Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Counting My Blessings

Isn't it true that when one finally washes a filthy car, it is bound to rain the next day?  Yes.  Even in LA.  No joke this time.  We got rain.  And thunder.  Lots of thunder.

Yesterday's rain really threw me off.  I was not prepared.  I haven't replaced old blankets and tarps for the dogs yet.  I don't know where I packed my umbrella (not that I use one when walking dogs).  I don't even know if I have a rain jacket. 


More importantly, I'm upset because my car looks like it's never been cleaned on the outside.  Streaks of drizzle and dust make zebra patterns all along the black exterior.  I don't even want to say how much I spent to have my car detailed.  But keep in mind that it's been over six months since the last detail - and I passed on an iPod Shuffle.

Still, we can't seem to totally eliminate the smell of dog from the cargo area.  Nice huh?  Great for trade-in value (not).  I have a feeling I'll be driving the peacemobile for the next five-plus years.  I'd rather get a new car when I don't have to haul dogs around anymore.

Not that I'm considering a career-change.  I just think I'll move on from this aspect of working with dogs at some point.  Or, maybe not.  Who knows?

What else would I do?  Dog training maybe.  Or some kind of work with people.  kids.  Whatever it is, I need to be my own boss, like I am now.  I mean, sure I report to dogs and their people now.  But I have the option to create a schedule that fits with my lifestyle.

I was thinking about that today.  My life totally rocks.  Don't get me wrong, there are many things to aspire to.  But the life I've created allows me to do the creative stuff I really want to do.  Dog walking gets me out of the house once a day.  And like most, I relish weekends when I don't have to be anywhere.  There are a few months in the year when I work all week long, non-stop.  But for the most part, I work M-F like most folks.  My hours are just varied.  Pretty cool.

I remember when I was younger, working in an office, fearing the life ahead of me.  I'm moody.  I have difficulty staying awake after three o'clock.  I get crampy once a month.  I used to get headaches and suffer from fatigue.  I just didn't think I'd be able to hold down a "regular job" for long.  I need afternoon naps - or, the option for one.  Or better, afternoon yoga (when I was doing yoga).

Like right now.  It's 6:00.  I used to work 9-6.  That's not including drive time.  I'm a night person.  So, as much as I would dream of going home and falling into bed right after work, I could hardly ever do it.  I would get my second wind by 8:00.  Still true today.  I nap for an hour if I need to and I'm usually awake by 7 or 8pm.  That's when my creative juices start flowing again.  I'm up till sometimes 1 or 2 am lately.  Usually it's midnight.

Anyway, geez, where am I going with this?  No matter.  I'm just counting my blessings.  I get frustrated with my work just like everyone else.  But for the most part, my work is less stressful than working for a corporation or even a small business.  My business is what I make of it.  There's no one to fall back on.  No one to blame.  No scapegoat.  No excuses.  And when it's doing well, I like to remember where I've come from -- in hopes to never take my life for granted.


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derossetfamily said...

and you've made all that for yourself. this was an inspiring entry just when i needed one. kudos, freee!

gdireneoe said...

LOL  That's just like when you threaten your looks good the day you go for a cut.  I keep babywipes in my thing EVER for cleaning the interior.  Give the back of your car a good wipe down with those (non-alcohol)...I use Huggies either a cedar pet bed, or just a bag of cedar chips back there.  I was told charcoal is good for absorbing odors too...might be dangerous in the heat...but atleast the smell would go away! ;)  C.

freeepeace said...

Mary!  Where you been girl?  Missing your entries.  But really glad to read you here.  Write more, ok? ;)

Celeste, thanks.  Great idea about the cedar chips.  I have sage there now.  And I spray this great stuff from Dr. Schulze.  and I use Nature's Miracle.  But cedar chips under the cargo cover would be perfect.  And baby wipes for every little spill - another great idea.  Thanks again.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I only wish I could find a job I loved as much, which allowed me to be lenient with my schedule.  You are a lucky girl.  

But, I can't complain too much.  Doug and I are managing and I'm staying home with the kids.  Life is never more fun and satisfying then when I'm with my babies.  <grin>


hewasolddog299 said...

Trish, there are some enzymatic cleaners that take a little time but work very well for eating the odor in the back. For daily use, try Febreeze spray - it really is non-toxic for direct contact with pets AFTER IT HAS DRIED. Smells OK and doesn't overwhelm the way some sprays do.  Safe for synthetic fabrics, too.  


riverdaughter196 said...

Try Odor Out.  I buy it at the local Kwik Kar Tune & Lube.  It's great.  It comes in a variety of fragrances or unscented.  I use Nu-Car scent.  It works really well.

judithheartsong said...

great post, appreciate every minute. Thanks for making me think. judi

aims814 said...

I'm a nocturnal being too! I'm most creative at night. I write better in the still of the night. I suppose that's why I haven't written anything in a loooong time. Even though I'm awake a lot of the time, just too darn tired. :)

I'm so proud of your business! Your success in it. I'm happy that you are happy with your life! :)


monponsett said...

I like to take my Jeep through a mud puddle, then leave it half-n/half-out of my garage during a rainstorm. It comes in handy when eluding police pursuit.

deabvt said...

It really sounds like you`re feeling strong & Happy....Good!

pollysci said...

Not too many people stop to do this.  I'm impressed, girlie.