Sunday, October 9, 2005


Though this song was written five years ago, it applies to every moment of every day.  It's about finding strength in one's own reflection (finding a friend in the self) to know everything is always okay, even when it's not. singer/songwriter

Nothing fancy.  Just guitar and vocals.  Very simple.  Very raw.  Very true. (and seemingly very quick load time) Los Angeles


yesterday I cried
and I became
so paralyzed
I couldn't see

today I realize
that it came
much to my surprise
how could that be

when I try
I try
to be free
from the demons
from my wounded soul

yesterday I reached out
to a friend I never knew
was always there

today I preach about
my new found faith
I never knew
that I could care (so much)

when I try
I try
to be free
from the demons
from my wounded soul

when I try
I try
to be free
without reason
letting go of all control
for all seasons
letting go of what I know

© 2005 Trish Monaco Music


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gdireneoe said...

LOVE it!  Your voice has natural clarity...simple is easy on you understand?  I mean to say that you are one of the naturals who can harmonize with just a guitar and simple chords and sound don't need all the "stuff". ;)  C.

babyshark28 said...

I came in for the words :D
haven't gotten 'Free' downloaded yet.
can't wait to hear it.
one thing....that is your THING is your natural
voice against a simple arrangement of a guitar
and harmony.  Like a black and white photograph....
the details (emotions) of what you want to convey
come floating out effortlessly to the eye (ears).

rollinghillsides said...

oh, i enjoyed so very much.   thank you!  hope you're feeling better.  

clarity4today said...

I can never get my silly computer to cooperate when it comes to the media player. :-(  But I love the lyrics.  Certainly your type of writing!

aims814 said...

Oh, Trish ... this is beautiful. :)