Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Oh, that's right.  Gigi mentioned the Santa Ana winds in an email earlier.  That's exactly what's going on with me.  I'd forgotten about my allergies.  It's been two years since I've had a respiratory reaction to wind, dust and such.  In my previous apartment I was seemingly allergy-free.  [till I developed eczema.]

Hold on while I take a Claritin (I keep forgetting)...

There.  I prepared a kickin' vitamin C and echinacea drink while I was at it.

Moving on...

Where do I begin?  A long-term client informed me that Friday will be our last day working together.  Almost three years with them and I got only two days notice.  I was expecting October's payment today.  Instead, I got the axe.  Why?  She's "just not feeling it between us" lately.  I guess I could've seen this coming.  Her previous dogwalker was booted for pretty much the same reasons.

I could be upset, but I'm kinda not.

What I've gained from this:  she and I were perfect for each other for the first two years.  I had the ability to be more flexible with my time.  I was able to go over and above the call of duty more often.  She was a steady client and paid faithfully at the beginning of every month.  I had just come out of a long-term relationship.  I was starting over.  And our work together guaranteed my rent got paid every month.

For that, I'm grateful.

I guess it's time for a change.  So, what can I do with this?  I can now focus more on building a clientele on one side of town.  This will easily free up almost an hour in my day.  We'll see exactly how it plays out, as I get used to the new route.

I met a dog trainer at the park last week.  She has a client she would like to refer to me.  On this side of town even.  The Culver City dogpark is close to opening.  That will save a lot of time driving.  I could start hiking over here.  Or walking along the beach, with a group.  Who knows?  Training too?  Apprentice work with a trainer has been on my mind.

I don't know.  I could easily freak out about this loss.  It's quite a financial blow.  But that's the nature of self-employment.  It also rekindles that spark under my ass to put more things into action.  Newness is always scary at first.  But I thrive on it.  So let's hope I can stay calm and not panic about finances.  It's time to trust the process again.


geminiwilder said...

Hope you feel better, allergies aren't pretty ::sniffle grabatissue blow::  I have complete faith in your ability to stay calm and not panic.  Your trust in yourself is inspirational.     xo Phinney

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Good luck, Trish.  But I know you'll be just fine...


indigosunmoon said...

One door closes, another one opens.
You'll be much better off from this Trish!
Get well soon luv!

judithheartsong said...

yes, trust the process.... all of the stuff that has happened in the last three years was leading somewhere for me, I just couldn't see it.
I respect your wisdom and the fact that you often help me feel grounded... I am there for you too. judi

alphawoman1 said...

Great attitude.

deabvt said...

Perfect, Trish!
"To Grow Is To Be Anxious"

babyshark28 said...

so sorry for the allergies....and the lost client.
I hope everything gets back to normal sooon.
nothing like change to throw the balance out...but, it ushers
in new energy as well! :D

aims814 said...

Oh, Honey ... I'm feeling ya on the self employment thing. We are too. You've just gotta have faith. One day at a time. When you think too far ahead, you might lose your focus. Something I've been trying to remember; when a door closes, often a window is open. (something like that) Love your attitude. Stay healthy!

XO to you and Hunny.

luckyaugustgirl said...

I know im a little late on this one, but hoping things are picking up and less anxious and that you are getting yourself well!

Love to you and Hunny~

globetrotter2u said...

When I sold real estate, I constantly had clients telling me how wonderful I was one week, and giving me the boot the next week. No reason, nothing...just, "we think we'll try a change". Never mind that their expectations of what they deserved to own were far beyond what they could actually afford. But of course, that was my fault, right? I remember one client that I worked with for almost three years. I hung in there with them because they seemed like nice enough people, and besides they were million dollar buyers. I wrote up 6 different agreements of sale for them over the years. They managed to find a way out of the deal every single time. (Clue:He was an attorney!) Finally they called one day and told me they were staying put, just adding an addition to the house.
It always hurt me when this happened, but I also knew it wasn't me.