Tuesday, March 8, 2005

A Dogwalkers TAIL of Woes

Waaahhhhh ... I don't wanna go!!  I'm tired and cranky and whiny and grumpy and achy and tired again.

Today's my busiest work day of the week.  I need the energy.  But all I wanna do is crawl back into bed -- even after a great shower and good coffee.  I'm pissed too because my favorite jeans are too tight on me.  Then again, they only really fit me best when I was at my sickest.  I just haven't done laundry.

My arms are sore from yesterday's walking.  It's gonna be this way till I build the muscles again.  NO, I'm not walking on my hands.  I'm walking that new strong dog and teaching her how to heal.  It's a full-on upper body workout.  Then I have 8 dogs for the park.  I hope it's as fun as it was last week.  But I'm just so :::ah-ah-choooo::: not feeling that great.

Wahhhhhhhh.  See?  Even dogwalkers get the blues.


earpatchgoddess said...

Brighten up sweets! Those dogs love you! And we here in J-land love you too...work sucks, my apologies.

mikeyandmichelle said...

Loved your 10 things...  Sorry to hear that you are feeling bad, alot of junk going around.  We caught the flu in FL, have all been sick since.  Think Mickey Mouse gave it to us, lol.  Hey, but happy to see the sun has returned to sunny southern CA...

andreakingme said...

What, you mean you DON'T do hand stands while walking the dogs? Man, I could have sworn I had a photo ... oh! I know what it is. You were doing a CARTWHEEL.

Big difference.

Um, don't forget to have someone take your photo today. I want to see the doggie mayhem in full color! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!


So, okay. I know you'll be reading this AFTER the doggie day. Hopefully it went well.

judithheartsong said...

you poor thing................. hang in there Dear Goddess dogwalker. judi :):)

chattiekimmie said...

Did I smell good coffee?!  I sure could use a cup right about now?  *sniff*  I bet you drank every last drop, didn't ya? hehe  I hope the walk helps you feel more cheery.

indigosunmoon said...

Well at least it's not raining!
Feel better soon sweets!

phlskygirl said...

EIGHT dogs??  All at ONCE??  Yikes!!  I'd be a bleeding stump with all four appendages torn off after a day like yours...

P.S.  I'm totally staying away from your journal until you're no longer sneezing germy snot all over the place.  Email me and let me know when you're not longer contagious, k?

sonensmilinmon said...

Whew, EIGHT dogs!  Keeping positive thoughts for you.


bridgetteleigh75 said...

EIGHT dogs?  I have trouble walking one.  I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy.  Hopefully you're not getting all these crappy colds that have been going around.  

I'll keep my fingers crossed.  


krobbie67 said...

"Waaahhhhh ... I don't wanna go!!  I'm tired and cranky and whiny and grumpy and achy and tired again."

I hear yah!!!! Oh, how I hear yah!!! Today is a triple cap day for me.
zzzzzz ---Robbie

deabvt said...

Eight? Ackk!