Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Girl and her Power Tools

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl with golden locks ... oh, wait.  That's a totally different story.

This is the story of a an empty kitchen space and a girl with a dream.  The first of many...

So, there was this gap between the brand new fridge and the brand new stove in our kitchen.  Andi and I thought it would be great to fill it with some kind of countertop shelving.  Otherwise, the stove just kind of hangs out by itself next to the bar on the opposite wall.

While reading myself to sleep the other night -- with sales flyers -- I came across a kitchen/utility cart.  I dreamed of this cart all night.  When I awoke the next morning, the cart magically appeared in our kitchen, turning the dream into reality.  [come on, it's a fairytale/love story.  I can't necessarily say I woke up groggy and dragged my ass to Big Lots the next day.]

Okay, since you know the truth, I measured the gap in the kitchen (a little lesson I learned from my sofa) just to be safe.  I was pretty sure it would fit through the door.  I was even more sure when I got to the store and saw its packaging.  Twenty bucks plus tax later I walked out of the store with this beauty neatly tucked under my arms.

Keeping it short and sweet:  Thanks to my new girly power drill, I got this project done in less than an hour -- including picture time, singing and dancing breaks.  [Mraz Spaz that I am.]

I used every single piece of hardware too.  Nothing left over.  Nothing crooked or wobbly.  Except, I couldn't figure out what the allen wrench was for.  I looked the directions over thoroughly.  It didn't occur to me till later that the wrench was for the weird looking screws that hold the unit together.  Because I used my drill, I didn't need the wrench.  I think I might've killed someone if not for my life saving drill. 

So far, the drill has been my most cherished purchase during my move.  It was a wise (though not realizing it at the time) decision to get a drill with all the bits and sockets.  I've used one socket for the Ikea shelves, the extender for the sofa legs, three different size phillips head screw bits for stabilizing existing furniture, and this allen wrench style screw bit for the cart.  And I haven't had to charge the first battery yet.  I love my new drill.

And I love our new kitchen cart.  It even has locking wheels for stability and easy mobility.

Let's see...what else can I drill around here?  I know there will be plenty of things to come.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Joys of Stress

If this is mild dermatitis then I must have super-mild dermatitis.  And still it's incredibly irritating.  Itchy, cracking, ultra-dry, swollen, painful.  There's no end to the itch ... except when the skin breaks and cracks.  Then there's no end to the throbbing pain.

I'm using jojoba oil and thanks to Aileen, I'm smearing natural shea butter all over my hands. (Aileen, I'll bet you had no idea what a lifesaver you'd be when you sent that to me!)  I'm drinking at least three liters of water a day.  Thanks to Gigi, I've slept in cotton gloves.  I was using Egyptian Magic for a while.  It helped a lot.  But hasn't quite stopped the flare-ups.  I'm going to stop using that just in case I'm having an allergic reaction to the bee products.  Who knows.

I tried using OTC cortisone cream.  But that seems to have made it much worse.  So, no more steroids for me, thanks.

I've done some reading and it seems I shouldn't use soap - especially the antibacterial kind.  Um, that's all I've been using.  So I bought the recommended natural castile soap.

I recently used bleach in my laundry.  I noticed an outbreak around that time.  I know I need to use natural laundry cleaners -- with no fragrance or detergents.  I'm extremely sensitive to that stuff.  Oh, I also started using a fabric softener in the dryer.  Apparently I'm not supposed to use that either.  Whatever it takes. 

I've never had such an outbreak of eczema as I have had these last couple of months.  It was starting to clear up over the weekend.  Really almost gone.  I was thrilled.  And one little stressful upset (think: couch) brought it back in full force, worse than before.  That's all I can relate it to: STRESS.

There are a couple more solutions that are suggested.  I'm headed out to look for those...even though this one clearly states it's only available in the UK.  Figures.  They have all the good stuff.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Simple Math

So I bought a couch.  I hired a Dude with a Truck and enlisted Robbie's gay boyfriend Kevin to help with loading and unloading.

The pick up was easy.  Five minutes from the previous owner's living room, down a set of stairs and into Dude's pickup truck. 

The delivery was a slightly different story.


Last night was a full evening of sweating, swearing, praying, pivoting, laughing, pounding and denying the possibility that the new sofa would not fit through the front door (given the layout of this apartment).

So far, this great deal for a 2-month-old couch is turning into a small fortune.

Let's see, shall we?  Some more simple math:

Couch = $225
Dude with Pickup = $40
Friend who tried to resist payment = $20
Pizza = $15
Hole-in-wall fixings = TBD
Touch up paint = TBD
Replacement glass for fire extinguisher = TBD
Staplegun for upholstery = TBD
Eight hours of blood, sweat, tears and laughter = PRICELESS

Reminiscent of the FRIENDS episode, "The One with the Cop" where Ross buys a couch but refuses to pay delivery charges and insists that he and Rachel can carry it through the city and up the stairs to his new apartment.  Classic Friends scene -- PIVOT!

One thing is for absolute sure -- this couch is well made.  The upholstery didn't rip, tear or fray.  The frame did not come loose, snap or break.  It did, however, bend with great flexibility, making it real easy to wedge itself between all doors, walls and people.

The only reason I need a staple gun to reattach a bottom section of the fabric is because Kevin and I (carefully) pulled it back to see the bare frame, hoping we could detach one side of the couch to get it through the door.  I'm pretty sure we'd still be out there today trying to figure it out.

It was a nice way to get to know some of my neighbors, who were very accommodating.  One woman, Rosa, was doing her laundry the entire time we kept trying different angles -- up and down the externalstairs.  Every hour she'd come by, "Still nothing?"  She offered her son's help if needed.

Thank God for Kevin.  He's a smart, strong man with the most calm, relaxed attitude of anyone I know.  He kept me laughing and breathing.

I was about to slap Dude with Pickup.  He was working hard, trying everything.  He just wasn't so...bright.  Kevin and I would make a suggestion and Dude would stick with some internal plan, forgetting two of us were on the other end.  Dude would say, "my end needs to go out" and we'd say, "our end needs to go up." 

Kevin's dialogue, never changing the tone of his soothing voice, went something like this,

couch is on the wall.

Dude pushes couch toward wall.

couch is firm against the wall. 

Dude keeps pushing.

couch could go through the wall. 

Another push.

okay.  hole in the wall.

Ten minutes later, Dude takes a breath and looks to our side.  "Oh wow.  There's a hole in the wall."

We had it about 3/4 of the way in the apartment when we decided to try taking the legs off.  Enter: my new handy dandy girly power drill (not so girly anymore).  That helped us wedge the couch deeper into the wall.  ::sigh::  We all just kind of stood there.

It was a nightmare.  To break my own tension I announced, "OK, let's remember how we did this because I'm moving in two weeks."

Dude's head popped up from under the couch, "Are you kidding?!"

"Yes Dude.  I'm kidding."

We finally decided we needed my next door neighbor to come home so he could open his door, giving us a little more room to play with.  Somehow we unwedged the couch and brought it back down the stairs.

Dude with Pickup left.  Kevin and I ordered pizza.

When our bellies were full, we slipped into slight denial, what was the reason it wouldn't fit again?  And we decided to try one more time.  So we took Rosa up on her offer and rallied to get her son Robert for help.  [KAH-YOO-TEE-PIE!  Right Kevin?]

The men had no problem getting the couch to the top of the stairs.  They carried it like a pizza box. To them, it was light and easy to move.  The problem was with the threshold.  The couch was still too tall for the doorframe and too wide to angle in from the bottom.  Back down the stairs it went.

Rosa looked at us, looked at the couch, then back at me and said very matter-of-factly, "Now you know.  Next time loveseat."  Thanks ma.  Lesson learned.  We laughed.

I left a desperate note on Jose's (my next-door-neighbor) apartment door asking him to come find me no matter what time he gets home.  I hung out on the cushions in my living room, while the couch was at the bottom of the stairs, outside.  By 11pm he came home slightly merrier than lightly merry and he was ready to help without question.  Robert said he'd be up all night and offered his help when Jose came home.  So within minutes we were at it again.

This time we got it good and jammed to a point where I was ready to find a chainsaw.  But the men fought against the pain.  I thought for sure I'd be rushing someone to the hospital last night -- or, I'd be without a door frame.  I was less concerned about the interior wall -- the section of our apartment that makes no sense to me whatsoever.  There's really no reason for it, except that we think this used to be a three bedroom apartment, joined with Jose's single next door.

ANYWAY ... after a few grunts and swings of a hammer, we finally got the couch in here.  It looks great.  And it had better, because it's never going anywhere.  Jose and Robert say I'm not allowed to move - ever.  And Jose said he's going to tell Andrea she can't sit on this couch without first asking his permission.  I'm pretty sure he won't ever answer his door for me again.  His words, "Cup-o-sugar, what?"

As for Rosa, she was way more concerned about the damage to the couch.  God love mothers.  They keep things balanced.  There are scuffs of plaster on the upholstery but with a little tedious peeling, it'll come right off.  We were all surprised.  This is one tough sofa!

But let it be known, we were right:  The couch fits!   Happy Birthday to ME!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


If you're only shopping then you don't really know IKEA.  There is just so much more in the store.  I keep forgetting how overwhelming it is to take the tour.  The one I go to is three warehouse stories tall and I-don't-know-how-many city blocks long.

Upon arriving, visitors are guided to an external escalator in a Disneylandesque ride to the top floor.  Thus begins the tour of a lifetime.

In true Freeepeace fashion, I started at the bottom, where bathrooms, food and all the do-it-yourself furniture is located.  I never even made it to the top floor - the showrooms.  I was afraid I'd buy an entire living room or bedroom set that I don't need.

Instead I eyed all the stuff I could use.  I have a difficult time making a decision when I have more than three choices.  So I stuck with the basics.  Additional shelves for the units I had bought this winter.  Lamps for extra lighting.  And a few miscellaneous items that I couldn't pass up.  Like a toilet bowl cleaning brush for 99 cents and of course, more blue bags.

There's a shag rug I can't get out of my mind.  Perhaps in a light pink, or sage green.  But I'm shopping around for a sofa instead.  I can wait on the rug.  Our floors are carpeted.

I also got a set of six red wine glasses.  A little token of love for my Merlot-sipping roomie.  When she arrives next Friday night, she'll have a proper glass from which to sip.  And one of the extra shelves is a wine/bottle rack.  Looks pretty cool too.

Later I got (happily) lost in Home Depot.  By the end of that quest, I left with a super duper sturdy big-girl power drill.  I was hoping to spend less, but this came with all the drill bits and sockets, an extra battery and a stud finder.  My theory is, if I had a stud, I wouldn't need a stud finder in the first place.  So this little contraption eliminates the middle-man (literally).  Girl power.  Roar.

The shelves I had from IKEA aren't exactly bookcases.  So I bought wood from Home Depot to nail into the endcaps of the shelves et voila, they are now functional bookcases.  Sure they still look a little industrial.  But with some paint, maybe a fiberboard backing and a little love in the form of books-n-things, it'll change the whole look.

Today I'm hellbent on finding a sofa.  Most likely I'll buy a used couch and slip cover it.  Thus making it a sofa.  Ha.  It's all in the attitude.

I'm still not fully unpacked.  Twelve boxes down.  About ten more to go.  Oh, and yes Robbie, I've done plenty of laundry so far.  And I love it.  Folding clothes and towels while watching reruns of Roseanne.  I've even gone to bed while clothes were still in the dryer -- just like old times!

Okay, gotta see a man about a couch, both literally and figuratively.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Still Chaos

W.O.W.  I keep forgetting how exhausting it is to move.  No matter how organized I thought I was (and I was) it's still taking a toll on my body.  Not so much from the grunt work.  It's everything.  I don't feel stressed but my body is showing severe signs of stress.  According to my doctor, eczema is stress related.  I don't ever remember it being this bad.  It keeps spreading. (apparently it's not contagious though, thank god!)

Anyway, I'm reading these signs carefully.  Today is a light day of work.  I'm in the process of trying to make arrangements to take Thursday and Friday off.  Friday for sure!  Many of my clients have already canceled for Friday anyway.  Hopefully when I get home today, I will be on an extended weekend vacation.

Already that makes me feel so much better.  A trip to IKEA is in order.  At least one more stop at Target and Big Lots too.  I'm looking on craigslist for things like end tables, tall narrow shelves and a couch.  I'm so obsessed with it that I'm dreaming about it.  Actually dreamed that Andi and Aileen were coming to town.  Aileen was just passing through.  Nice of her to stop by.  We were all living at my cousin's house and we had to be creative with our space to make everyone fit.  That was fun.  [hi to cousin M, cousin E, and Auntie]

I've gotta say, I like having the option to be in another room.  Hanging out in the livingroom rocks.  I've actually used the kitchen every day and night.  I bought cheap pots to make rice and eggs and stuff.  Oh, and I bought a can opener.  Yeah, that helps.  Andi's bringing the good stuff.

I finally made use of the timer on my coffee maker.  But I was so out-of-it that I forgot to add the coffee grounds.  So I basically brewed hot water.  Ha.

I'm making some kind of dent in all this chaos.  I realized that I packed clothes on top of books and heavy items.  So I had to open every single box, just to get my clothes put away.  I got a few more hanging shelves from Ross.  So far, so good. 

Not so sure about the unmentionables though.  We'll see how those little cloth drawers hold up with time.

OK, off to work ... let's hope this is my last day of the week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Peace in Chaos

Hunny's first night in her new home.  I think she likes it.

Boxes everywhere.  Empty shelves.  Hot days.  Cold nights.  Achy feet.  Tired me.

More to come...  For now, sleep.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Moving Day

I woke up thinking I might write about my time here at this current apartment -- saying goodbye -- a sort of closure.  I've lived here for two years.  I think it's the longest I've lived anywhere in the last 13 years.  So, that's something.  It came at a time when I was coming out of a relationship, needing a place to rest my head.  I've taken this time to rebuild my business and get my wits about me.

That's about all I've got for now.

No time to get all sentimental.  I broke down and took a dog walking job this weekend.  I was getting so many calls.  I turned everyone down, until one of my regulars called yesterday looking for last-minute help.  So instead of reminiscing this morning, I'll be walking doggies and running to Target for at least one very important item I almost forgot.  I imagine this Target trip will be the first of many this weekend.

Mover-boys are expected here anytime by the afternoon.  First he said 9am.  Then he said 2pm.  Yesterday he said "as close to 1pm as possible."  Nice huh?  I don't mind.  I'm supporting a 'starving screenwriter'.  He and his crew have one move this morning and they'll come from there. 

They'll do everything - wrap, load, unload, unwrap and assemble furniture.  All for one guaranteed price.  Not by the hour.  No hidden costs.  Robbie's coming for moral support.  We'll watch...closely.  I'm taking a few boxes in my car.  Sentimental irreplaceables.

Hunny's with her cousin Opie and Auntie Cheryl - and the cats of course.  Gotta get cash from the bank for the movers.  A few more items need packing.  The more I sit here, the more I think of things I need to do.  I'd better go.

See you when I get to my new home.  Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Indiana Pulls Through

Driving in this city can be overwhelming.  I've lived here for almost thirteen years, and I still get lost going to certain parts of the city.  Los Angeles is spread out over so much land.  It's almost impossible to drive every corner and remember every crevice.  That's just for the average person.

Then there's me.  I could pass right by my home if I were to drive a different route.  A new landmark takes me about ten visits before I really get comfortable with the directions.

Being a dogwalker has made driving a lot less intimidating.  I'm getting used to the westside, and still discovering many places I've never seen.  If it weren't for two obvious signs - the sun and the ocean - I'd still be looking for home.

I ordered a new duvet because the one I use now is borrowed.   It arrived in record time.  The UPS delivery attempt notice was at the new apartment the other day.  Given that I don't live there yet, I chose to pick it up at will-call yesterday.  I've been there before.  Three or four times.  It's downtown.  950 South Blaine Street.  See?  This I know.  Getting there is a whole 'nother issue.  I think I've gotten lost each time I've driven there.  So my car automatically takes me through that lost route.

Yesterday was a slightly different story - bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway.  I wanted an alternate route. 

My first call went to Cheryl who may have been able to talk me through it.  My second call should have gone to Lori but that didn't dawn on me till just this very second.  Instead I called the next best person - Andi.  Not because she knows LA so well (um, not at all) but I knew chances were good that she'd be close to a computer with internet access.

After confirming that she was indeed at her desk and available I said, "I'm calling for your assistance.  I need an alternate route to Downtown LA."  To which she replied, "Good luck with that."

I still laugh thinking about that moment.

I gave her my starting address and destination to pull up a map online.  Directions indicated I'd need to get back on the freeway but I insisted on an alternate route.  [Mapquest used to offer three different routes for each request.  The fastest, easiest or non-freeway route.  When did they do away with those options?]  I basically told her to ignore the directions and tell me what the map looks like.

There I was, driving through the Fashion District (talk about a fish out of water) trying to make heads or tails out of one way streets and narrow passageways, with Andi on the other end looking at a map of all the streets I'm passing, and the ones I would happen upon.

"Yes, the numbers are getting smaller.  You'll hit Pico next.  Turn left on Olympic.  About six blocks after that is Blaine."

Woohoo!  It was like a ticker-tape parade in my car when I saw the UPS Pick Up Center!  My new roommate got me to my destination.  And she's not even here yet.  She's gonna do juuuuuust fine!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Simple Living

I've been jotting down items on a wish list.  The only problem I have with that is, I am constantly losing the list.  While packing to move, I found three lists from different times over the last two years.  It was good to see some cross-over items (means I'm consistent with my wishes).

Now that I'm moving, I'm drooling over new and exciting things like furniture and area rugs and shelves.  This is new for me.  All my life I've lived like a (my mom might refer to the style as) 'starving college student'.  I prefer to call it 'eclectic'.  Either way, it means simple but functional.  Everything in my apartment is a hand-me-down, trade or garage sale item.  Nothing wrong with that.  I'm all for recycling.  There's no reason to pay retail for something that has a few more years in it.

So it's strange for me to feel so drawn to unused furniture.  I'd love a new living room set.  Nothing big or fancy.  Just a comfy couch and maybe a soft chair with one big ottoman for all.  [I swear, my mouth just started watering.]  A brand new mattress.  How about an actual bed frame?  No big antique-ish thing.  A platform bed, with legs, made of natural wood.  Bookshelves?  Real ones.  Shag rug!  No joke.  [now my eyes are watering.]

This new obsession has spilled over to other parts of my shopping world.  I'm looking for a few DVDs to add to my collection.  I'm a bargain shopper at heart so I'm searching for the best deal, but suddenly I'm only looking at 'brand new' items.  I've put off ordering movies because I know it's ridiculous to pay fifteen bucks for a DVD I can get for six.  The moment I open the box, it's no longer 'brand new'.  So why am I having difficulty buying the used items?  Why now?

Ironically, this week I received notice that a DVD I've been waiting for is finally available.  Cesar Millan's People Training for Dogs.  I can only get it from his website but I hesitated ordering it, as if I was holding out for a used copy.  Ain't gonna happen.  I broke down and ordered it yesterday.  [remind me of this when I'm dragging my feet to buy his book, due out this summer.]

As for my running wish list...I guess it's time to update my sidebar.  Maybe if I see it all laid out I won't want any of it anymore and I can go on living my "simple" life.  But life would be so much simpler with an electric tea kettle and a power drill.

Friday, May 6, 2005

Total Randomosities

Wow, Andi said this month is going to fly by.  I hardly remember this first week yet I've gotten so much accomplished.  And yes, there's still more (much more) to do.

I've been so absent minded lately.  Mostly with friends and making connections.  I've taken the time to update my journal but I haven't made personal phone calls or sent personal emails.  No chance of me falling of the face of the earth though, that's for sure.  My friend Beth sent me a clear email the other day and it still took me two days to respond.  She hadn't received my response before she called and left a message saying, "Yoohoo, feeling a little neglected over here Superstar.  I'm all caught up on your journal but I want my own email."

Her message had me laughing all the way to the dogpark.  I know she was kidding. -- You've gotta know her.  She's hysterical.  She has the best sense of humor.  Totally should be a comedian. -- But I also know she was letting me have it for being out of touch.  We played phone tag for a moment today.  But when we finally hooked up, like always, we picked up right where we left off.  Spent most of our time laughing, which I always enjoy and desperately needed.  [thanks Beth]

Sure I'm busy, but Beth hardly ever stops.  And still she makes time to send a love shout -- even if it was a little needy one (and rightfully so).  I mean, geez, of all people, she's the last one I ever want to feel neglected by me.  Our friendship goes back to what, elementary school?  Junior high, at least.  High school for sure.  We've known each other for ::cough-cough:: years.  A reeeeeeally long time.

I wish I could do it all.  I'm pretty happy with my multitasking skills as they are today; handling my work, extra work, packing, scheduling and moving details.  I'm also on my game regarding self-care and Hunny-care (although, she's overdue for grooming).  She's happy though.  She loves her big-girl bones!

I'm afraid if I start being social and making plans, I won't have all the energy I need to get me through the next few weeks.  Or I'll forget important little details of work or the move.  I'm still trying to find the balance in everything.

Tomorrow I have three dogwalks throughout the day.  I also have to wash the PeaceMobile blankets and should really scrub the car itself.  My afternoon will be spent waiting in the empty new apartment for the cable/internet guy.  Ah yes, anytime between 1 and 5.  And even then I can never be sure.

I've been taking crashing naps after work these past few days.  I imagine that's how it'll be all next week too.  The extra dogs are great - a lot of work, but great.

Lucy, one of my individually walked dogs had a major breakthrough yesterday.  She's a big German Shepherd who isn't socialized because she was in a full leg cast for the first 6 months of her life.  She had to be immobilized and kept away from other dogs.  Now she's being rehabilitated in hopes to be socialized enough to play with other dogs.  It's a slow process.  And she's really been making great strides.

For the first time since I started walking her (last summer) she let another dog walk with us -- Hunny.  Lucy didn't growl for even a little bit.  She was curious.  Hunny was uninterested.  They got close to each other.  I kept Lucy calm.  And Lucy's mom was home to witness our walking.  She was more excited than I was.  Thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes.

I owe it to her new trainer's ways.  I haven't met the trainer but everything Lucy's mom tells me is what I've been doing instinctively.  The one key is the training lead.  It's gentle, light and I have full control.  Plus, Lucy responds to it better than any other training collar.  I liked it so much I started using it with Gizmo.  She responds to it just as well.  I'm really pleased with the results -- and the information.  No more big bulky prong collars for these strong wild ones.  Yay!

Dog and animal behavior is fascinating.  I learn something new every day.

And now I'm tired again.  If you don't hear from me, have a great weekend everyone.  And Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful women in our lives.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Mish Mosh May

Whoooboy was I hormonal yesterday!  From rage, to tears to pain to peace.  I'm good now.

I went over on my cell phone minutes.  I mean, way over.  I already get free nights and weekends, free mobile-to-mobile and 1500 free anytime minutes.  And still, I went way over my anytime minutes.

Granted, most of my calls were to/from Andi regarding details of our move in these last couple of weeks.  And many other calls were to/from potential landlords, scheduling meetings and walk-throughs.  Oh, and moving companies with their estimates.  And all this extra work -- lots of client calls this month.

I guess that's all part of the business of work and moving.  Because seriously, I'm not shooting the breeze on the phone as much as I usually do.  Who has time?  Well, maybe a little, with break up the business talk.  Gotta keep the balance.  She's going through a major change.  I'm just going through a teeny-tiny change.

As I've said before, I do most of my calling in the car.  But with all the details needed to keep in order lately, I'm making double-time calls.  One to tell the person I got the message "but I'm in the car and don't have my books in front of me" so I call them back when I get home.  Geez, what am I ... running a business here?  [Um, yeah.]

I need to move all the boxes I've packed and piled because they are in drippage range -- and we're expecting rain sometime in the next few days.  What is the deal with this rain?  I don't know what I was thinking when I stacked the boxes there -- I guess I just...wasn't.

My double-dogwalking-duty starts this Thursday and runs through next Friday.  I am happy for the extra work.  I'm happy to help a fellow dogwalker.  And I'm happy to know she trusts me to cover for her.  At first she thought maybe three of her clients would want a fill-in.  As it turns out, six of them requested someone.  That's right.  SIX.  Six extra dogs.  Over and above my groups.  In addition to the two individual walks.  One whole extra dogpark trip.  Say goodnight Gracie!

I thought this weekend would be my very first weekend off in two months.  But Igot a call today for Friday and Saturday walks.  Plus, I scheduled an appointment for cable and internet hookup at the new address on Saturday.  You know how that goes.  I'll be sitting in an empty apartment for five hours waiting.  My computer's portable.  I'll bring DVDs and a pillow.

Perhaps Sunday will be my first day finish packing, that is.

I'm going to live out of a suitcase all next week while working those extra hours.  When the moving guys come on the morning of the 15th, I want everything to be packed.  No wasting time.  No last-minute boxes.

I figure my end of the move will take no more than three hours.  I should be in by noon.  I'll have the rest of that day to rummage through boxes looking for the necessities.  Ha!  I never realize how much stuff I have until I move.  It's insane.  Especially because I really don't have much stuff.

I watched the first eight episodes of Survivor Outback.  It's really exciting.  Of course, I know who wins because I've seen Survivor All-Stars.  But still, it's riveting.  Just waiting for more episodes to arrive.  For now, I have The Corporation.  It looked interesting.  And it was recommended by Netflix, based on my past rentals.  We'll see.

Bought good healthy eats today.  All in the fridge, waiting for me.  Let's hope I take the time to cook the protein.  Knowing me, I'll work all day, buy ready-made food on my way home, eat and then crash.  Hey, whatever it takes.

That's it.  My slug of an entry.  Just a raw update.  I'm going to try to get to sleep earlier than usual.  Just to mentally and physically prepare for what's ahead.

Peace All

is anyone else getting a lot of 'script errors' in journals?  i.e. buttons aren't working.  comments/posts aren't saving.  links aren't linking.  just curious.  aol in general, seems slow for me lately.  anyone?

Monday, May 2, 2005

Foul Mood

I am in the. most. foul. mood.  I have no right driving or being in public.  God bless those who cross my path today.  I can hardly stand my own self, let alone having to deal with others.

Normally, I'd say the dogs will help me through this but so far, Hunny's in the same state of mind as me, grumbling at passersby.  And my morning walk with Gizmo was more challenging than usual.  That little wild child must've had one cooped up weekend.  She kept me moving - but once we stopped, I was back to being foul.

No one can do anything to my liking.  Nothing is easy.  Everything is difficult.  I want to go back to bed and start all over again.  No, that's not even true.  I want to go back to bed and get up tomorrow.  A whole new day.

If I could see beyond this mood, I might be able to look forward to it passing.  For now though, I'm stuck.  Stuck in a muddy-mood-Monday!  Blah!

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Not exactly

The move may be a month away for Andi but it's only two weeks away for me.  Most of these two weeks will be filled (overbooked) with extra dog work.  A fellow dogwalker is going on vacation and many of her clients want a fill-in.  That'd be me.  I'm prepared to be too tired to pack during the week.  I haven't had a day off in five weeks.  So, yeah, I guess you could say I'm a little anxious.

Oh, why is my move only two weeks away?  For a few reasons actually.  Originally, I was planning to fly to Indiana to be with Andi in her home town for her last week there - and fly back to LA with her.  So the 15th is the date I expected my roommate to move out.  It would've given me time to prepare (sanitize) for Andi's arrival, before I left for Indiana.  Because that date was drilled into my roommate's mind, I figured I'd keep it as my move out date too.

Plus, the apartment we found is vacant and available now.  The landlord wanted us to move in on the first of May (um, today) but she was kind and willing to begin our lease on the 15th.  [Practically unheard of around here. Most property owners want their units filled.  They'd double-book them if they could.]

I also figure, this will give me time to settle in so I can be more physically and emotionally available for Andi's arrival on the 27th.  I can take care of last minute things or unforeseen issues like waiting for the gas company or troubleshooting cable hookups.  That's what I'm good for - technical issues, organizing and furniture placement.  Things like decorating the bathroom, choosing colors and picking out fabrics are in Andi's hands.

Hey, that makes us sound like a good team.  I like that!

As a bonus, May 15th will get me out of this place faster!  So yeah, two weeks for me.  OK, maybe I'm a little anxious.