Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot

Doing it the Scalzi way!

1.  Printer. Previously useless.  I finally caved and bought new ink.  Damn, that stuff's expensive!

2.  Way cool, cheapo Ikea shelves.  God help me in an earthquake.

3.  Sage. My life savior!

4.  Books that inspire me.  Some I've read.  Some I aspire to read.

5.  Carly's Creation made for me, this time last year.

6.  Calendar too far out of reach to actually keep up to date.

7.  Christmas lights.  Not just for Christmas anymore.

8a. Monitor decorated with YakYaks.  And keyboard I haven't used in two months.
8b. Computer to match unused monitor and keyboard.  I'm just not ready to part with them.

9.  Pictures of friends and inspiring people.

10. The most comfortable desk chair ever!

11. Behold!  The very computer I'm using to post this entry.

12. Very cool Wacom tablet.  Came with mouse and pen for drawing programs.  It's a little frustrating because I'm left handed but I don't know how to use the mouse on the left.  But it came with Photoshop Elements and a Corel Painter program.  So, there's a lot yet to discover.

13. Om/Peace candle votive made by Nadine.  Surrounded by affirmations and special stones as a reminder of creative energy.

14. Dining table portraying a kick-ass desk.

15. A friend's old, dead computer that I'm determined to fix.  Actually, it's been there so long, I forgot about it until I saw it in this picture.  It makes a great clutter-holder!


mallory4284 said...

Silly me forgot her camera at home, so I can't do the monday photo shoots....Sigh.

I like your space. Very cozy looking. I like those shelves, too. Very nice. I wish I had the most comfortable desk chair ever! Mine is hardly what you'd call comfortable....

Have a good one, Freee.

-- Mallory

andreakingme said...

Hee! I knew you'd be as quirkily thorough as Scalzi was. (I wanted to do it that way, but my drawing program hates me right now. Sniffa.) Maybe I'll do this again one day soon. Yeah. That's it.

Where'd you hide the bong and Playgirls?

jcgeorgiapeach said...

Oooh, I love this shot of your "space"!  I think we all have a bunch of stuff around our desks that we've not yet had the nerve to get rid of.  Doesn't matter though, allows us to be who we are!  ~Tara

fabshels said...

A place to call your own-Priceless!

Sorry could not resist. I love my workspace too.

Have a good day!


coy1234787 said...

Cool work area,
should be able to create
great things from there!

*** Coy ***

indigosunmoon said...

Love your space!!!
And about the christmas
lights...I totally agree!

krobbie67 said...

Such a lovely space. I hang my head in shame. :-) ---Robbie

deveil said...

I think I would have to clean the clutter before I photographed everything.  Yours looks great!


deveil said...

is that prescrption drugs I see by the printer?

Derek  :)

judithheartsong said...

your spot!!! delightful! judi

deabvt said...

Very neat!

ondinemonet said...

Trish :)

You are such a darlin. I can't believe it's been a whole year since I made that for you. It will always be one of a kind...made with only you in mind. You truly inspired me and helped me last year recover from a lot of grief. Thank-you for that! I love looking at your desk, the items I have seen on everyones desk have been fascinating. Thanks for giving us a look at your creative space.

Love, Carly :)

txsguinan said...

Oh, man, the magic is HAPPENIN'!  It looks so nice and welcoming in there.  

Where's my margarita glass?  :)

sdpn72 said...

I truly enjoyed my visit to your journal! Congratulations on being featured at AOL Journals!


txsguinan said...

Hey ~ I just saw it!  Congratulations, girly!  :)

sonensmilinmon said...

That looks like a comfortable work space.  :-)  I've been too scared to do this Monday Photo Shoot, It means I'd have to clean the area first and the pile it so big!