Monday, April 18, 2005

Shopping and More

Over the weekend, I went on a major shopping spree.  I was happy to find just about everything on a list I'd been building for a couple of weeks.  And yes, I left the house without the list.  So, this was all done by memory.  Which is why there are some items missing and some items that found their way home with me, by happenstance.

It looks like I'm pretty much set in the cargo shorts area.  Work attire, you know.  I don't know where all my clothes have gone, but I seem to have given away my spring/fall dogwalking garb.  Luckily I've put on this 'womanly' weight because I now totally fit into the small men's shorts.  I was at a total loss in the women's department.  Short-shorts are just not for me.  They may look cute, but they are foreign and feel uncomfortable on my body.  So, yay me, in men's cargos.

If you look closely in the picture, you can see all the unmentionables that made their way in my freshly organized drawers.  The socks are too big.  So are the undies & tanks, but they'll shrink (or I'll expand).  Ha!  Whatever.

The brown sandals are comfortable.  I love the watch.  And believe it or not, I love-love-love the black shoes!  Granted, I don't have anything to wear them with, but I love everything about them.  Plus, Payless was having their "BOGO" sale (Hey, I don't make this shit up).  So, the black shoes were like, seven bucks.  They looked adorable with those orange shorts but you know, that just seems so...wrong.

The day had gotten to me.  Hours had passed.  I only meant to be out for an hour or so.  I started to feel weak and shaky, so I headed down the junk food aisle (the only food aisle in Target).  I saw Pop Tarts and jumped at the chance.  They didn't have the exact kind I was drooling for.  But this other brand did, so I went for it.  Now I can honestly say, when it comes to Pop Tarts - accept no substitutes.  I shouldn't be eating this crap anyway.  But if I'm gonna go for the crap, I might as well go for the good crap.

The purse ... may go back.  I like it.  I mean, I like the idea of it.  I went looking for a wallet and left with a purse.  What's my deal?  This would be great if I were a purse carrier.  But I still need a wallet.  The theory in this purse is that the wallet is that whole front section.  There are slots for credit cards, license, currency, etc.  Still, a pain for me when I just want to toss my wallet in my backpack (like, just about every day).  I haven't completely given up on the idea though.  So, we'll see.  So far, it's a nuisance.

I bought a few things to prepare for my new apartment living.  The jury's still out on a few things. (i.e. If I'm moving. If my roommate's moving out).  No matter what happens in my living situation, one thing remains consistent:  I will still have to wash dishes.  To cheer things up a bit, I bought one of those sponges where you put the dish liquid in the handle.  Big purchase.  Commitment.

Working a lot this week, and next (and probably all weeks to follow).  I think I mentioned, it's the beginning of the busy season.  I had a great hike this morning.  I'd forgotten what that felt like.  It's nice to wake up to a serene, quiet workout.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be busier than today.  Plus, I'm scheduled to get my hair cut.  That's exciting.  But I'm already exhausted and worried I won't make it on time.

I'm not used to getting up early.  I don't take too well to alarm clocks.  I usually set them wrong, because I'm not used to them.  So I've asked a friend to help me out with a wake-up call at 6am.  In this moment I'm wishing I asked for 7 instead.  Since she's in a different time zone, she'll already be at work and ready to YakYak in my ear, till I'm good and awake (or pissed off).

What else?  I'm tired.  I still have thirty minutes of grooming to complete before settling comfortably into bed.  (body, face, teeth)  I never knew flossing could feel so gratifying.  Especially now with this new floss.  And I love the feeling of my face after a good mud mask and toner made by my facialist.  I haven't even mentioned Egyptian Magic.  I've had this same jar for years.  I'm finding it to be the best cure for eczema.  It's a great moisturizer.  And I know it's supposed to be a great scar healer (which is why I took it out of the cabinet in the first place).  Go to their site and read the testimonials.  Pretty cool, I must say.

That's it for now.  If I weren't so tired, I might try to put this into some kind of coherent order.  But if I don't post now, I won't post at all.

Good night folks.  Hope you are all well.


babyshark28 said...

great stuff.

I just recently became a purse carrier.
I had the hardest time remembering a purse, so I gave it up...for 17 years. ha!
Now, I don't leave home without it....and by some miracle, it makes its way back home with me.

krobbie67 said...

OMG! I'm exhausted reading this. Ah...but I can't forget the purse. Ah ha ha ha ha. Hey, I'm up at 6am and no where near chirpy yet. I don't hit chirpy until 10 or 11. You shoulda hada me call you. Oh well.
:-) ---Robbie

bridgetteleigh75 said...

Ah, I'll have to tell Doug about this Egyptian Magic.  He has eczema and is constantly looking for something to cure it.  I'm sure he'll be willing to pay that much...does the jar last a while?  

Aren't shopping sprees great??  


sunflowerkat321 said...

Wow..what a haul!  Looks like you're set for awhile though.

If you're not used to a purse, you probably won't appreciate the hassle.  I imagine you need the backpack most days....are you going to schlep them both?

freeepeace said...

SHARKY - I think if I wasn't carrying a backpack every day, I might be able to handle a purse.  The thing with this one is, I can't add anything to it.  There's just enough room to fit what I already have (money, phone, camera, advil and one tube of lipstick, for posterity you's a purse!  what purse doesn't have lipstick?)  I will most likely get a wallet.

ROBBIE - Reading your comment this morning makes me wish I'd stayed in bed.  But I'm up.  And ready to take on my day (ish).  Eyes are still half mast.  Can't seem to fix that yet.

BRIDGETT - The jar has lasted me six years.  I've given away much of it.  And still there's half left.  Granted, I haven't used it on a regular basis (till this past week).  But it'll last a long time.  A little goes a long way.  A definite purchase worth investing in.  You can use it on cuts and scrapes and burns and diaper rashes and whatever else involves skin irritation.  Just make sure you're not allergic to bees (it's made from bee propolis and other bee stuff).

KAT - So far, yes, I've been schlepping both the backpack and purse.  Not fun.  But I can leave the pack in the car and carry just the purse when needed.  Still, nothing like grabbing my wallet.  I haven't completely given up yet.  But I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a wallet soon.

kuhlhiggins said...

Wow, looks like you did well shopping. I love the shoes and the watch.

andreakingme said...

You're such a nut, Trishy: (To cheer things up a bit, I bought one of those sponges where you put the dish liquid in the handle.  Big purchase.  Commitment.)

And I still laughed me arse of at the sight of all of that stuff. I imagined you arranging everything just so, then positioning the camera for the best well-lit shot. And the pop tart cameo! Bwahahaha! Still love that one.

Men's cargo shorts seem like a verra good idea. All those pockets. And the legs are probably roomy-ish and make for comfortable well, not to mention that a roomy leg can make your own leg look smaller. (As if you'd need that, but I'm thinking of me here because it's ALWAYS about me.)

Has anyone spotted the O.B.s yet?

andreakingme said...

Dang, I be such a well-written grammar queen.

derossetfamily said...

I like the orange shorts! They'd look cute with a little tank top :-)
I need to do some serious shopping, too. Since our house fire was in the winter, I replaced all the winter clothes, but now that suns coming out, I'm realizing I have nothing to wear! I'm wondering what I wore last summer?? LOL
I agree with you on the fake pop-tart issue...they just are'nt the same. mmm, pop-tarts....

mikethedawg said...

Oh my gawd, now that's what I call shopping! Gawd, how I miss days like that! I haven't done a spree for quite a long while...I'll wait til I drop a few more lbs and then I'll say I'm due and I'll probably totally enjoy it more after a few not so missed lbs.
I'm so jealous right now....
Love the watch! Take the purse back!!

onestrangecat said...

What a shopping trip!  I agree with taking the purse back.
I hate flossing, but it isn't so bad with kid's floss -- love the flavors kids get in tooth paste too.

judithheartsong said...

you keep doing that wonderful thing you do...... so glad I got to go along vicariously. judi

phlskygirl said...

   What??  A Target without a Market section, and only one food aisle?  How do you go on?
   I love the pink watch, but keep it away from the orange shorts.  Unless you've got a green top somewhere with purple lettering, to throw it all together.
   That's a purselette or wallet-with-a-handle, not a purse-purse!  My purse could fit 5 of those little man-bags in it!  And a beach towel (and possibly jumper cables)!  But actually, it looks just right to fit into a backpack.
   I'm sure I speak for the masses when I say that I'm eagerly awaiting cute pics of your little piggies in those adorable sandals!

indigosunmoon said...

Love the shoes!!!

speakfreely79 said...

Those black shoes would go great with that skirt you have in a few entries down. Try it out.



coffeesheavenly said...

I have had eczema since I was a baby . I have to try that cream out :)
Take Care and God Bless *************