Saturday, October 8, 2005

Anne Miller Music

I've been so absorbed in whatever-the-moment-brings, that I've completely forgotten to send a shout out to an old music pal.

Last I saw Anne Miller was during a time when we were singing original music together with mutual friends on the Paramount lot in Hollywood.  Or...well...that's the last time I remember.  It's been a while.

Anne recently directed me to her website.  She's going for it as a musician in her own right.  It's a big deal.  She's putting herself out there.  Her lyrics. Her music. Her self.

Check her out, listen to some tracks and send her a shout (a love-shout).  Support is what any new artist needs - and deserves. 

Anne Miller's Official Website

Way to go Anne.  Keep it up.  

Photo taken by Tricia Lee Pascoe


esalansky said...

Went to the link, and listened to her, she is going to be AWESOME! will be ordering her cd thats for sure. thanks for the tip

meiru13 said...

Great to see you Friday night.....hope the music lifted your did mine.

Sending you bubbles of love....


annemillermusic said...

Trish Trish Trish...

I was shocked to see you posted me in your blog...but happily shocked...
Believe it or have been a reminder in the back of my brain to follow my passion...ever since the John Perry coalition. hehe. :)

I would love to play with you again someday.

Anne :)