Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Preparing for Fall

I rearranged my room today.  Nothing really looks different.  Furniture is in the same place.  I disassembled the old computer that I wasn't using anyway and took it off my cluttered desk.  Then I moved my TV, VCR, DVD player and cable box (christ!) across the room.

Of course that means I had to rewire every. single. thing. -- including the internet modem and router.  In order to rewire, I had to move a 6-foot book shelf out of the corner...the lazy way of course.  No casualties - yet.  We'll see how my back feels tomorrow.

My desk is still cluttered - but it's cluttered with desired clutter.  Stuff I use daily (or weekly).  And now my TV is at the foot of my bed where I can (hopefully) hear it better.

I'm clearing out.  Making room for fall.  Whatever I don't use (or haven't used in the four months since moving), I'm letting it all go.  Old computer. Old TV. Stereo. Books. CDs. New notebooks and journals never touched.  All going.  Still, there's so much more.  It's exciting.

The weather is cooling off.  Beautiful days and cool nights.  I'm so ready to hibernate.  I love fall.  I didn't realize how much till today.  I feel it in my heart.  Like the pitta-patta of a returning love.  Or low blood sugar.

I watched Crash last night.  It's in-tense. Very good movie.  I missed a lot, trying to keep the volume at a reasonable low.  But the movie isn't lost on me.  I liked it so much I'm keeping it to watch again.  I may even buy it.  There are so many levels of prejudice.  I'd say it's a must-see for all.  There's so much to learn from each other.

I also worked on a drum loop for the next song - unless the next song becomes a different song.  I just never really know till I sit down with the guitar.

Hmm, what else?  Oh, I'm scheduled to get the peacemobile detailed this weekend.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to a clean(ish) car.  This guy did a great job last time.  I just hope he can get that smell out.  What is that smell?  Dog.  Oh yeah, that.  I want to buy all new blankets (or get new used throws) for the back.  I try, but I can't always get that smell out.  I've thrown so many away this year.  I've also bought many.  Hey, it's overhead.  No biggie.

I had to buy a new Chuckit! today.  Mine is missing.  Personally I have good reason to believe it was stolen.  And I'm hellbent on finding out.  We joked today about starting rumors.  [wow, reliving it now makes me realize dog walkers really do have quite the life.] 

I had my Chuckit! for almost two years - possibly a record.  I hear missing Chuckit! tales from many a dogwalker.  They're constantly replacing theirs.  Some buy them in bulk.  They just disappear.  Almost like socks in a dryer.  Or pens.  Where do all those pens go?  I dropped one today.  I watched it fall.  But I didn't see it land.  It's gone.  Into the abyss.  Pen heaven?  When it's time, it's time, I guess.

And it's about that time for me.  I have a date with a hot shower, some veggie soup and a DVD.  'Nite all.


babyshark28 said...

ooooh,'s time for Fall.  I love fall.
why?!   can't help it
it's just a time for togertherness (sp?) !!  I love it.

the colors, the leaves..the tree's.    

love it.

enjoy your movies, I so want to see Crash!!

pollysci said...

I love Fall, can't get here soon enough!

Congrats on the decluttering and the new Chuckit!  I've gotta get one of those!

~tara :)

indigosunmoon said...

Never ever heard of Chuckit! until today!  Wow,
that thing looks great! I'll bet my Kitty would
love it!  

Oh, Kitty is a Labrador Retriever by the way....te he he

krobbie67 said...


"Old TV. Stereo. Books. CDs. New notebooks and journals never touched.  All going."

Need help moving that stuff *somewhere*? :-D

Strange for me to feel, but this year I'm kind of feeling fall-ish, hibernating-ish. Don't know what is up with that. But, feels like low blood sugar? That's not a comforting good feeling to me. LOL!

I have never heard of that movie. There was another one with James Spade but completely different sounding. If I can get one of my DVD players to work, I'll have to watch it. Oh, have you thought about getting headphones for your TV? That way you don't have to worry about the volume.

I thought those Chuckits came with the park. Hmm.. Have you thought about using plastic tarps instead of blankets in the back? Or you could line the bed with blankets then cover everything with a plastic tarp. Maybe those thin ones you can get at paint stores (much cheaper than the thick industrial type). That way you can ditch the tarp every week and maybe the smell won't hang in there so much.

:-) ---Robbie

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I love fall too...obviously.  I named my daughter Autumn.  <grin>  Hard to explain why...I just love the feelings I get when that fall weather starts emerging.  

You should have a yard sale with all your old things...I did and made over $900!  It's worthwhile..


deveil said...

I loved crash.


tillysweetchops said...

There's something energising about having a good clear out!

txsguinan said...

CD's you say?  Anything listenable?  Or are they all things like "Hanson's Greatest Hits" and the soundtrack to "Xanadu?"  (oh my god, it really is 'Xanadu', isn't it? ;)

I only have 30 (!) songs currently residing in HAL, the psychotic MP3 Player.  I think that qualifies me for some sort of music relief program...    

monponsett said...

The Dogs are stashing all the pens, sox, and Chuckits they can pilfer... until they need them for the Revolution.