Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Simple Living

I've been jotting down items on a wish list.  The only problem I have with that is, I am constantly losing the list.  While packing to move, I found three lists from different times over the last two years.  It was good to see some cross-over items (means I'm consistent with my wishes).

Now that I'm moving, I'm drooling over new and exciting things like furniture and area rugs and shelves.  This is new for me.  All my life I've lived like a (my mom might refer to the style as) 'starving college student'.  I prefer to call it 'eclectic'.  Either way, it means simple but functional.  Everything in my apartment is a hand-me-down, trade or garage sale item.  Nothing wrong with that.  I'm all for recycling.  There's no reason to pay retail for something that has a few more years in it.

So it's strange for me to feel so drawn to unused furniture.  I'd love a new living room set.  Nothing big or fancy.  Just a comfy couch and maybe a soft chair with one big ottoman for all.  [I swear, my mouth just started watering.]  A brand new mattress.  How about an actual bed frame?  No big antique-ish thing.  A platform bed, with legs, made of natural wood.  Bookshelves?  Real ones.  Shag rug!  No joke.  [now my eyes are watering.]

This new obsession has spilled over to other parts of my shopping world.  I'm looking for a few DVDs to add to my collection.  I'm a bargain shopper at heart so I'm searching for the best deal, but suddenly I'm only looking at 'brand new' items.  I've put off ordering movies because I know it's ridiculous to pay fifteen bucks for a DVD I can get for six.  The moment I open the box, it's no longer 'brand new'.  So why am I having difficulty buying the used items?  Why now?

Ironically, this week I received notice that a DVD I've been waiting for is finally available.  Cesar Millan's People Training for Dogs.  I can only get it from his website but I hesitated ordering it, as if I was holding out for a used copy.  Ain't gonna happen.  I broke down and ordered it yesterday.  [remind me of this when I'm dragging my feet to buy his book, due out this summer.]

As for my running wish list...I guess it's time to update my sidebar.  Maybe if I see it all laid out I won't want any of it anymore and I can go on living my "simple" life.  But life would be so much simpler with an electric tea kettle and a power drill.


derossetfamily said...

welcome to my world! Ever since I got this new place, I've gone buck buying things for it, lol! Book cases, curtains (and I've never done curtains), plants, matching coffee table, end tables, and console table, new dining room furniture, dishes, name it! It makes me want to vomit though thinking about the price tag! But hey, it's what insurance money is good for, I suppose.
Have fun and post pics of the new digs soon!
ps-- I happen to think you should *definitely* go for a shag rug :)

pollysci said...

Oooh did you Cesar Millan on Oprah this week?  

I feel ya regarding the moving-inspired newstuffitis.  My new furniture is a total departure from what I had before...  It's weird--and kinda nice to have some big girl furniture :)

So get your buy on, girlie!  Enjoy your fresh start!
~tara :)

monponsett said...

I'm all about getting the most out of all consumer items as well.....but if you haven't slept on a brand new mattress recently, you owe it to yourself.

I'm moving, too. We have a good system in place. I point, and my husband carries. That may seem unfair, but it isn't. Men are naturally bigger than us, and the good Lord moves in many a strange and wondrous way. If he complains, he can carry our next child to term.


mikethedawg said...

Power drill is a MUST HAVE! It's a time saver, agony saver, frustration saver...MUST, MUST have the power drill.
As for the new'll pass and think about it, once you shell out a couple grand in new stuff, you'll ask yourself WHY? WHY DID I DO THAT? And what if you're tastes change... I'm just sayin. Goodwill sometimes has some GREAT furniture! I spotted a beautiful (real)oak antique desk for $50 once, never made it back to get it. And now I'm sick to my stomach over it.
I've been married for almost 11 years now and I can't count on one hand the BRAND new stuff we have.
Delayed Gratification Baby! Don't wake up and hate your checkbook the next morning!!

kissofvanity said...

I'm with you--I don't mind buying used and saving money.  I hate paying retail if I don't have to.

Ana  ((0.~))

s0ngbird1962 said...

LOL,this entry made me smile...

A power drill, NOW you're tallking!   : )

ryanagi said...

Hmm...I don't know about the electric tea kettle (but then, I am not a tea drinker) but I highly recommend a cordless rechargeable drill/screwdriver. I love to buy that Ikea or O'Sullivan pre-fab put-it-together-yourself furniture and my drill is an amazing time saver.  I am out of my funk and catching up on reading! Yay!