Thursday, May 12, 2005

Indiana Pulls Through

Driving in this city can be overwhelming.  I've lived here for almost thirteen years, and I still get lost going to certain parts of the city.  Los Angeles is spread out over so much land.  It's almost impossible to drive every corner and remember every crevice.  That's just for the average person.

Then there's me.  I could pass right by my home if I were to drive a different route.  A new landmark takes me about ten visits before I really get comfortable with the directions.

Being a dogwalker has made driving a lot less intimidating.  I'm getting used to the westside, and still discovering many places I've never seen.  If it weren't for two obvious signs - the sun and the ocean - I'd still be looking for home.

I ordered a new duvet because the one I use now is borrowed.   It arrived in record time.  The UPS delivery attempt notice was at the new apartment the other day.  Given that I don't live there yet, I chose to pick it up at will-call yesterday.  I've been there before.  Three or four times.  It's downtown.  950 South Blaine Street.  See?  This I know.  Getting there is a whole 'nother issue.  I think I've gotten lost each time I've driven there.  So my car automatically takes me through that lost route.

Yesterday was a slightly different story - bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway.  I wanted an alternate route. 

My first call went to Cheryl who may have been able to talk me through it.  My second call should have gone to Lori but that didn't dawn on me till just this very second.  Instead I called the next best person - Andi.  Not because she knows LA so well (um, not at all) but I knew chances were good that she'd be close to a computer with internet access.

After confirming that she was indeed at her desk and available I said, "I'm calling for your assistance.  I need an alternate route to Downtown LA."  To which she replied, "Good luck with that."

I still laugh thinking about that moment.

I gave her my starting address and destination to pull up a map online.  Directions indicated I'd need to get back on the freeway but I insisted on an alternate route.  [Mapquest used to offer three different routes for each request.  The fastest, easiest or non-freeway route.  When did they do away with those options?]  I basically told her to ignore the directions and tell me what the map looks like.

There I was, driving through the Fashion District (talk about a fish out of water) trying to make heads or tails out of one way streets and narrow passageways, with Andi on the other end looking at a map of all the streets I'm passing, and the ones I would happen upon.

"Yes, the numbers are getting smaller.  You'll hit Pico next.  Turn left on Olympic.  About six blocks after that is Blaine."

Woohoo!  It was like a ticker-tape parade in my car when I saw the UPS Pick Up Center!  My new roommate got me to my destination.  And she's not even here yet.  She's gonna do juuuuuust fine!


indigosunmoon said...

Nice duvet cover!  What color did you get?
And you are so smart calling Andi for

coy1234787 said...

    Yay for friends with map quest when you need them. Yes, I'm sure she's gonna do juuuuuust fine! We use Map Quest and Yahoo maps everyday at work. By the way ... they do not always get you where you are supposed to be going!  
    I'm sure we will get to see the new duvet once it's on your bed, right? Have a good weekend!
                                              *** Coy ***


s0ngbird1962 said...

Mapquest/Mapblast has saved my life, lol.  Honestly, I have the worst sense of lost everywhere.  Now with my step-by-step directions, I usually have no problems at all.  Have even ventured into Boston, would never have done that in the old days.  : )

Thinking you and Andi are going to be great roommates...

babyshark28 said...

that's like onstar or something.
pretty cool she can tell you what street is coming up next and she's in Indiana! :D

Yes, Andi will do very well in LA.
I am certain.

Geeesh, I'm all nervous for you two.
have fun with the journey!! :D

andreakingme said...

Whuh-huh-hoooooh! Look at your stylin' self! I love the new sidebar. SWANKY.

And it still kills me when I think of how I helped you find your way around L.A. there. You made me sound so good! But it was more along the lines of:

"Um ... yeah ... I think the numbers are getting smaller. Oh, there's Pico! It's up high on the map here. No, wait, it circles down, too. Sh*t."

"We're fine, we're okay. Can you tell how many streets away Olympic is?"

::pause, pause, pause while Andi counts:: "Five. No, six. And I think you want to turn left. I ... think."

Marco Polo, anyone?

deabvt said...

Hey, like "Mission Impossible"!!
Hunny`ll love the duvet!

sunflowerkat321 said...

I know....she's going to do great.

krobbie67 said...

I have one word --- Yahoo! ;-p ---Robbie