Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Complete Randomosity

Had a long, hard doggy day.  I'm tired.  Not too hot though, thankfully.  Feeling better today.  Bitchy instead. 

Better than what?  I forgot to mention, I felt sick yesterday.  First time in a long while.  Fluish.  But I pumped my body with loads of super echinacea, tons of vitamin C, gallons of water, soup and some much-needed rest.

* * * * *

Yesterday LA (I mean the entire county of LA) had power outages starting around 12:30.  It was scary driving, as our traffic lights went from green-to-out-to-red-to-out again.  At one point, we all had the green.  Not cool.  I thought we might've had an earthquake.  The outage was totally random, and sporadic.  Still not sure about the whole thing.  Apparently it was a DWP worker who cut a main line or something.  There are a few conflicting reports.

Comforting isn't it?  ...that one line supplies power to the entire city?  Reminiscent of that scene in Airplane! when Johnny pulls a plug from a wall socket and the entire airport goes black.

Anyway, it really put my focus to the test.  Even though our apartment only lost power for like 40 seconds, our internet connection was tripped up for most of the afternoon.  I had no idea just how much I depend on my connection to the world through the web.  I wanted to research the source of the power trips.  I wanted to get caught up on current events in news and in the lives of bloggers.  It was habit to be on the computer and while writing, think to look something up in answers.com - only to get an error message.  Oh right, no connection.  Weird.

I was finally able to get a couple of solid hours of rest in the late afternoon.  By the time I woke up, service had been restored.

* * * * *

My hands are doing much better, by the way.  Less itchy.  Less dry and swollen.  It helped to be on a cleansing program.  Once I made the decision to go the natural route, my hands miraculously healed.  Almost overnight.

A week later, I celebrated with a glass of wine and chocolate cake.  The next morning, what do you think happened?  More redness and itching.

I stopped drinking wine and eating chocolate for another whole week.  My body's at the point now where any bit of wine or chocolate irritates my hands.  Bread too.  Anything that metabolizes as sugar.  Nice huh?

I'm fairly confident that if I cut out all alcohol, chocolate, bread and coffee, I'd have perfectly beautiful skin all over.  I'd have more energy and gusto for life.  And I'd be miserable in other respects. 

So, I've decided to cut out a lot of the excess and regard alcohol, chocolate and bread as special treats - rather than a major food group - or more accurately, the only food group.

When I'm on that healthier path, I tend to crave yogurt and fruit and veggies more often than heavy, processed sweets.  Time to fill the fridge again.  Yogurt and juices are running low.  I can't tell you how much it's killing me not to gorge on fresh-baked cinnamon rolls right now.

I have a couple of movies to watch.  I've been spending all my TV-time watching Law & Order: SVU.  Tonight I hope to watch Crash.  I've been waiting a month for its release.  Now it's here and I'm scuffing my heals, dragging myself to watch it.   It's a commitment. It takes so much time to watch a movie.  Time I could be writing or reading or playing or sleeping.  But no.  Crash tonight, the young apprentice will watch. (thanks Yoda)


scotthlori said...

So you are from LA...didn't know that, now I do!


kathlyna22 said...

ech, to power outages
but yay to the Airplane! refrence!
I love Johnny!!
Good luck on cutting back!

mandimomo727 said...

aww i just wanted to tell you your dog is so adorable well thats it bye

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I heard about all those outages.  Kind of scary...

Truly Trish, I don't think I could live without chocolate.  Coffee, bread and alcohol wouldn't be a trial...but my chocolate??  A tragedy.  

I've been wanting to see Crash too...but I am so much like you.  In fact, I have 3 movies sitting here that I've had for months and have yet to watch.  I just can't make myself take the time to watch them.  


krobbie67 said...

Heh heh heh. Not all of LA County went out. Beverly Hills and West Hollywood were unscathed. But, that's because they're on a separate grid. L.A. creates its own power where as the rest use Edison. :-) ---Robbie

monponsett said...

If you eat enough chocolate. it cures the itching... and enough wine makes a nice excuse for a red nose, at least.