Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mudpups FollowUp

Supplies to keep a dog walker happy:  Six towels.  One oversized painter's tarp.  A handful of leashes.  One splitter-leash.  One Hunny-collar.  All clean and ready for the next adventure.  Except for one little item over there on the left-hand side.

To give you a better perspective, here's what Hunny's collar used to look like:

Here's how it looks today:


And there it shall stay, until the next laundry day.

It's been a while since my last doggy photo shoot.  Tuesday's muddy adventure was a great opportunity to play with the camera again.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.

The thrill of my day was watching Hunny spring into her puppy-like spunk.  She's almost eleven years old.  She's been showing signs of slowing down in the last few months.  She's still healthy and fit and able to take down any challenger on a whim.  But for the most part, she strolls on our morning walks.  She lingers on the grass.  She plays a little, but mostly she lays around at the dog park.  And she sleeps in the car.

Tuesday was a different story.  I was squealing with delight and laughter when I saw my little girl go wild in the puddles.  Her playful energy continued throughout the entire park visit.

How did it start?

I have an ear-witness who can attest to the fact that I tried to lure the dogs away from the puddles.  Some of the parks are equipped with a hose.  This particular park is not.

Marley (expectedly) made himself comfy in a soothing bed of mud.  Oh God!  My car!   Otis kept squeezing between my legs at my feet, to rub the mud off!  Oh God! My clothes!   Hunny splashed and spun in a thick puddle, displaying chocolate-dipped Hunny-legs.  Hunny out!  Hunny here!  Hunny get!  Oh God! My bed!  When Bunnie, the bulldog, dove head first into the deepest puddle, I knew there was no turning back. 

They won.  I gave in.  And we all had a great time.

The thing with mud is, eventually it dries.  The drinking water fountain helped wash off their faces.  The mounds of towels helped brush them off and protect the car.  [Whatever that means.  The filth in my car is at the point of no return.  My Honda dealer keeps requesting a trade-in.  They have no idea!]

How muddy did I get?

Not too much really.  Just my nasty dog park shoes, the bottoms of my pants (thanks Otis!) and a big smudge across my face and neck from Bunnie.  I had to lift her into the car -- she jumped up to meet me.

The rain had stopped.  The sun was making its way through the clouds.  The dogs and I were dry before loading into the car.  So it was very pleasant.

The one thing about my work that I really dislike is walking dogs in the rain.  I'd take a dry day and mud puddles anytime, if it meant I could skip the rainy days.


krobbie67 said...

"Hunny out!  Hunny here!  Hunny get!  Oh God! My bed!"

You were no where near your "I mean business voice." Heck, I think there was even the lilt of a giggle going on. Like they'd take that serious! I sure as heck wouldn't. Now, that "business" voice is another story. When you bark, I listen and so does every dog in a two state range.

:-) ---Robbie

deabvt said...

Wonderful Pics!
Yea, Hunny!!

abell1999 said...

Give me a dog that will meet a puddle head on instead of one of those who hate to get their feet wet any day! Woohoo!


kristeenaelise said...

She's so adorable.  Muddy dogs are fun!  I can tell you had a great time.
=) kris

mikethedawg said...

can I just say I love that pic of you in your side bar! Look at that smile baby...

kathlyna22 said...

those pictures are so cute,
I hope you had as much fun as they did!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I was wondering about how you managed to keep everything even remotely clean.  <grin>  

Glad it was a fun day for you!  Mud can be a great thing, can't it?