Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fame : Season One

"You got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying, with sweat."  - Lydia Grant, Fame - TV series

I can hardly believe it.  Robbie and I were just talking about this two days ago.  I'm so excited.  I'm totally freaking out - in a good, good way!

Fame: Season One is coming to DVD

Okay, maybe my ecstatic reaction officially qualifies me as a freak.  But this was my favorite show when I was a young teen.  I was (am) a huge fan of the movie and was thrilled when the series started.

The first season of Fame started when I had just started my Freshman year in high school.  Oh how I wanted to go to a school of the arts.  Unfortunately, there were no performance art programs in our schools at that time, thanks to budget cuts.

I lived my life vicariously through the characters in the series.  I identified most often with Doris and had a consistent crush on Danny Amatullo.  I wrote letters to both actors, and even received a personal letter from Valerie Landsburg (Doris).  Carlo Imperato's (Danny's) publicist sent me a black & white mass-produced autographed postcard -- placed prominently on my bulletin board for years to follow. 

I had all the records (yes, then they were vinyl albums) and sang one or two songs in talent shows.  I bought all the teen star magazines and cut out articles, pictures, news clippings and kept them in a well-decorated Fame Box under my bed.  Right next to my Rick Springfield Box.  I wonder what ever happened to those keepsakes.

Remember, things were different 20+ years ago.  I don't know when the VCR was invented, but I hadn't heard of one -- and we certainly didn't have one.  This was before cable even.  So if I missed a show, it was gone, forever.  I couldn't run out and buy the DVD six months after its release.

So when the first season box set comes in the mail, I'm thinking it'll be a whole different experience for me.  Or not.  Who cares?  It's coming.  And it's about time! Yay!

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andreakingme said...

I think everyone's having WAY too much fun at that school. Just LOOK at that ... first season photo there. They're all smiling. High school was not like that. Nope. Uh-uh.

But I know what you're saying. You love this movie, you love this show and you've been waiting forever and a day for the DVD! And now it's here!!!!

Fame! I'm gonna live forever.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I vaguely remember the show...but not well.  I love the theme song though.  LOL  Isn't it weird to think when this show was popular, there wasn't even VCR's?  That's insane.  

Enjoy your DVD!


krobbie67 said... that song is playing in my head. Can we have a Fame Yak-Yak party?

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out when I was first aware of VCRs. I remember the first one I had was a top loading ancient thing. But, I can't remember when that was. Ahhh...memories.

Wanna hear something wild? "Oh God it's me Margaret" mentions "computers." I was stunned when I read it. The book was written in 1970! I was trying to think what connotation I would have taken it in when I read the story as a little girl.

I think all this means we're old. Darn! :-) ---Robbie

riverdaughter196 said...

I loved the series too.  Bruno, Coco, Sherofsky.  It was a good show.

cousinoftrish said...

I may rent this and watch it on "Friday night's gonna be alright".  Yes in those days we didn't have a vcr or dvd but you did have your tape recorder.  Remember the one that got tv channels?  You taped the shows to listen to again.

k2plus2 said...

OMGosh!  Thanks for the info!  I am buying it.  I loved that show, and now I am so excited. . . Maybe I will buy "Flashdance" too to complete the era. . .

warrenleon said...

Man, I loved that show too.  I had a huge crush on Cynthia Gibb, not to mention Lori Singer.  And for some reason I thought Bruno was just the coolest guy.  I'll have to get the dvd set too.

freeepeace said...

Ahh, good to see I'm not alone in this fandom.  Thanks for chiming in everyone.

Andi, you're right about everyone seeming happy at this school.  That's why I wanted to go.  Even though it was supposed to be "hard work" they always found a way to sing or dance through life's lessons.

Robbie, I'm totally up for a Fame Yakkie Night.  I remember the top-loading VCRs.  So cool that you're reading "...Margaret" again.  I don't remember the mention of computers at all.  Then again, I don't remember much detail about that book.  I just know I loved it.  Guess I'll have to read it again.

Marianne, I *knew* this entry would get you.  We've been waiting for this for-like-ever.  I totally remember that radio with the TV stations.  I loved it.  Even though I didn't have the video, I had the audio memories.  [funny though, I don't remember ever listening to the tapes.  I just remember recording them.]

I love how we all have different characters we related to (or crushed on).  That's a sign of a good production.  The show can suck all it wants, as long as the characters are compelling.  That's how I see it.  I've loved some real sucky shows - only because of the characters.  Brilliant.  Hmm...writer's food for thought.

monponsett said...

I'm still waiting for Smurf buddy icons. I've gone so far as to write in and request it. They don't write back to grown women who do that, in case you ever wondered.

aims814 said...

Awww!!! I'm so happy for you! :)
Enjoy it, sweetie!


deabvt said...

Woo hoo! Enjoy,

deabvt said...

Your sidebar features 2 beautiful ladies!!

pollysci said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! Now if they'd just get the ball rolling on Facts of Life and Charles in Charge....  

tara :)

deveil said...

I loved this show too!   And fantacized about going to that school.  


globetrotter2u said...

That IS exciting! I loved that series when it was out, it inspired me to branch out into some jazz in addition to my ballet training. Thanks for the tip!