Friday, May 6, 2005

Total Randomosities

Wow, Andi said this month is going to fly by.  I hardly remember this first week yet I've gotten so much accomplished.  And yes, there's still more (much more) to do.

I've been so absent minded lately.  Mostly with friends and making connections.  I've taken the time to update my journal but I haven't made personal phone calls or sent personal emails.  No chance of me falling of the face of the earth though, that's for sure.  My friend Beth sent me a clear email the other day and it still took me two days to respond.  She hadn't received my response before she called and left a message saying, "Yoohoo, feeling a little neglected over here Superstar.  I'm all caught up on your journal but I want my own email."

Her message had me laughing all the way to the dogpark.  I know she was kidding. -- You've gotta know her.  She's hysterical.  She has the best sense of humor.  Totally should be a comedian. -- But I also know she was letting me have it for being out of touch.  We played phone tag for a moment today.  But when we finally hooked up, like always, we picked up right where we left off.  Spent most of our time laughing, which I always enjoy and desperately needed.  [thanks Beth]

Sure I'm busy, but Beth hardly ever stops.  And still she makes time to send a love shout -- even if it was a little needy one (and rightfully so).  I mean, geez, of all people, she's the last one I ever want to feel neglected by me.  Our friendship goes back to what, elementary school?  Junior high, at least.  High school for sure.  We've known each other for ::cough-cough:: years.  A reeeeeeally long time.

I wish I could do it all.  I'm pretty happy with my multitasking skills as they are today; handling my work, extra work, packing, scheduling and moving details.  I'm also on my game regarding self-care and Hunny-care (although, she's overdue for grooming).  She's happy though.  She loves her big-girl bones!

I'm afraid if I start being social and making plans, I won't have all the energy I need to get me through the next few weeks.  Or I'll forget important little details of work or the move.  I'm still trying to find the balance in everything.

Tomorrow I have three dogwalks throughout the day.  I also have to wash the PeaceMobile blankets and should really scrub the car itself.  My afternoon will be spent waiting in the empty new apartment for the cable/internet guy.  Ah yes, anytime between 1 and 5.  And even then I can never be sure.

I've been taking crashing naps after work these past few days.  I imagine that's how it'll be all next week too.  The extra dogs are great - a lot of work, but great.

Lucy, one of my individually walked dogs had a major breakthrough yesterday.  She's a big German Shepherd who isn't socialized because she was in a full leg cast for the first 6 months of her life.  She had to be immobilized and kept away from other dogs.  Now she's being rehabilitated in hopes to be socialized enough to play with other dogs.  It's a slow process.  And she's really been making great strides.

For the first time since I started walking her (last summer) she let another dog walk with us -- Hunny.  Lucy didn't growl for even a little bit.  She was curious.  Hunny was uninterested.  They got close to each other.  I kept Lucy calm.  And Lucy's mom was home to witness our walking.  She was more excited than I was.  Thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

I owe it to her new trainer's ways.  I haven't met the trainer but everything Lucy's mom tells me is what I've been doing instinctively.  The one key is the training lead.  It's gentle, light and I have full control.  Plus, Lucy responds to it better than any other training collar.  I liked it so much I started using it with Gizmo.  She responds to it just as well.  I'm really pleased with the results -- and the information.  No more big bulky prong collars for these strong wild ones.  Yay!

Dog and animal behavior is fascinating.  I learn something new every day.

And now I'm tired again.  If you don't hear from me, have a great weekend everyone.  And Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women in our lives.


derossetfamily said...

Aw, GO LUCY! You can't beat a major milestone, good for her! Any suggestions on showing a german who's boss? My mom has a new purebred german shepard puppy, and this thing is HUGE and JUMPY and...SNAPPY. She teaches him german commands, to which I have followed, but, he really intimidates me! At a mere 9 months, he's the biggest dog I've ever encountered other than a great dane at petsmart, lol. And of course, he has the hyper-pup personality! I'm scurred of cute big Kaiser! Yes, she's really stuck with the german theme, weird I know, but whatever.
Anyhoo, I'm a big fan of those afternoon naps, I say rest when you can! Hope life starts giving you some breaks soon...when you get a day, go lay out on the beach and enjoy yourself. Thats what I'd be doing on my days "off" if I lived in Sunny California! :-)

sunflowerkat321 said...

I can't think of anything much more frustrating than having a million things to do...and having to sit and wait for the cable guy.  Oh well...I'm SURE you will find a way to occupy yourself productively.  Maybe a good time to catch up on those phone calls....

krobbie67 said...

I do the same thing when I am ultra busy - kinda drop off the face of the earth. You have to preserve your energy to give to the pressing issues, of course knowing it won't last forever. Your friends will understand. Then there are friends like Kevin who don't let me go overboard with it. He will harrass me until I come up for air. It sounds like Beth is that kind of friend. It's good to have at least one - now if all of them were doing it you might have problems.

Take a deep breath. It'll be back to normal real soon. Also, remember what it was like this time last year dealing with Mono and having no energy for even the simplest of life's challenges. You're doing great girl! :-) ---Robbie

txsguinan said...

Well, this sounds positive!  It's good to hear you laugh (journalistically speaking, of course).  

Busy is good.  Business is good.  You've got a lot of STUFF to do!  Self-care and Hunny-care are happy things.  Your friends will understand your need to focus on work and moving.

Yay Lucy!  (And not for nothing, but I do believe YOU are a trainer..... :)

kuhlhiggins said...

So happy to hear about Lucy. That is wonderful.
Happy Mother's Day!

andreakingme said...

Yanno, I like the way Beth gave you what-for! That IS funny.

And ... as you know, I've shared your absent mindedness lately. It's like a disease or something.

Five barks for Lucy Girl. (Five is such a good, solid, round number.)

Oh! High five.

kristeenaelise said...

I think we all kind of space out when things get crazy...I know I duck and cover and hide and avoid when I'm overwhelmed or stressed.  I just love how my friends are totally cool with that, and it sounds like yours are too.  

Hey - Someday you should write a book of memoirs enlightening all of us, sharing your insight into doggie behavior... you could make a fortune!  There are so many things my little dogs do that just boggle my mind.

Hang in there!!
=) kris

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You've had a lot going on in your life these last months.  It's not surprising you aren't keeping in touch with some friends right now.  Try not to feel too guilty about it.  

And Happy Mother's Day to you too, Trish!


heartsingr said...

I love to read your dog walking stories.  I must say that the one breed that intimidates me are German Shepherds, and it's all because I was bitten by one when I was a young girl.  I've never overcome my nervousness.  It's good to hear the story about Lucy, though.  Good for her and for you for all the hard work!


deveil said...

Hey busy woman!  How do you do it, I'm off today, so I'm going to go do some packing, try to get everything in boxes, so all I will have to do is move on moving day.  That's great about Lucy, my other half trains dogs.  I remember when Baby had a cast, she was the same way, but she still thinks she's human, and still doesn't socialize that much with other dogs, although they flock to her.


phlskygirl said...

Wow, I've missed journals!  I've a lot to catch up on!  Your new apartment is awesome (love your bright, airy kitchen!) -- I can't wait til you and Andrea are all settled in.   Please be sure to record any and all conversations regarding whether tofu can coexist peacefully next to cheese hot dogs in the fridge.  And no more crazy laundry adventures for YOU -- I saw that washer & dryer!

I can't believe how much dogwalking you've done in the middle of packing.  Moving is such a huge deal for me, and yet you seem so calm (even when dealing with your roommate; he'd be buried in bits & pieces in my back yard [if I had one], and my photo would be posted in black&white at the post office).  You certainly sound it.  Your strength is amazing, even if you may not think so.

I predict that, dogwalking duties aside, you're totally gonna crash once you and Andi are all settled in.  For at least an hour, anyway...


floralilia said...

get your rest trish - the fun is about to begin...

thanks for the mother's day wishes!

ondinemonet said...

Hey Trish

yeah, I get behind in responding to emails and snail mail as well. Still, I know you are just right over here. :) Take care of yourself love.

Always, Carly