Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hunny pic

Hunny-pic for Vince.

Not feeling so great today.  Headachy and flu-like.  But not.

I started cleaning up my diet yesterday.  No chocolate for two days now.  Still drinking coffee.  Gotta take that one slow.  We loaded our fridge and cabinets with good eats.  Organic fruits & veggies, flax oil, kefir, yogurt, chicken.  It makes me feel better just to have this stuff.  I was surprised by the lack of organic produce at the farmer's market yesterday.  We did most of our shopping at the Co-Op.

Anyway, that's probably why I'm feeling a little off, physically.  It usually takes a few days to get through the rough spots of detox.

My hands have been in a lot of pain this weekend.  I made an appointment to see a dermatologist.  The soonest she can see me is the 25th.  Even then, I'm double-booked.  It could entail a lot of waiting.  I think it is a better option than waiting till her next available appointment on September 8th.

I owe so many friends emails, phone calls and visits.  I just can't do it when I'm in such pain.  More like total discomfort.  So, if you're one who's waiting on contact from me, please know I'm thinking of you.  I'll write/call/visit when I comfortably can.

peace to all


rollinghillsides said...

hi   sorry you're still having all that nasty trouble with your hands, sure hope the doctor will help!   like the new setup, kewl ......   and, i just figured out why hunny is just so danged adorable ... 'cause she's kept 'puppy' looks, even though she's all grown up!   i could just squeeze her self! .... have a good week!  

dkb11161970 said...

trish; k, ya probably don't know me from a fruitcake, but i just wanted to let you know that lots of folks are your friends because they want to be and not because they feel like you oughtta do tit-for-tat for contact.  I'm sure that real friends understand about how things are.  (hunny bunny is just too cute in that pic, makes me dig out my puppy pix)  A few years ago, I had a weird mysterious affliction that was never quite solved (as in wtf?) however it did eventually go away, and not cuz the dermatologist was the key.  My GP loaded my up on every histamine blocker known to the humans (didja know there's like 5 classes?).  Every thing from rantitidine to prednisone.  Totally shut my immune system down.  slowly rebuilt it, based on the idea that perhaps my body was attacking itself (why, who knows, why do I do anything?).  That happened to be the only time in my life I had insurance.  So I was lucky that it was then, ya know?  I'm not saying that you have the same sort of condition (though it sounds awfully similar) but I can tell you that nothing gave me very much relief if at all.  No tea tree, no oatmeal, no alveeno, no milk-baths, no nothing....I hope they find what the problem is, but even more so, I hope they fix it!!  and you have relief.  SOON.  cuz this has gone on long enough, dammit!  stomp (that oughtta show em) grins, debra of

txsguinan said...

Oh, da Hunny!....... :)

I am so sorry your hands are still causing so much pain.  I cannot for the life of me understand why no professional seems to be able to adequately diagnose and treat this problem.   One minute its excema, the next it's something else.  You shouldn't have to go through this.  

Stocking up on good stuff is good therapy.  I so hope it helps till the 25th.  Um...what's keiffer?  

Feel better......

judithheartsong said...

hello Hunny!!!! Dear Freee.... you take care of yourself and consider yourself hugged from the east coast today. judi

mlw1456 said...

Hunny is just TOO cute, your new sidebar TOTALLY rocks, and I hope you get to feeling better soon! Blessings, ~Swirly

barbaramck said...

... And, Peace to you my friend.

I absolutely adore the new sidebar. Well Done!

That face is priceless, thanks for sharing.

*kiss kiss*

Barbie @>-------

txsguinan said...

Oh ~ thankyou!  My inner ecosystem will thank you as well.('Young Green Coconuts' sounds like a new band.)

And here I thought 'keiffer' was 'Sutherland' related.  :)

coy1234787 said...

Hi Hunny Bunny Boo!!!
Detox Diet ... I'm planning to do the same soon, ugh!
Sorry about your hands, maybe it's something you are
putting on them for relief that is keeping them in such
bad condition, be really careful about what you use.
                   *** Coy ***

s0ngbird1962 said...

OOOOoooooh what a sweet puppy pic of Hunny.  Haven't been around much, but I miss reading your journal.  Glad to see that you have lots of projects going on, that's always a good thing.  Sorry to hear that your hands are flaring up, hoping that your problem is resolved/healed soon.  Having psoriasis, I totally can relate.  

Oh, and gas prices at that Culver station, crazy!  Actually gas prices are crazy in general... Here in MA not as crazy as in CA, though.  Price yesterday for regular was $2.57  (now that's a deal, huh?)  lol...

curvyanglintexas said...

What a precious photo of Hunny!

I hope you get the problems with your hands fixed at long last hon Good luck with that :)



krobbie67 said...

I saw a dog in Hollywood yesterday that could be Hunny's twin sister. It was uncanny. Here's hoping the diet helps! :-) ---Robbie