Friday, September 2, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Photo: Carolyn Cole / LA Times - September 1, 2005

I feel helpless.  I know I'm not alone.  This is beyond a national crisis.  It's a worldwide crisis.  It affects everyone - not just those directly involved. 

There are so many links referencing Hurricane Katrina - blogs, journals, websites, donation sites, news sites.  By now we are all aware of the devastation, the horror, the uninhabitable conditions and the overwhelming need for assistance.

My heart breaks.

Still, much of what I've been reading and hearing are arguments about left and right.  Things like, "Don't blame me. I voted for Kerry."  So did I, but that doesn't make me exempt from this crisis. 

The most insensitive comments I've heard so far were from Jason Pullman, a local radio DJ.  He said (paraphrased), Let's face it, that section of the country needed to be cleaned up anyway.  Then, referring to the caller who was distraught about the devastation, Pullman showed more of his own ass by implying, some people are too sensitive.  It must be that time of the month for her.

I was stunned and enraged.  I considered calling the station to ask for a public apology on so many accounts.  Then I realized my energy could be better spent. 

Everyone deals with tragedy differently.  Terror and shock will make us say and do things we might not usually say or do.  Having survived a major earthquake, I can attest to that.  Still, there's no way of really knowing how the citizens of New Orleans and Mississippi feel.

I (we) need to be their strength, their hope, their salvation.

united we stand.

divided we fall.

Feel helpless no more.  Pitch in.  Make a contribution to the relief fund.  Most places are accepting cash/credit donations only (much needed).  Others will accept goods like clothing and water.  As mentioned in many other places, be aware of scam donation sites

Make sure your donation is actually going to be received by those in need.

Check your favorite charity.  Or use Charity Navigator's list of highly-rated charities assisting in the relief effort

Photo: Carolyn Cole / LA Times - September 1, 2005

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coy1234787 said...

    Trish ... thanks for saying the united we stand, divided we fall thing, I was literally feeling sick about it yesterday. My Dad lives just outside of the French Quarter, I talked to him on Sunday morning, he and his dog Panda were packed and ready to hit the road, I was relieved but did not hear from him again until yesterday. It's been a long week.
     It was so predictable that only a matter of time before we started blaming each other for this disaster, just like everything else since the last election. I voted for Kerry too and seriously think that if he would have been elected things on the Gulf coast be pretty much the same as they are today. I am sick, (literarily) over the finger pointing from both sides. We have become our own worst enemy.
                                            *** Coy ***    

kathlyna22 said...

Thanks Free.
I've heard the "I voted for Kerry" arguments,
and that just makes me mad. I don't care if Moses was in office, that hurricane would have hit. ( I voted for Kerry just to set the record straight)
But I didn't hear the DJ you are talking about and that just made me cry. My city was a wonderful place, my parents didn't deserve to lose their house, my friends didn't  do anything to have their places washed away. Am I sensitive? No, I'm enraged by what he said, I would give anything to come to LA and take his home and then make him evacuate to a city with thousands of other people who are just as hurt and lost.
I can't believe the sentiment of some people, and I wish I could figure out something to do.


txsguinan said...

Excellent, positive, life-affirming post!  

united we stand.

divided we fall.

and with our backs together lean against the wall...

And that goes double for all those demented idiots saying that the poor, the sick, and yes...the perhaps foolhardy...deserved it.  Jason Pullman must be off his meds ~ perhaps a shortage at the methadone clinic.

That picture on the front page of the Times broke my heart too ~ that darling, sad little boy; that poor little Teddy!  And damn ~ those adorable happy dogs!  Awww..they must be flying first class.   Thanks for making me smile again.   :)

krobbie67 said...

I did not realize there was a fight going on. Yesterday I began hearing claims of racism occurring because of the slow response. Personally, I think Bush has been slow to respond but it has nothing to do with racism. It's just his usual M.O. But, now is not the time to address or shout any such things. Now is the time to act and do whatever a person can whether it's actual work in the area, giving money, or just positive thoughts/prayers for the victims. Respond and be a positive influence in this world. After everything is said and done and everyone is cared for, then is the time to evaluate how something such as this could occur and the lack of organization that exists so that there isn't a next time.

Beautiful entry! Thanks for the reminder. :-) ---Robbie

P.S. The Jason Pullman link seems to have been hijacked. It pulls up his bio page for all of a second and then some weird page replaces it. Perhaps someone retaliated for his inane comments. I didn't hear him but I hope his ass is canned for it.

freeepeace said...

Comment from Robbie:  "P.S. The Jason Pullman link seems to have been hijacked. It pulls up his bio page for all of a second and then some weird page replaces it. Perhaps someone retaliated for his inane comments. I didn't hear him but I hope his ass is canned for it."

Well, it seems the ENTIRE Star 98.7 site has been hijacked.  Works for me.  The only clickable link is for  Now that's what I call instant karma! ;)