Sunday, May 22, 2005


If you're only shopping then you don't really know IKEA.  There is just so much more in the store.  I keep forgetting how overwhelming it is to take the tour.  The one I go to is three warehouse stories tall and I-don't-know-how-many city blocks long.

Upon arriving, visitors are guided to an external escalator in a Disneylandesque ride to the top floor.  Thus begins the tour of a lifetime.

In true Freeepeace fashion, I started at the bottom, where bathrooms, food and all the do-it-yourself furniture is located.  I never even made it to the top floor - the showrooms.  I was afraid I'd buy an entire living room or bedroom set that I don't need.

Instead I eyed all the stuff I could use.  I have a difficult time making a decision when I have more than three choices.  So I stuck with the basics.  Additional shelves for the units I had bought this winter.  Lamps for extra lighting.  And a few miscellaneous items that I couldn't pass up.  Like a toilet bowl cleaning brush for 99 cents and of course, more blue bags.

There's a shag rug I can't get out of my mind.  Perhaps in a light pink, or sage green.  But I'm shopping around for a sofa instead.  I can wait on the rug.  Our floors are carpeted.

I also got a set of six red wine glasses.  A little token of love for my Merlot-sipping roomie.  When she arrives next Friday night, she'll have a proper glass from which to sip.  And one of the extra shelves is a wine/bottle rack.  Looks pretty cool too.

Later I got (happily) lost in Home Depot.  By the end of that quest, I left with a super duper sturdy big-girl power drill.  I was hoping to spend less, but this came with all the drill bits and sockets, an extra battery and a stud finder.  My theory is, if I had a stud, I wouldn't need a stud finder in the first place.  So this little contraption eliminates the middle-man (literally).  Girl power.  Roar.

The shelves I had from IKEA aren't exactly bookcases.  So I bought wood from Home Depot to nail into the endcaps of the shelves et voila, they are now functional bookcases.  Sure they still look a little industrial.  But with some paint, maybe a fiberboard backing and a little love in the form of books-n-things, it'll change the whole look.

Today I'm hellbent on finding a sofa.  Most likely I'll buy a used couch and slip cover it.  Thus making it a sofa.  Ha.  It's all in the attitude.

I'm still not fully unpacked.  Twelve boxes down.  About ten more to go.  Oh, and yes Robbie, I've done plenty of laundry so far.  And I love it.  Folding clothes and towels while watching reruns of Roseanne.  I've even gone to bed while clothes were still in the dryer -- just like old times!

Okay, gotta see a man about a couch, both literally and figuratively.


babyshark28 said...

hey, busy lady. :)

I LOVE Ikea!!  Just love it.
We have access to one just over the border in Canada, and it's even less
because of the exchange between the two currencies (sp?) It's pretty great.

I really love that carptet with the crazy design and colors, so abstract. it's beautiful!

Have a great time get with your new roomie next
friday.  and I think it's so sweet that you got wine
glasses, and a wine rack. woo hoo!

kristeenaelise said...

We don't have an IKEA here, but we do have a Home Depot and a Lowe's and I love those stores.  I could literally spend hours there contemplating, imagining...

Nothin' like a girl with power tools.  AR ar ar .

=) kris

derossetfamily said...

god, I think it's better that I DONT have an ikea, because I'd go buck! They have great prices and I have a problem where if I save a little, I spend the savings :)
Not bad with the unpacking! I wish I had that few boxes! Good luck getting the perfect sofa :)

martinsek5 said...

Hey there, just stopping in to say hello.  Haven't visited you in a while, nor have I heard from you!  I see you have moved!  I am SO EXCITED becuz in June Atlanta is getting an IKEA.  WOOT!  Good luck with getting organized in your new place.  IT looks beautiful.  Pamela

txsguinan said...

Oh, where was that stud finder when I was young and single?

How sweet and thoughtful of you to buy wine glasses for your new roomie!  But now I think I know what to get your for your housewarming party.... ;D

The heat is indeed WRETCHED!!  God and Jerry Falwell must be mad at us again.  I'm going to go stand in the shower for a while ~ I can't even think, and my fingers are sticking to the keys.  Oh wait, I can't ~ I have to get back to the party!

<<Hey, somebody hose me down....aaaahhhhh>>   :)

lacaza3 said...

were getting a ikea in frisco texas about 10 minutes from my house...Everybody says cool thingsI thought about applying to work part time...
donna in TEXAS

krobbie67 said...

Happy Happy Birthday Trishy-girl!!!! :-) ---Robbie

yakima127 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hope it is a great one!  JAE

andreakingme said...

Happy birthday, Trishy!!!!!!

(I saw a cream-colored shag rug on sale at Lowe's for ... $49-ish! It was one of those big, extra rolled-up pieces. Almost got it, but didn't because I didn't know if you'd like cream ... I mean, it'd show everything, you know? I think a sage green one would be cool.)

And holy cow, you bought red wine glasses?! Swanky! How sweet. Can't wait to drink out of them!


pollysci said...

Ahhh I went to the Depot and IKEA last week---it must be some moving rite-of-passage! :D


~tara :)

ryanagi said...


txsguinan said...'s your BIRTHDAY??!!!!    

(have a happy.......:)

mikethedawg said...

yah, don't think I could handle the Ikea store. Way too much, I'd get frustrated and end up leaving with nothin. I like Lowes though...I could live at lowes.