Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Full Days

This is just one small aspect of my life this week.  Morning hikes.  As difficult as it is to get up each morning, I find myself thankful as we're hiking up and down quiet hillsides.  Each breath is a blessing.  No, I mean that.  I haven't hiked since last summer.  My body is readjusting.  My muscles ache - the good ache.  My heartrate goes up.  I sweat in the brisk morning air.  It's a joy.  And it's a pain in the ass.  You know what I mean.

Already I feel more energetic.  I can feel the shift in my sleep.  It's a little more restful.  And my body is already showing signs of, well, you know, workout signs.

I take these few dogs on a morning hike for 45 minutes.  After that, I take Gizmo on a 30 minute walk.  Then I pick up my group and go to the dogpark for an hour.  Then I have one more individual 30 minute walk.  Sounds simple, but with driving time, it adds up.  I get tired.  Really tired.

In addition to all that, I picked up a new doggie this afternoon who will stay with us till Sunday.  Plus Winnie will spend the weekend with us as well.  So, it's a full house at the Freeepeace Estate.  Oh, and did I mention it's supposed to rain all weekend?  No?  Well, it's supposed to rain all weekend.  And no, my leaky ceiling has not been fixed...yet.  I'm on it!  Think: handyman.

Now that the pups have finally calmed down and found their choice places of slumber, I think I'm going to do the same.  They'll be chompin at the bit bright and early -- I've gotta be ready!

Good night all.


geminiwilder said...

Kudos to you, woman, for all that you do.

Have a good one.


martinsek5 said...

Whoa, cool picture thing you are doing there!  Sounds like all is well in your world :-)  

judithheartsong said...

the dog that I have walked is moving:(:( how I will miss her. A day filled with dogs sounds marvelous. judi

babyshark28 said...

so, who do you go hiking with...dogs?  I bet they like that, and so does your body.  I really have get back to exercising myself!  You see, what an inspiration you are :)

oooh, I just noticed the pictures were moving....very cool.  We don't have DSL at the moment so everything is moving ...really....really...sloooowly. ahhhh, so cute, love that shot of them looking up. so adorable, they match. awwwww. :)

andreakingme said...

Awww. What a great entry this is. I love the doggy photos! And how cool that you're doing the moving video thingy (if that's what it is).

I know it makes you tired. That's why it's so important to take care of your self! Vitamins. Food (good food, protein). If you only eat a bird's portion, of course it's going to tire you out, sistah girl.


yakima127 said...

You are so awesome!  JAE

mikethedawg said...

Love the pics ot the dogs looking up at you! I speak dawg and they are saying...I wuv you lets go baby!
Maybe Mike and I will start hiking the countryside on Friday mornings! It would be good for both of us! Guess I better start working on my upper body strength.

Hey...wanted to tell you that every night before bed now I think, "don't skip out on the whole face, teeth nightly prep... Trish does it and so can I!" Thanks for that inspiration and motivation sweets!

onestrangecat said...

love the pictures of the dogs.
being a dog walker is hard work.  but I know that you enjoy it.


derossetfamily said...

The slideshow is so neat! I gotta figure out how to do that :-)
Of course, the pups help too.
I envy the morning hikes, our offices at work were moved under the football stadium (our old spot was too close to demolition), and there are no windows, no fresh air, nada. Makes what morning energy I did have, just zapped all to hell. Sleep well, sounds like your weekend will be doggy chaos! And dont feel bad, I hear its actually supposed to snow here in virginia this weekend, ack!

bridgetteleigh75 said...

You have more ambition than I.  I can't seem to get it together enough to get out and walk with the kids.  I know I'd feel better if I did, but I just haven't started yet.  I want to see work-out signs on MY body.  <grin>