Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Current TV

Hot off the press...

Al Gore started a cable television channel. It's called Current TV.

We just discovered that Current's website accepted my friend David's spec. commercial.  The one he wrote, shot, directed, produced and edited all on his Mac - before the last election. [a seriously talented guy]  Many of you have already seen it.  It's been linked on my sidebar (Loupix TV) for-like-ever.

The commercial is called Al G. Identity Theft Victim.  It's a play on those Citibank Identity Theft Victim commercials.  It's witty and smart.  [Two of my favorite words.]

You can see it here.

Cool right?


Here's where you come in...

If the commercial gets enough greenlights (votes), they'll play it on TV.

So take a moment [right now, before you forget] and go watch the commercial, Al G. Identity Theft Victim, and give it a greenlight.

And don't forget to spread the word!

You may have to sign up to Greenlight it.  I did it.  Took less than 30 seconds.  Totally worth the cause.  It's up to you - watch the commercial and decide for yourself.  HereGo do it.  Now.



Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your enemies.  Tell everyone.  ;)


disclaimer: remember, this is my backyard. If there's something you don't like here, take it to your own backyard.  play nice.


bluwave9 said...

Got your link from Badinage.  Al Gore has a cable channel?  Is he going to say he invented television as well? lol, sorry just COULD'NT resist that one!
Nice journal, think I will be coming back.

andreakingme said...

Welp, I saw it. Funny! I love it ... and I would have given it a green light had the site accepted my dang birth date. (Geesh, is it that shocking?)

Other than that ... time for a new entry, I think. Hup!

Oh, wait. You're working on answering those questions. Heh, heh.

judithheartsong said...

done, done, and done. I loved the pretzel. :) judi

krobbie67 said...

I don't know what's up. None of the links are working for me. For a second I thought my internet service went down but I was able to click in a leave a comment soooo.... I'm not sure what's up. But...Good Luck to David!!!
:-) ---Robbie