Saturday, September 17, 2005

Group Script Project

I guess the only way to learn how to do something is to try.

There's a group script project - sort of a script round-robin - happening over at Warren's place.  You know how it goes - someone writes a page or two.  It gets posted and passed to the next writer who writes another page or two and so forth.

I was gleefully cheering on veteran scribes while more and more were signing up.  It seemed like a  great way to get to know the writing style of these screenwriters.  I also thought, what a great opportunity to learn the process of an ongoing project.  As a witness, I was very excited.

When Warren posted the first installment, he listed a potential batting order.  I couldn't help but notice that my name was on the roster.  For about three days I thought for sure there was another Trish in his crowd.  Perhaps there is, but the Trish in his list was me.

Oh shit.

I panicked for like a moment.  Only because I'm so ... what's the word - clueless - about how to format a script and keep the story moving along and all that important stuff.

But after reading the first few installments, I got a little more excited than scared.  This could go anywhere.  There are no rules.  No boundaries.  Just write one or two pages in hopes of moving this wacky script along.  None of us writes the same.  And nobody really knows what's going on.  And I just had to get some fresh air.

So I mixed it up a bit.  Like a freshman cramping the style of graduating seniors.  Hell week is upon me.  I hope there's not too much hazing.  So far, everyone's been really cool.

Anyway, it's like Scriptwriting 101 for me over here.  Fun.


gdireneoe said...

What a great idea.  Thanks for sharing. ;)  C.  http;//

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Actually, that does sound fun.  I love writing, but I think this would even make me nervous.  LOL


andreakingme said...


jouell3935 said...

Thanks for the pop over to my journal.....I am a fellow screenwriter....Been writing, oh...loke forever now. I have been doing many reviews and edit and a few rewrites for other writers...I have met some wonderful screenwriters over the years and have gained lots of insight from them...So much to know!
It is a craft to be mastered! LOL...My quest.
This group writing sounds like a terrific exercise! They do this at Zoetrope. Are you involved with any of the peer forums???
Peaked my interest!!!

I like your journal!!!!
I shall return!