Monday, July 4, 2005


Well, I've done some more work in the living room and kitchen.  Now I can really go "oooh, that's nice" when I'm feeling low.  There's still more to be done.  It's become my creative outlet.  Or, one of them.

I'm a recent fan of La Femme Nikita and Robert Mondavi's Private Selection Pinot Noir (2003).  What has become of me?  I've got to get this entry in quick so we can pick up where we left off last night in season two and bottle three.

My crushed fingernail fell off yesterday.  Ick.  It took five weeks for that to happen.  I have a tiny new nail growing but I don't know what will happen next.  I've never experienced this before.  This, coupled with my itchy, cracked fingers, makes things tougher to deal with.  My former cute hands are no longer cute.  I'm not contagious but I'm even afraid to touch my own hands.  They're not as cracked as they were.  The itchies start to clear up for a few days then come back in the same places.  I'm still not so sure what it is.  But that's not what I want to focus on.

I'm not really sure what I want to focus on.  I don't seem to have much focus at all.  It's time to be more physically active.  I have a permanent little inner tube around my waist and I don't plan on going swimming any time soon.  I keep saying I want to do hikes in the mornings.  Then morning comes and I don't wanna go anywhere till it's time to go to work.  If I had a scheduled hike for work, I'd have to do it.  That's what I need to plan.

OK but here's the thing with me ... I don't like to feel trapped in a schedule by specific time.  But I need a timed schedule to get me moving.  It kinda sucks no matter how I look at it.  If I know I have to be somewhere by a certain time, I am usually late.  I can try to trick myself into planning on arriving early but the inner me knows the real time and pushes to the last minute and beyond.

That's why I schedule my dogwalking in a certain time frame.  No exact numbers.  Dogpark is typically between 11 and 2.  Depends on the day, traffic, amount of dogs, and my energy level.  During summer I'd like to go on the early side.  If I schedule a walk/hike before the park, I could definitely make that happen.  Because once I'm out, I'm out.

blah blah blah

moving right along...

Andi and I went to Venice Saturday afternoon.  I mean, walked the boardwalk and along the canals.  We go to Venice like every day.  It's just part of our neighborhood/area.  Walking through the crowds though, is not something we do every day.  It's not something I've ever liked to do.  But Venice is where my heart is.  So we made our way through.  We ate at the Sidewalk Cafe.  The early margarita helped me chill out.  Crowds make me anxious.

On our walk back, we tried to hit the ocean but the wind was so strong, we were actually too cold to get on the sand.  Instead we walked by the skater boys between the bike path and the boardwalk.  Beautiful day.  Beautiful fun.

I took some action shots of one guy who kept nailing some great tricks but because of where I was standing, I kept getting a nice shot of his ass. 

Cool to see his deck in the air (calm down. read that again, slowly.  I said deck).  Anyway, by the time I changed positions to get his face, I was impressed by this other kid.

HellBoy.  He kept trying to nail one trick right near me.  I thought he was taking a break so I went to him to ask if he'd give me something to shoot.  And the games began.  All the boys wanted in.  But this kid had what I was looking for in photos.  Style, form, grace, experience.  [note to self: email photos to the boys.]

[ ... HOURS LATER ... ]

I started writing when I got up this morning (like 8:30).  I was looking through pictures trying to get the "perfect shot" to post.  But they're all so fun, I couldn't choose.  And they just need to be seen larger than I usually post in here.  So I spent my entire day editing and trying new ways to share photos.  Ultimately, AOL's You've Got Pictures is easiest for me at the moment. (be sure to view larger.  it's worth it).  It's also a great way to email the photos to the boys.

Dodger Boy was HellBoy's buddy.  I have a soft spot for the sensitive little guys who try so hard.  He really put his heart in his skating.  I asked him if he wanted his pictures too.  He answered with a big smile and a soft southern accent.  Reminded me of Fishboy.  I miss that little guy.


derossetfamily said...

nice pics!!!

babyshark28 said...

LOL, I am amused by your entry.
just the little this and Ass, and Deck.  ha!

it sounds like a perfectly lovely day down there.
it was here as well.
I did some writing too....

anyway, glad you enjoyed these moments
and Pinot Noir, mmmm.  Pinot Grigio is good too. :D
maybe someday we can all chat over a glass of wine. :)

curvyanglintexas said...

Thank you for your comment about my graphics I appreciate that :)

I completely understand about needing a schedule at times even though I too DESPISE planning and schedules LOL

Great photos as well hon :)



coy1234787 said...

He was a skater boy
She said "Cya later boy"
He wasn't good enough for her
Now he's a superstar
Slammin' on his guitar
Does your pretty face see what he's worth?
        ~ Avril Lavigne

    Love the photos and sounds like a nice afternoon out. To bad about the lack of focus thing but don't think you are so different from the rest of us, you just do a better job articulating your moods or lack of, than we do.
   I watch very little TV ... OK, almost none these days but I am a big fan of La Femme Nikita my self, watching it makes me want to be there, maybe it's the nothingness and lack of attachment of it all, who knows.
                            *** Coy ***


andreakingme said...

Yup. I swear, you made those boy's day, Trishy.

sunflowerkat321 said...

What cool pictures!!

rgossett4195 said...

:::big sigh:::: you live in my most favorite place in the whole wide world...<wiping tear> BUT I am so happy that you take advantage of all Venice has to offer!  Going to come back to visit in December.  My kids had a blast with the skater boys when we were there, cept my son's a blader...thanks for sharing you warmed my little heart.  rose

krobbie67 said...

These pics are great! Definitely email them.

:::hugs to Fishboy's everywhere::::

:-) ---Robbie

ryanagi said...

Ahh! Somebody get those boys some knee and elbow pads!

(Good lord, I sound like such a mother...LMAO)

mlw1456 said...

Freee, your pictures are awesome, and these little guys are such hams! Isn't it fun to watch kids be kids? What great therapy when this adult-life gets overwhelming for us :) Something tells me after watching these guys, you'll be tapping into your very own "kid at heart." To which I say, "YOU GO GIRL!" ... and share the pictures when you do! With joy, ~ Swirly

danielled1 said...

My fingernail was ripped out, instead of getting hit and falling off, but it grew back within six months or so. Yours should too,especially since you have a tiny one aleady. :)


debbted said...

Hi Peace,  so enjoyed your action photos here. son is almost 28 now; we lived in Santa Monica until he was been a long time since Venice Beach. I imagine it's more crowded now; in spite of the smog, I miss all the activity of walking the beach down thare and Santa Monica Pier. I do hope you are out of your funk; happens to the best of us ya know. TC~Sassy

sepintx said...

These are hot! Kid with the orange shirt photos are very good.

kathlyna22 said...

oh, I always had a crush on skateboarding boys.
I'm sure they are way coolere in Cali.
I used to sit for hours by the skate park with my friends
I'm pretty sure that most of those boys are still there
Good pics!

deabvt said...

Very neat Pics!

mikethedawg said...

squeek: Isaac and I had fun looking at the skater pics! DUDE...

glendar0812 said...

Love your action shots ... I have been to Venice Beach a couple times but briefly and not long enough to really ENJOY it.  I live on the Atlantic Coast and work in Ocean City Maryland.  I work for the Visitors Guide magazine in OC and DE ... we also publish many others.  I am starting over in a manner of speaking and like you I get pumped up about it then go into a lull.  I have articles that got published in our magazine this year and you'd think that accomplishment would make me feel elated but well it did the first time I saw it in print ... then boredom.  Now I have to write articles for a Wedding publication and I seem to always be the bridesmaid ~ divorced for like 22 years ... yawn.  I know it's the norm these days that or taking some man to have and hold that makes you want to scream.  Whatever rule says I can't WANT that too ... Anyway, that's my dilemma and hopefully the cosmos will turn to my favor one day.  In the meantime ... I can relate to your chronic malcontent.  Glad not to be in the boat alone.  Hope you find something to bring you a sense of FIRE.  I too have lost my fire.  I was a woman of many passions and well now I'm getting older and sometimes wiser.  The economy is my pitfall.  No longer making the same doughboys as before 9/11  ... post loss of job/loss of home, etc.  

Tragedy moves us all and brings us together too ... The beauty of being a passionate and creative person is that we have that talent and gift ... The tragedy of it is we CRAVE excitement and when we have none ... we are bored stiff.

Well, hope you are feeling better.