Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Girl and her Power Tools

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl with golden locks ... oh, wait.  That's a totally different story.

This is the story of a an empty kitchen space and a girl with a dream.  The first of many...

So, there was this gap between the brand new fridge and the brand new stove in our kitchen.  Andi and I thought it would be great to fill it with some kind of countertop shelving.  Otherwise, the stove just kind of hangs out by itself next to the bar on the opposite wall.

While reading myself to sleep the other night -- with sales flyers -- I came across a kitchen/utility cart.  I dreamed of this cart all night.  When I awoke the next morning, the cart magically appeared in our kitchen, turning the dream into reality.  [come on, it's a fairytale/love story.  I can't necessarily say I woke up groggy and dragged my ass to Big Lots the next day.]

Okay, since you know the truth, I measured the gap in the kitchen (a little lesson I learned from my sofa) just to be safe.  I was pretty sure it would fit through the door.  I was even more sure when I got to the store and saw its packaging.  Twenty bucks plus tax later I walked out of the store with this beauty neatly tucked under my arms.

Keeping it short and sweet:  Thanks to my new girly power drill, I got this project done in less than an hour -- including picture time, singing and dancing breaks.  [Mraz Spaz that I am.]

I used every single piece of hardware too.  Nothing left over.  Nothing crooked or wobbly.  Except, I couldn't figure out what the allen wrench was for.  I looked the directions over thoroughly.  It didn't occur to me till later that the wrench was for the weird looking screws that hold the unit together.  Because I used my drill, I didn't need the wrench.  I think I might've killed someone if not for my life saving drill. 

So far, the drill has been my most cherished purchase during my move.  It was a wise (though not realizing it at the time) decision to get a drill with all the bits and sockets.  I've used one socket for the Ikea shelves, the extender for the sofa legs, three different size phillips head screw bits for stabilizing existing furniture, and this allen wrench style screw bit for the cart.  And I haven't had to charge the first battery yet.  I love my new drill.

And I love our new kitchen cart.  It even has locking wheels for stability and easy mobility.

Let's see...what else can I drill around here?  I know there will be plenty of things to come.


mikethedawg said...

oh yes power tools most definetly kick ass!
Mars always raises an eyebrow when I enter the room with a drill and do a muahahaha...
and I'm attracted to the "bri-ettt" sound it makes when the screw is tightly in.
Love it!!

derossetfamily said...

woohoo! I love my drill too :)
I think Johns used it like twice but I've put in many hours of labor with the handy drill by my side! Now I want a power sander, bc sanding stuff sounds fun ;)

indigosunmoon said...

Stand back!  Trish has power tools and
she aint afraid to use em!  LMAO

pollysci said...





~tara :)

st0rmwhispers said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh the POWER!!!  I love building stuff!  Good job you did too!

krobbie67 said...

I love the table! And...yeah!!!! I've got another honey-do. Kevin will appreciate the break. ;-) ---Robbie

phlskygirl said...

Awesome cart!  It even looks as if it were meant to be there!  I hope your drill´s better than mine... I forgot to get one that also drills in reverse, and found out the hard way that it sure comes in handy!  Also loved your ¨Girl Power¨.gif!

I can´t believe Andrea´s already there!



phlskygirl said...

And now... time for an unrelated comment.  I clicked on your PostSecret link, which I don't recall having seen before...

I laughed, ached, got goose bumps, looked away from the screen to catch my breath.

Wow.  I'm going to add it to my own links as well.

mikethedawg said...

okay, I know you're busy adjusting...but it's time to update with a new entry already. Some of us like hearing what's going on in Trishys world. I feel so far away. Update, update, update. No this blog isn't for's for me damnit, I'm needy.

babyshark28 said...

hey! looking good behind that drill lady. :)

and the shelf is quite adorable. quite.
you should be very proud indeed. :D

and the moving picture show is really awesome.

deabler3 said...

Hehehehe!! Great Post!!