Sunday, September 4, 2005

Answers - part 3

More Answers!

Kris from The Daily Purge asks:

1.  What's your biggest accomplishment?  Why'd you choose that particular thing?

My biggest accomplishment changes as I live.  A few big ones:
- Graduating college
- Moving cross country on my own
- Forgiving myself and others for past mistakes.
- Writing, playing and singing my own music.
- Healing on a daily basis.
- Starting my own business.
- Being a mom to Hunny.

2.   What's your biggest regret (if you have any)?

My only regret (that I'm currently working on clearing) is not learning how to take proper care of finances.  I'm learning.

3.  If you could pick one thing you'd like to do over, or re-live or re-visit, what would it be?  A certain time in your life?  Something you could have handled better?

Great question.  I would love to revisit my childhood with the voice I have today.  I'd also like to revisit every argument I've ever had and be more objective without lashing in fear.  I'm quick to react  Wish I weren't.

Gigi, resident toon from Lotus Martinis asks:

1.  You are given first class, all expense paid tickets on boat, plane or rickshaw to anywhere in the world you want to go.  You can make only four destination stops.  Where are you going?

Exotic Mexico

2.  You may take one person with you ~ anyone in the world.  Even if you don't know them. They will be sedated and forced to go with you, if need be.  This is not a democracy.  Who, if anyone, do you take?

Jason Mraz  (omg, totally exciting!)

3.  Your fairy godmother grants you one of three options ~

a) you will finish and sell your screenplay to Miramax, where it is made into a hit movie starring Angelina Jolie and Will Ferrell.
b) you are signed with a major record label who will give you absolute freedom to write and record your own music and support the first release. 

c) You may compete, and possibly win, on Survivor 7 ~ Guantanamo Bay.  (OK, not really ~ Canary Islands. )

Which do you choose?

Let's see, well, the chances of me actually finishing a screenplay are very slim.  Plus I'd much rather BE IN a movie for Miramax so A is out.

As exciting as C sounds, I would totally suck at Survivor.  I can't swim under water without holding my nose.  I get weak in the SoCal heat.  And like I mentioned in Kris's answers, I'm quick to react.  I'd piss a lot of people off.

So that leaves B.  Even though that choice is one big oxymoron, I'd still choose the opportunity for a major label to give me total creative freedom while they fully support my first release.  That would rock ass!!

*Extra Credit* ~

Do these jeans make me look fat?

NO!  Never. You look stunning in those jeans.

Good luck.  Use a number 2 pencil and please show all work.   :)

My number 2 pencil broke but here's a shiny red apple...martini. :D


Alphawoman-Mary asks:

1.  Everyone has something in their past that they wish they could change.  You have one chance to go back and alter just one thing.....what would you do? Or would you go back?

Ahh, this question is a bit different from the way I chose to answer Kris'.  If I could ALTER one thing, my entire life would be completely different today.  So if I could do it to see where I might've ended up and then return to today as I know it, I would go back to my first love and break up with him.  He was too afraid to break up so he started a new relationship in the last six months of ours.  I was crushed.  I knew we should've broken up long before.  It was ultimately the event in my life that led me to finally move to I have no regrets.  But damn, I was hurt.

2.  Zoom ahead 15 years and describe yourself, who you are, what you are doing? Are you  happy and satisfied. Or still searching?

This is good for me.  I don't look to next year, never mind ten or fifteen years into the future.  I think (hope) Iwill always be searching.  That's what keeps me alive.  Fifteen years from now - The year 2020.  I will be 52 years old.  Hey, that's pretty cool.  I'll still be young, even then.  Okay, where will I be? 

I will be debt free with an outstanding credit report.  I will live in a modest house with a yard and garden by the beach.  Somewhere in SoCal.  Or Hawaii.  Or Australia.  I will have at least one successful album.  My husband, Jason Mraz, and I will travel often and laugh a lot.

3.  Your screenplay has been nominated for an Oscar!!!! Who will you take and what designer will you wear?

Oscar-worthy screenplay - oooh, that is exciting!  I will take Jason Mraz and my friends will decide on my attire.  If it were up to me, I'd go in cargos and a t-shirt.  If I win, I will nervously trip to the stage, because most likely I won't be wearing my trusty Pumas.  There I will cry through my acceptance speech and forget to thank all the important people and never be asked to work in Hollywood again.

3.1 Oh dang!! I just read some of the others and mine are kinda similar. Yikes! so, I'll think up one more to replace one.  Hmmmmmmmm............describe the perfect person for you, in other words describe THE ONE.

THE ONE for me has a strong creative drive.  Laughs a lot.  Cries just as much.  Unafraid of emotions.  Willing to go deep when necessary and able to keep it light when appropriate.  A strong sense of self.  Open minded and hearted.  Lives with purpose.  Speaks truth.  Expresses compassion but has a strong sense of boundaries.  Knows how to be assertive without being aggressive.  Respects women, men, children and all creatures of the earth - including self.  Loves love.  Plays and has fun.


babyshark28 said...

I have been enjoying your entries, and just wanted to come in and say this.   I have been amiss in visiting journals and putting myself out there.  It's quite a task these days.

But, I have been reading...from my email box.
love your answers, so very you.  and why wouldn't they not be?  :)

txsguinan said...

"... I will live in a modest house with a yard and garden by the beach... I will have at least one successful album.  My husband, Jason Mraz, and I will travel often and laugh a lot...."

And cry just as much, if the answer to Number #3 is true.  But in a good way.

Absolutely LOVE your answers!  Light, funny, honest, sincere ~ just like you.  Well done!   :)