretty.

s0ngbird1962 said...

(((Freee))) So sorry to hear that you've been sick, too.  Guess the warmer dry weather in CA makes no difference to thiese germs.  I've been using Day-Quil over here recently.... LOVE Ny-Quil but no time for me to sleep that deep.  Good stuff though : )

Sounds like your dogs really missed you and each other.  And flowers from Mom?  ....Very sweet