Wednesday, September 7, 2005


I'm pet sitting for my best friend, Cheryl.  It's been so long since I've been here that I'd forgotten how beautiful and serene it seems.  Not far from the beach.  Nice colorful yard.  A doggy/kitty door for the animals to come and go as they please.  Sun. Breeze. Wind chimes. Books. And now even high-speed internet access.


Only, it's not such easy breathing for me.  I love it here.  I love Opie (my God-doggie) and the three cats (Hunny's brother and two cousins).  Sadly, I'm allergic.  The moment I got here, my throat started to close, my head began hurting, my eyes were itchy and I was sneezing.

I ran to the drug store around the corner.  The only allergy medication that doesn't make me drowsy is Claritin.  In fact, it does just the opposite.  It amps me up quite a few notches.  I couldn't find a 12-hour dose - only 24-hour pills.  So the next few days should be very interesting.  Hey, maybe I'll get a few songs recorded over here huh? ;)

* * * * *

I've been reading helpful hints about the recording software I'm using.  As it goes online, one link leads to another and I eventually found myself on  There, unsigned artists like myself can create a page and upload original (legal) mp3s.  Anyone can listen.  Anyone can download free original music.  It's actually pretty cool.  Similar to what used to be.  I can only imagine there are other sites like this that I have yet to discover.

This site allows listeners to create their own stations and listen to their favorites where ever and whenever.

Of course, they want us all to upgrade to the enhanced version where we get priveleges and discounts on ad space on the site.  Like, I could buy a 24-hour advertisement and be their only "featured artist" on the home page.  From there I could "expect" to hit their Top20 list.

It's kind of a bummer because now I know the featured artists aren't "chosen" by listeners or fans.  They're just promo ads paid for by the artist.

Then again, if the product is good enough to hit, then it'll sell itself.

Oh, I don't know.  I'm great with PR and long as it's someone else's product.  Something about self-promotion - it's just not the same as someone else believing in my product as much as me. It's the difference between, "I wrote a really cool song." and "I heard a really cool song."  The latter seems more objective.

Whatever.  Here's the link to my music on  The same three songs that have been in rotation for all these years.  More to be added, I'm sure.

* * * * *

Moving along...  On impulse, I bought candies today.  Real candies.  Crappy candies.  All sugar.  I haven't had candy in years (aside from chocolate).  I'm talking gumdrop candies.  Like Candy Land candies.

I tore into them while driving the half-a-mile back to Cheryl's.  I ate two pieces and felt completely satisfied.  I had almost (almost!) forgotten all about them when I remembered the paper towels I bought.  They were in the same bag.

I brought the rest of the candies to the computer and sat down.  Big mistake.  Though they're not *all* gone, I'm sad to report I ate more than a fistful.  And I'm about to dive back in and eat the last red one.  It's just staring at me, like a lost lonely color.  Oh but I know how I will feel any minute now.

I should nap before the Claritin kicks in and I'm suffering with an upset stomach and insomnia.

* * * * *

Oh, one more thing.  Some of you will remember, but for those who don't know, I walk a German Shepherd named Lucy.  She was unsocialized when I met her over a year ago.  It's been my goal to socialize her enough to be around other dogs.  Today I brought Hunny into Lucy's yard for the first time (with Lucy on leash).  They both did wonderfully.  They've walked together - but Lucy had never shared her space with Hunny before today.  Another small miracle in doggy world!


judithheartsong said...

I am thinking of you....... maybe you'll record the songs reallyveryquickly!!!!! judi

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Cheryl's house sounds WONDERFUL.  Use this time as a  mini-vacation...get yourself rested (well, if you can after taking the claritin.)

And good for Lucy!  Sounds like you've done a great job with her...I bet her owners are pleased.  


montaukny said...

{{{{Freee}}}}  Gonna pop on over to as soon as I'm done posting this comment.  Hope that all works out...sounds pretty neat!  My dog, Lucy, isn't a German Shephard (pit bull/dalmation mix) is a sweetheart but also pretty unsocialized.  All this time I've heard you talking about the doggie park you go to, so I've been inspired!!!  Hubby & I took Lucy to a neat little fenced in doggie park near us that I heard about recently.  We started out on the leash, letting it out more & more & with lots of slack, eventually working up to no leash at all.  She had an absolute :::blast:::!!!  Now Lucy & I can't wait to go back over & over again.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything keeps going well...we go back for round #2 tomorrow afternoon!  As for the candies, go ahead & eat that red 1, sweetie!

~~Aunt Nub~~

PS  I answered the 3 questions you posed ~ check it out!

tillysweetchops said...

Hello, I just came across your site and I'm definately coming back. Not only is it an interesting read, but I also get to see loads of pictures of adorable doggies!!!

deabvt said...

Yea, hunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your music is great!
Sorry, I`ve been sick for 2 weeks. I`ll be back more often.