Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Still Chaos

W.O.W.  I keep forgetting how exhausting it is to move.  No matter how organized I thought I was (and I was) it's still taking a toll on my body.  Not so much from the grunt work.  It's everything.  I don't feel stressed but my body is showing severe signs of stress.  According to my doctor, eczema is stress related.  I don't ever remember it being this bad.  It keeps spreading. (apparently it's not contagious though, thank god!)

Anyway, I'm reading these signs carefully.  Today is a light day of work.  I'm in the process of trying to make arrangements to take Thursday and Friday off.  Friday for sure!  Many of my clients have already canceled for Friday anyway.  Hopefully when I get home today, I will be on an extended weekend vacation.

Already that makes me feel so much better.  A trip to IKEA is in order.  At least one more stop at Target and Big Lots too.  I'm looking on craigslist for things like end tables, tall narrow shelves and a couch.  I'm so obsessed with it that I'm dreaming about it.  Actually dreamed that Andi and Aileen were coming to town.  Aileen was just passing through.  Nice of her to stop by.  We were all living at my cousin's house and we had to be creative with our space to make everyone fit.  That was fun.  [hi to cousin M, cousin E, and Auntie]

I've gotta say, I like having the option to be in another room.  Hanging out in the livingroom rocks.  I've actually used the kitchen every day and night.  I bought cheap pots to make rice and eggs and stuff.  Oh, and I bought a can opener.  Yeah, that helps.  Andi's bringing the good stuff.

I finally made use of the timer on my coffee maker.  But I was so out-of-it that I forgot to add the coffee grounds.  So I basically brewed hot water.  Ha.

I'm making some kind of dent in all this chaos.  I realized that I packed clothes on top of books and heavy items.  So I had to open every single box, just to get my clothes put away.  I got a few more hanging shelves from Ross.  So far, so good. 

Not so sure about the unmentionables though.  We'll see how those little cloth drawers hold up with time.

OK, off to work ... let's hope this is my last day of the week!


babyshark28 said...

I love those hanging drawers in the closet...very cool, something I should really look into....

I think the place looks fabulous!

everyday there will be less to do. :)

coy1234787 said...

Chaos is to be expected any time you move, right?
So in the grand scheme of things ... all is as it
should be. Have a productive extended weekend!

                          *** Coy ***

yakima127 said...

Looking good!  JAE

andreakingme said...

Man, if I didn't have so many hanging clothes, I'D want some of those cloth hanging drawers. Swanky, babe!

geminiwilder said...

Hey!  HI!!!   ::waving::

You gots a bed under all that there somewhere, girl?  lol.

Get enough rest!

xo Phin

indigosunmoon said...

I really like those closet thingys!
I need some of those myself!
I know your stressed right now
luv, but it'll all get done.  And also
you'll feel better when Andi gets
Love ya,

alphawoman1 said...

I can commiserate with you, I have a huge patch of something gross pop out on my knee!  My skin always shows the signs of stress too.  Apt. looks lovely.

derossetfamily said...

Ahhh, an extended weekend! Just the very thought is nice, actually having one would be bliss! Enjoy it!
I like the shelving, I may eventually end up doing the same in my tight closet space. Hope you have a fabulous day at work, and dont worry, if ya blast some Jason Mraz and get into it, you'll be unpacked in no time ;)

jennipooh3597 said...

Congrats on the new home!  You made it!  :)  You may just turn into a domestic diva, ya know - buying pots *and* a can opener?  Hmmm ;)  Hope your weekend is work free and peaceful.  L, Jenn

dockart said...

Wow! I've missed alot in J-land. I had no idea you and Andi were soon to be roomies. How exciting! The nice thing about moving is it forces us to purge, reorganize and start fresh! Good luck to both of you:)

kristeenaelise said...

Here's to long weekends...

I remember how sucky it is to move, but at least its somewhere new and exciting.  It looks like a great apartment!!

My brother has eczema, and I used to work in a dermatology clinic, so I know how uncomfortable that can be.  I hope it passes quickly.  At least you're aware of what your body's telling you.

Love the hanging shelves - they make the closet look so organized!  I'm gonna see if they have them here for Kayla's room - they look perfect for stuffed animals.

HUGS hang in there
=) kris

nellemclaughlin said...

Looking at your closet I think you might have potential to be an organizer! Moving is chaotic at first but once you get stuff put away you will know where everything is....unlike after living there for awhile and can't remember! Good luck! Nelle

krobbie67 said...

::smirk::: It appears I wasn't far off on the "moving things three times." ;-p

The closet is looking good! If those soft-sided drawers don't work out, you could always buy baskets to go in the slots.

Have you used your washer and dryer yet? Huh-huh? Oh what glory! I'm soooooo envious! :-) ---Robbie

judithheartsong said...

look at that closet!!!!! Hang in there and take time to stop. judi

aims814 said...

Love it, girl! Nothing like a fresh start! :)

ryanagi said...

Wow! You've made some great progress. I'm impressed! It looked like we were living in a warehouse for at least a month after we got into this place. LOL