Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's not over yet...

Tired and busier than I thought.  More calls.  More work.  This weekend is beginning to look like a weekday of dogwalking (in addition to our two overnight guests).  Hunny is so great to tolerate them - she actually seems to be enjoying herself.  To add to the chaos, I made an appointment for a handyman to come check out the leaky ceiling on Saturday.  Talk about a full house.  We're expecting rain this weekend.  No time to put it off.

So I went for what was supposed to be my last dental visit for a long time.  The crown has been placed and filed.  I'm there so often that everyone knows me by now.  Three assistants hovered over my mouth to marvel at the beauty of the crown.  Two of them weren't even working with me today.  They just wanted to see.  Ha!  Hey, it makes for a more enjoyable experience.

I love my new dentist.  Her care makes a world of difference.  She takes her time.  She explains things in a way that I can understand what's going on.  She shares fun stories and kicks back while novocaine is setting in.  I'm referring my friends to her.  Even when my insurance runs out (end of this month) I'm going to continue with her.

This thirty-minute visit turned into two hours because I've been experiencing pain in a different area for a few days now.  Today was the worst.  I walked into my appointment holding my cheek.  Timing is everything.  I haven't been able to put anything in my mouth without feeling pain.  Hot, cold, warm, soft, hard, sweet, bland, NOTHING.  Eating a banana this morning was excruciating.  How could this be?  Those cavities were filled a few weeks ago.

Remember that other dentist who kept rushing and making mistakes?  Remember how I went back to the office the day after my fillings because I was feeling pain?  [remember that's how i found this new dentist?]  Well, one of those fillings/teeth is the cause of the pain.  This pain runs from my upper gums, to my cheek, to my ear, to my bottom gums, through my eyes, to my head.  I couldn't find the source.

My new dentist found the source.  She had to remove the filling and let the tooth relax (something about white fillings that expand in the process. Mine was too expansive, allowing air, food, water to hit the exposed nerve of the dentine).  The filling was so close to the nerve, she thought I might need a root canal.  But she's trying this one thing first.  She filled the deepest part of the cavity with some kind of heavy duty cement (technical term, you know) and covered that with a temporary filling.

I have one month to let the tooth relax and see how it feels to eat, drink and breathe on that side.  If all is well, I'll go back to get another layer of protection and then a permanent filling.  I don't know how many visits that will require.  And I don't care.  I trust her.

If a root canal is needed that'll suck.  But I trust that I'm in good hands.  Still, let's hope this works.

And because she's reworking a cavity that should've been taken care of in the first place, there is no charge.  What a relief.

General question:  What's your favorite kind/brand of dental floss?


luckyaugustgirl said...

Sorry you just had the dental floss question and i had to jump in here. I just got my free sample from Crest for a full size "Glide" Comfort Plus Floss. I never imagined floss being comfortable. But i like it. Minty flavor, not so rough on the teeth, and easy to carry with you. (I carry floss in my purse, just in case)

Im glad you found a dentist you really like, ive heard many horror stories about dentists, really makes you loathe and detest the whole experience.

Summer is almost here, sounds like more puppy sleepovers are in the works. Good luck with those. :) And good luck with the Handyman too. I bet this is one of the reasons why your glad your making preparations to move.

Have a good night :)


babyshark28 said...

All this dentist talk is reminding me of how I need to go the dentist!

I'm sorry you were feeling so much pain, and so glad you have found a dentist that you love and trust.  It's such a scary process to find a professional you can bond enough to that you actually don't mind going to see them.  
that's peace.

heathyrxmarie said...

Awwww :( Freeeee!  I hope that you start feeling better sweetie!  I'm so sorry about the tooth stuff!
Lots of good thoughts going your way!

indigosunmoon said...

Sorry about your teethies!!!
Now...about that floss...I like those
little individual flossers.  The mint ones!
Feel better!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Thanks goodness you have found a dentist you are comfortable with because you have been through the wringer!!  I hope that this is the end of the problems for you.  There's just nothing like dental pain.

lazarai said...

My favorite floss? GLIDE. As far as I'm concerned, it's the ONLY floss worth using because it doesn't get stuck between my teeth and shred.

If you're not already using it, try it! You'll never go back...

:) Carol

sistercdr said...

I am so sorry about all the dental problems.  You've had more than your share.  My favorite floss is Johnson & Johnson's mint flavored Whitening floss.

s0ngbird1962 said...

Tooth pain is the worst!  ....So glad that you found a dentist that you like and trust, makes all the difference in the world.  And WOW, on the animation pics below.  (Love it, btw).  But I could never handle all those dogs at once.  I'm a bit afraid of dogs that aren't mine.  And no wonder you're in such great shape... so much walking.  

mikethedawg said...

I like the mint floss! No specific brand...whatever I have in the cabinet will do, but not the multi stringy stuff, I like the "one waxy string" only and the minty coat just adds to

andreakingme said...

I don't know what brand of floss I use (I can't even be counted on to pick up the right size of sock). I think I like the idea of GLIDE, though, the kind that wouldn't shred between your teeth.

Meanwhile, keeping my fingers crossed for no-pain teeth and no poopers this weekend!

andreakingme said...

p.s. It's neat what you did with your photo up there--effect-wise and layout-wise. Smooooth. Andy Warhol would be proud.

deabvt said...

I think your new "About Me" Pic is beautiful!
Congrats!!!   Editor`s Pick!!    Woo Hoo !!!!!

onestrangecat said...

So sorry about the tooth.  I hope you don't have to have a root canal.
floss?  Johnson&Johnson's Reach Wild String cherry berry flavor


gabreaelinfo said...

Reach Wax / Mint.

mlrhjeh said...

Great entry!

Favorite is waxed mint!

Mary Louise of Watching My Sister...Disappear

kathlyna22 said...

ooh, i don't have a favorite brand, but I do love these "flossers"
I have the kiddie version, they are dinosaurs!
They already have floss taught somewhere on their bodies, and ...
their disposable!
Or if you want a more grown up version, one of the big toothbrush chains
sells a hand held flosser.
I was a bad flosser until I found these!
Happy floss finding!

judithheartsong said...

so glad you have a good dentist now........ Glide floss... less apt to cut my gums. judi