Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Screenwriting tools and tips

So, you know I'm dabbling in screenwriting.  Have been for most of my life.  Just dabbling.  Always interested.  Never fully dove in.  A few unfinished pieces.  One finished piece that needs lots of work.  Makes sense, given how I am.  A screenplay can take years to write.  For some, it takes months.  I'm easily distracted.  So in my case, it's years-to-never.

I've been reading some great blogs on the art of screenwriting, developing, the industry, etc.  Some are written by aspiring writers.  Some are written by accomplished writers.  All are valuable. 

The Screenwriting Life by Warren Leonard is one I particularly like.  He seems genuinely supportive of newbies like me.  In a recent entry he gave his personal version of step-by-step screenwriting tips.  What is needed and what is not.

I'm thrilled to find that, of the three main books he suggests, I have all three in my personal library.  So what's stopping me?  Nothing, except for the fear of finding out after a year of writing that my idea sucks. 

Luckily I found entries about how to avoid such tragedy.  Basically, have a kick ass idea.  Okay then.  Back to the drawing board.  


stevendenlinger said...

Hey Trish,

Good insight.  I think committing to writing a screenplay is analagous to committing to a romantic relationship.  Everyone talks about it -- few really have what it takes to do it.

A drama teacher I work with -- whose husband is a struggling screenwriter -- tells me that everyone in LA has a screenplay, but few actually complete them.  If you get your screenplay done, you're already in the minority.

So is this true?  That the way to stand out of the screenwriting crowd in LA is just to finish the screenplay you're working on?  I wonder.


rockislandprod said...

Hey, I'm glad you like the site.  Just FYI, Lee's site is actually called A Writer's Life, and is located here: http://leegoldberg.typepad.com/

The Screenwriting Life is my site.  I'm Warren Leonard.  Pretty understandable mistake.  There's also a site called The Writing Life, which is about prose, so together we've made it as confusing as possible.  I'm sure a million more Screenwriting Life-ish blogs will pop up over the next few months.

Good for you for jumping into the script.  If you want to chat craft as you write it, drop by the site!

Good luck,
Warren Leonard

freeepeace said...

Hi Warren. Thanks for stopping by - and for the correction.  I was out working today when I realized I'd made this mistake.  I couldn't wait to get home to fix it before anyone noticed.  Wouldn't it figure, you would be the one to notice?  Sorry about that.  [edited in entry]

Thanks for your insights.  I'm learning a lot from you and your readers/fellow blogsters.

bridgetteleigh75 said...

I haven't been here for awhile, Trish.  Mainly because I moved back to the East Coast this summer....but I just have to tell you, your sidebar had me laughing out loud.  Hunny is one smooth doggy!  


txsguinan said...

Wow.  Very exciting!  And you're getting some serious support too (I know ~ I read all comments.  Shoot me ~ I'm nosey.)  But excellent news.

And I LOVE the new sidebar!  Adorable and hilarious ~ about time Hunny got a byline.  She was thinking about getting an agent.   ;D

krobbie67 said...

You're doing good girl! Keep at it. :-) ---Robbie

starbelle2 said...

Trish ~ Thanks for the screenwriting website link!
~Suzy Colorado