Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Answers - part 2

Kathleen asks:

1. If you had to choose between the gift of flight or the gift of reading a persons mind, what would you choose and why?

Flight. Definitely!  I fly a lot in my dreams and it's so much fun.  I'd love to fly anywhere, with the birds, and see what they see.  I imagine it would be great exercise too.  To read another's mind would be redundant.  We're not separate from each other.  So whatever someone else is thinking, changes are real good that I've had those thoughts.  It's what we do with those thoughts that makes us unique.

2. What is one thing that defines you?

One thing that defines me.  I hate labels.  But I think a sign of peace defines part of what I really choose to believe and how I try to act.  Not higher than anyone or thing.  Equal.  Respect.  Forgiveness.  Understanding.  Compassion.  It helps me to see an "enemy" from their perspective.  I don't believe people intend to be mean.  It comes from fear.  So fighting back would be adding to the fear.  Sometimes it's hard to explain or express in words.  Especially because I'm not without fear.  I strive to live a way of peace.  Peace is a way of being.  That's how I try to see myself and others.

3. What is the one thing you have to do before you die? (Not to be morbid!!!)

Not morbid at all.  I dunno.  Maybe star in my own sitcom.  [that ought to keep me alive for a long, long time!]

* * * * *

Barbie asks:

1. Who or What has been the one True Love of your Life?

Oh boy.  This one could get me in some trouble.  But, of the non-human species, my loyalty goes to Hunny.  As hers is with me.  She's the only day-to-day relationship I've had for the longest period of time - 10 years in October.  She's put up with a lot of shit over the years.  And still, she loves the heck outta me!  I'm learning a lot from her.

2. Who or What is your ultimate musical inspiration?

For a long time I didn't have a musical inspiration in the form of music.  My life, my journals, therapy, friends have all contributed to my inspiration.

Over the last ten years, there have been a few key musical players who have inspired me in one way or another:  Indigo Girls (for their harmonies and truth-speak). Ani DiFranco (for her strength and guitar playing). And of course, Jason Mraz (for expanding lyrical boundaries and his light, free spirit and down-to-earth realness).  But I'm not a die-hard fan of anyone really.  I respect their art and thank them for sharing their creations.

3. Ass or Grass? Noone Rides for Free, LOL :o

Ha! Not even a cash option?  This one was tough. :P

* * * * *

Coy asks:

1. what is your most important creative dream?

Only one most important creative dream?  Well, honestly, at this moment, I'm struggling with what's important and what's a distraction.  Nothing feels overly important or driving.  When I'm playing music and singing, that feels most important.  When I'm writing or journaling, that feels most important.  When I'm working with dogs, that feels most important.  I guess it would make sense to say my most important creative dream is to create every moment.  Treat every moment like it's the most valuable - because it is.  [easy to say, harder to do]

2. Who do you turn to most often for support of that dream?

I guess that would be myself.  I rely on friends to support me in my decisions.  But I'm at a loss for a muse lately.  Big topic these past few months.

3. When your dream happens to get stuck, as dreams sometimes do ... what helps to inspire you to get unstuck?

I'm not sure.  I'm still trying to figure this one out.

Many dreams have been stuck for a long time.  I guess they get un-stuck when they're ready to be physically manifested.  Or, when I'm ready to make that happen.  I'd like to say I read all the affirmations I've written on good days, to get me through the tough days.  That seems most helpful.  But, most often, I forget.

In retrospect, I see that allowing those stuck-dream-moments to just be, without fighting them, it usually turns out to be a honing period.  The ebb and flow of things.  Perhaps I'm in ebb-overdrive.  If so, I should be really excited about what's to come! ;)


bridgetteleigh75 said...

Trish ~
If you had your own sitcom, I'd be in the front row!  <grin>


mikethedawg said...

As I'm waving "HI" to Otis down below (that's the funniest damn dog!), this is what I have to say... First- Caged Bird sings because it's "HOME" (see dawgs entry on what HOME is) and second- "Ebb and Flow"...even in the stuck times you are still creative. Countless times you've been creative and said exactly the right words to exactly the right person who needed to hear them. We are always where we NEED to be.
Here's a question ~ Have you ever seen Matthew Fox....Bwahahaha!