Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Ugh.  It's like, I wanna write but I'm so uncomfortable in my skin that I haven't been able to sit still.  This eczema (or whatever) is worsening.  I have to wear gloves when I work with the dogs.  I'm on antibiotics and anti-itch stuff.  This is round one of attacks.  Let's hope it works.  If not, we're ready for round two.

The antibiotics make me sleepy.  But I have to push through it, since I take them four times a day. Four more days to go.  [adding yogurt and probiotics to the shopping list.]

My crushed finger is less painful.  Still numb and the nail is a lovely shade of plumb.  I'm considering looking for the matching nail polish.

I'm sporting a farmer's tan.  I shouldn't be tan at all but it's nearly impossible to stay out of the sun when I work outside.  This is a challenge.  I bought like a hundred spf sunscreen in hopes of blocking those evil rays.  I need more goofy big-rimmed sunblocking hats.

It's taken me 20 minutes just to get to this point of the entry.  I'm that fidgety.  Pain and discomfort really take a toll on the psyche.


It's taken me another 5 minutes to get here.

I dunno.  I feel out of sorts as it is.  My room is still in disarray.  Actually, the whole apartment is.  But we were blessed to have Gigi and Robbie here over the weekend to help unload stuff and empty boxes.  It's unanimous - the bathroom is the funnest room in the apartment.

I found the shades I want in my room and the living room.  I know they're temporary.  But they're inexpensive and they can be used permanently.  So that's what I shall do.  Next purchase after that: curtains.  Geez, this whole domestic thing is expensive.  And lots of work.  I can't really afford this lifestyle.  You know, buying new things and stuff.

I'm saving lots of money on morning coffee and take-out.  That's a plus.

What else?  Oh god, none of this is cohesive.  I just changed a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer and poured my second half-cup of coffee.  I'm starting to fade from my morning dose of antibiotics.  Hopefully, being out with the dogs will liven me up a bit.

I do feel a little more like myself today though.  It's been such a ride.  I slept off and on from the moment I got home till about 8pm last night.  I kept trying to get up because there's so much to do, but I just couldn't.  I found a second wind after watching a DVD that bored Andi to sleep.  I did a tiny bit of organizing in my room at midnight.  I watched another DVD in bed and finally fell asleep just after 3am.  So why did I get up at 8:30?  Oh right, shower, laundry, coffee, writing.  I so need a nap right now.

Off to walk doggies.

Hey, what's going on with everyone?  I've been skimming J-Land but I'm sure I'm missing a lot.  Anything new?


andreakingme said...

Okay, what tuh frell's a PROBIOTIC? And does it come in chocolate?

mikethedawg said...

My Rx is lots of funny movies, no more late night coffee and some Goda Yoga to find your center. Breath in 123....and out 123...someone told me that helps.

indigosunmoon said...

Trish girl...do you ever stop?  My lord you are always so busy!
Sorry your eczema is still giving you fits.  I just hate that for you
and I hope the antibiotics really kick in soon.
What's new with me eh?  Well, I've lost 26 pounds and have a
date now for my gastric bypass surgery!  June 22nd!  Thats
two weeks away!  I figure since I've been trying to have it done
since August, it's about time huh!
Hope things calm down for you soon!

dockart said...

Ouch! So sorry about your hands. It must be something you are putting your hands in, no? Have you been to a dermatologist? Is it only on your hands? Sending healing vibes your way:)

I have those shades. Great invention. Can't beat the price either! Slow down and take care of yourself.

yakima127 said...

I think the adventures of the two of you may be the most interesting thing going on...!  JAE

kuhlhiggins said...

Hope that your skin takes to the antibiotics soon. I hate having that also.

babyshark28 said...

hey there girl.
busy busy busy

take time for you, it's going to be difficult, but
it just sounds like you need some down time.
is there some space between some of the boxes....
just for 10 minutes.

just close your eyes and go somewhere....boring.

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{{{{{{ Freee }}}}}}}}}}

OMG girl you have so much going on!  I hope the eczema gets better soon and you find yourself off of antibiotics and back in full swing. To have this going on while you're settling into a new place is maddening!  :(   I'm glad you have Hunny and Andi and Gigi and Robbie!!!   I can really 'feel' you on the settling in to the new place woes.  I was major over stressing about it and yesterday I decided to just take a break from it and not touch one box!   Well, somehow that 'break' has spilled over to today.   But I'm sure I'll be back in full swing by this weekend.

I just can't seem to tackle my bedroom at all!  It looks like a war zone!   The shades are wonderful. I love the pleated effect.   I just had the plain flat ones....they didn't look half as good.   I have seen the pleated ones at several of the homes in my neighborhood....so go for it.   I do hope the adhesive is stronger than the ones that I had....and of course it could be that I didnt' put them up as well as I should have, but I came home one day to find a couple of them on the floor  :)



judithheartsong said...

my power is finally working again! I hope you feel better...... I HATE moving. xoxoxoxo, judi

donah42 said...

Trust me, you're better off not knowing what's going on in my neck of the woods:)
I hope you start feeling better & more settled soon.

txsguinan said...

I remember being knocked out by antibiotics too.  It isn't just the sleepiness ~ their overall effect is one of a kind of muddy, ugly, lethargic...yuckiness.  Hang in there.  It's like a hangover ~ a bitch when you're in it but, BY GOD, the next day you feel positively reborn!

On a more serious note; here's what's going on in J-LAnd ~ Drama.  Intrigue.  Sex(!)  And a general sense of Peevishness.  (And that's just on the Editor's Picks.)  Enjoy!  ;D  

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Good grief woman!  That's a lot of stuff in one entry, one that you felt wasn't cohesive!  I don't envy that mess on your hands, that's for sure.  I hope you find time to rest soon, you sound completely worn out.  ~Peachy

ryanagi said...

Hey! I have those shades! Ya know...the temporary paper ones? LMAO yeah, I know. You are like "huh??" because this entry is a month old and I am catching up here. But seriously...I used those temp paper ones when we first moved into this house. I liked the way they looked so much that they stayed up for 10 years before I finally got new window treatments a couple months ago. They do last.