Sunday, June 19, 2005

I need to write

It's true.  I need to write.  I've been busy walking dogs, arranging the living room, removing blinds, mounting hardware, shopping, watching DVDs in surround sound, drinking wine, changing guitar strings, playing music, downloading a computer virus, removing computer threats and thinking about writing.

My fingernail is hanging on by a few cells.  Strong and solid.  But dying.  I have to wrap it during the day so it doesn't bend so far backwards that it snaps off.  It doesn't look as scary as it did and it's not as painful (it's numb, really). 

My hands are still sore, swollen and cracking.  Feels like they're burning most of the time.  Remo, I wouldn't be surprised about the pH in the water.  Water burns.  But it's just my hands.  Nothing below the wrist bone.  Strange.  Still working on figuring it out.

Andi and I have been talking about getting a wall mount for her/our wine glasses.  After researching and spending way too much time thinking about it (fun though), I've come up with what I think is a FABULOUS idea!  We'll make use of the bar that's already in the apartment between the kitchen and living room.  I think we should mount a wine glass rack under the ledge hanging over the shelves.  And turn the shelves into wine racks and booze shelves.

I'm serious.  I "tested" the idea with a bottle and a glass.  I think it would work great.  Then again, it's almost midnight and I haven't stopped all day.

Andi wasn't sold on my hanging-glasses-from-the-ledge idea so I've copied about 20 different links to wine glass mounts and they seem to have the same idea as me.  Besides, I'm a week-old wine drinker.  Where would I come up with such a goofball idea if I hadn't already seen it somewhere -- even if it was subconsciously.

I'm about to watch a DVD on my new little bedroom-DVD player.  I got it at Best Buy for $40 with a $10 mail-in rebate.  Rockin!  I also bought more movies.  I've been on a movie kick lately.  I even ordered two soundtracks and one other movie from Second Spin tonight.  Great prices on used movies and music.

I spent the day arranging my room (finally).  I took down those hideous vertical blinds and "installed" the paper shades I ordered from Home Depot.  Even without curtains, it makes a world of difference with just the simple shades.

I still have a full box, a grocery bag and a few baskets to go through.  But mostly I'm unpacked.

I'm still bargain shopping though.  I would like to replace one shelving unit with drawers, to hide clutter.  I found something on Craigslist that I'll probably get tomorrow.  I would like to mount a couple of shelves above my desk and the same guy with the drawers has shelves for mounting.  A regular one-stop-shop for me.  I also want a hamper - preferably with a lid - unused.  And I still haven't bought that electric tea kettle.  It keeps getting bumped down on the list.  I should just do it already.

Alright, it's after midnight now.  Time to hit the Slums of Beverly Hills on my cute little DVD player.


deabvt said...

Shades look Neat!!
freee, by the way, my son`s new girl friend [seems serious] has a dog that looks like a Big Hunny!

krobbie67 said...

Yeah for the shades!

You know, I think Ikea (ha-ha-ha - if you're up to spending more time there) has the wood racks that you can mount under a shelf to hold wine glasses. It sounds like you came up with a great idea for a place to store the vinyard that Andi brought with her. ;-) ---Robbie

txsguinan said...

It seems to me you're spending a great deal of time thinking about those wine racks and booze shelves.  It just goes to show, there's nothing more zealous than a fresh convert.  I heartily approve.  Welcome to the Wonderful World of, I mean Oenophiles!

Soooo...when's the next meeting....?   ;)

chattiekimmie said...

Oh it sounds like my kind of day. I love decorating, watching dvds, and hanging with friends. Take care of you my friend.  :) Kimmie

andreakingme said...

You know what? I've always had a wee spot o' trouble visualizing a thing. Used to drive Ken nuts. Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz Andi.

And my oh my, you HAVE been busy. Me so proud of you!

dazeychic said...

Aww Im so glad to see that you an Andi are settling in nicely!!! Im happy for ya'll! Oh and Slums of Beverly Hills rocks...I love it. I love how the girl wears the shirt with her bra straps showing...haha...classic.

Well, i just stopped in...feel like I havent been here in forever! Thats just not cool!

Take Care!! xoxo ~Shells

gabreaelinfo said...

Seems like a  average day.


insanedazy said...

I'm enjoying reading your journal...great writing!